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Allen Cemetery

Phelps Co., Missouri

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Allen Cemetery Records submitted by

Take Highway 63 south from Rolla, MO to County Road 7240 and turn right. Turn left on county road 7460. Cemetery is across a creek and up a hill on the right. Sign showing Allen Cemetery at road level. This cemetery has not been taken care of. Weeds were as high as the stones and then some. I have family in this one and it was so sad. Catalogued in May 2003

Allen, Minnie; b. July 28, 1871 d. Feb. 3, 1878 d/o V & C Allen

Allen, Val D.; b. Aug. 24, 1913 died Oct. 2, 1969

Allen, Valentine; b. 1840 d.1919, s/w Catherine Allen

Allen, Catherine; b. 1843 d.1898, s/w Valentine Allen

Allen, Samuel T.; b. 1885 d. 1926

Allen, Mary L.; b. Aug. 12, 1888, d. July 24, 1971

Allen, Charles L.; b. 1879 d. 1945

Allen, Lem; b. Feb. 15, 1883 d. Apr. 30, 1963

Allen, Ernest R.; b. Dec. 24, 1891 d. Aug. 6, 1902 s/o S.V Si Allen Foot stone with E.R.A.

Grayson, Susan; b.1847 d. 1931 no head stone just metal funeral home marker

Grayson, George; b.1845 d. 1921 no head stone just metal funeral home marker

Gable, Floyd E.; Born Oct. 19, 1917 d. Nov. 6 1926

Hargis, Ethan A.; b. July 12, 1874 d. April 15, 1966, s/w Lula Alice Hargis

Hargis, Lula Alice; b. Sept. 22, 1877 d. June 18, 1937, s/w Ethan A. Hargis

Hooten, Benjamin Edward; b. May 10, 1898 d. Dec. 15, 1956

Hooten, Mary E.; b. Feb. 6, 1871 d. May 17, 1935

Husky, Virginia P. (Pearl); b. May 13, 1923 d. Nov. 31 1923 (Notice date. Nov. 31?) (death certificate states death was October 31st.)

Husky, William M.; b. Jan. 9, 1918 d. Jan. 12, 1918

Jones, Mary H.; b. 1853 d.1923, s/w Charles A. Jones

Jones, Charles A.; b. 1849 d.1929, s/w Mary H. Jones

Johnson, Charles A.; b. Dec. 16, 1858 d. Sept. 13, 1892 h/o E. Johnson

Mooney, Bonnie June; b. May 29 1934 d. Sept. 1, 1934

Malone, Frances; d. May 11, 1879 Aged 68 years

Ragan, Clark Leroy; b. May 26, 1925 d. April 11, 1932 s/o C.L. & B Ragan

Yowell, Charles E.; b. Nov. 2, 1873 d. Apr. 9, 1950

Yowell, Ada Cecelia,; b. July 28, 1883 d. July 5 1965

Unidentifed stone only markings ORN_____ d. Feb. 1888