Moxley Baptist Church Cemetery

Moxley Baptist Church / Moxley Community Cemetery

Moxley, Jefferson Co. Georgia


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General Location of Moxley Baptist Church Cemetery

Location: On a County Road (Likely Pete Smith Rd.) - 1 mile east of US Hwy 1. Information compiled Dec 21, 2002 by Robert W. Aldred (grandson of Irvin Small Aldred), and Mark M. Aldred (son of Robert W. Aldred).

Cemetery List

Name - Born - Died - Notes

Aldred Family Graves:

William M. Aldred - b. Aug 29 1843 - d. Apr 26 1914
Martha (Lizzie) Bedenfield Aldred - b. Oct 11 1858 - d. May 12 1943
Note:  Parents of Irvin Small Aldred & Mallie Carswell Aldred (Source:  Provided by Turner Lee, son-in-law of Irvin Aldred)
Mallie Carswell Aldred - b. Jun 13 1883 - d. Aug 21 1942
Note:  Son of W.M. Aldred and Martha Bedenfield Aldred - Brother of Irvin Small Aldred

Isaac N. Woods - b. Sep 26 1861 - d. Oct 27 1925
Nonie K. Woods - b. Jul 21 1868 - d. Dec 06 1924
Note:  Confirmed Parents of Johnie Woods Aldred (Source:  1910 Federal Census)

Thomas Jefferson Aldred - b. Feb 13 1842 - d. May 31 1916
Note:  Brother of William M. Aldred  - Headstone reads "T. J. Aldred"
Frances Elizabeth Gibson Aldred - b. May 29 1847 - d. Oct 10 1906
Note:  Wife of Thomas Jefferson Aldred - Headstone reads "Mrs. T. J. Aldred"
Mamie Aldred Stevens - b. Jul 23 1884 - d. Nov 29 1963
Note:  Daughter of Thomas Jefferson Aldred and Frances Elizabeth Gibson Aldred

Leslie E. Aldred - b. Mar 22 1892 - d. Jun 26 1949
Note:  Nephew of Thomas Jefferson Aldred - Son of Soloman M. Aldred
Isabel B. Aldred - b. Sep 17 1907 - d. Sep 07 1985
Note: Wife of Leslie E. Aldred