Wright / Whitesell / Gentry Cemetery

Wright / Whitesell / Gentry Cemetery

Castleton, Marion Co. Indiana


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Map Location of Original Wright / Whitesell / Gentry Cemetery

Wright / Whitesell / Gentry Cemetery Castleton, IN (Marion Co.) Photos taken June 18th, 2005. Located at the dead end at 8007 Castleton Dr. Cemetery on left.

Cemetery List

**Note - In 2007 all graves in this cemetery were relocated to Crown Point Cemetery in Indianapolis

Whitesell, Eliza wife of Wilson Whitesell died-Feb. 26, 1868 Aged-36y 8m 19d

Whitesell, Jesse P. son of W & E Whitesell b-Oct 10, 1853 d-Oct 14, 1857 aged-4y &4d

Broken stone: d-July 22 1864 aged 1mo (in Whitesell Plot)

E.I.W. (Whitesell Plot)

M.E.W. (Whitesell Plot)

Gentry, John Everett son of Wm B & M.J. Gentry d-Sep 23, 1868 aged-3y 9m 26d

J.P.G. (the "J" is carved backwards)

P.J.G. (Gentry Plot)

J.W.G. (Gentry Plot)

Gentry, John W. A member of CO. O 26 IND. VOL. INFANTRY son of T & P Gentry d- May 7, 1866 a-19y 7m 23d

Gentry, Paulina J. wife of Thomas P. Gentry d-July 6, 1863 a-45y 10d

Gentry, Thomas consort of Paulina J Gentry d-April 30, 1854 a-38y 6m

E.B.E. (Easterday / Gentry Plot)

Easterday, Eliza B. At rest in heaven Wife of L.R. Easterday d/o T & P Gentry d-Nov 30, 1858 a-19y 9m 5d She always made home happy, lived beloved and died lamented (lamented=grieved) (L.R. Luther Reck 1829-1893)

Wright, Charlie son of J.M & R. Wright d-Sept 15, 1844

Wright, Joseph son of J.M. & R Wright d-Sep 3, 1852 a-10y 1_____

Wright, James B. son of J.M. & R. Wright d-Feb 3, 1855 a-17y 1m 22d

Wright, John M. d-Mar 3, 1857 a-43y 2m 22d

Wright, Rohamar wife of James T. Wright b-Nov 28, 1788 d-Jan 5 1858

Wright, Broken d- Nov 23, 1859 aged 72y 4m 8d (I am guessing that it is Rohamar's husband, James T. they were next to each other and the ages at death are very close)

J.B.W. (Wright Plot)

R.W. (Wright Plot)

J.T.W. (Wright Plot)

R.H.W. (Wright Plot)

J.W.W. (Wright Plot)

Broken stone: ___loe (chloe?)
_____ of
Wm. M Oates
died Feb 16, 1853
(located between Gentry & Wright sections)

4 broken & worn, 1 laying flat no writing, 1 concrete slab