Philpot Cemetery at Little Goose Church

Philpot Cemetery

Urban, Clay Co. Kentucky


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Philpot Cemetery at Little Goose Church. Description: This is an old family cemetery that is being overtaken by the woods. The oldest readable dates are from the 1700’s. There are many hand-carved headstones that are unreadable. Many of the headstones include backward letters and misspellings. This is a partial list from that cemetery. Descendents: Many Philpot and Bundy descendents now reside in neighboring Laurel County, KY.

Partial Cemetery List

Easter Philpot - Was bornd May the 15th 1804 and died Sep the 18th 1878

Vinia Philpot  - Mother - Oct 4, 1895 - April 28, 1928
Pharies Philpot  - Father - Feb 14, 1884 - Dec 16, 1912

Elder Joel Philpot - Born Jul 24, 1833 - Died June 11, 1890

Mary Philpot - Was bornd dec the 14th 1791 - died June 7th 1851

Thomas Philpot - Bornd Aug the 5th 1769 - Died Aug 6th 1848

Kate Philpot - Wife of G.W. Philpot - Born Nov 2, 1854 - Died May 1, 1920 - “No better woman ever lived.”

G. W. Philpot

Paul Bundy - Apr 30, 1942 - Apr 30, 1942

Theo Bundy - Aug 15, 1934

Martha Bundy - Dec 28, 1930 - July 28, 1931

Rosa Bundy - Dec 28, 1930 - July 23, 1931 - Note: Martha and Rosa were twin sisters who died of whooping cough

Ellen Philpot - Mother - Sept 22 1889 Feb 8, 1948 - A loving mother from us is gone The voice we loved is still A place is vacant in our home Which can never be filled

Beatty Philpot - Son of Dence and Ellen Philpot - Oct 8, 1918 May 27, 1934 - To him we trust a place is given among the saints with Christ in heaven.

Martha Philpot - Mother - 1881-1976
Theo Philpot - Father - 1892-1945 At Rest

Estell Philpot - Son of Theo & Martha Philpot - Oct 17, 1907 - June 3, 1929 - Gone, but not forgotten, a precious one of us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place if vacant in home which can never be filled. God in his wisdom has he called….

Serg’t Jeb Philpot - Co. I. 8th KY Inf. - Hand-carved in stone: “John Philpot born..”