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Ables, Max L, b. 05-21-1947, d. 11-30-1998, SFC. US Army Viet Nam(Barton Baptist Cem.)

Adams, Eugene Clifton, b. 10-18-1892, d. 07-30-1981, Pvt. US Army, WW-1, (Gibson Cemetery)

Adams, Harmon, d. 10-26-1941, Pvt., 114th Am. Tn., 39th Div., Mississippi, (Gibson Cemetery)

Adams, Jesse A, b. 02-16-1840, d. 09-29-1910, 1st Ala. Arty. (C.S.A.) Civil War Vet, Son of Wyatt and Martha Havard Adams, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Adams, Johnny Doyle, b. 12-23-1931, d. 12-03-2000, CPL. US Army Korea, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Adams, Oscar R, b. 05-28-1927, d. 07-06-1984, S2, US Navy, WW-2, (note: military plaque has d.o.b. 05-28-1929), (New Hope Cem.)

Adams, Ronnie G, b. 08-30-1946, d. 03-11-2004, SP4, US Army, Vietnam, (Gibson Cemetery)

Adams, Thomas L, b. unknown, d. 10-06-1935, section C-9, Pvt , Texas Inf. National NG, (Rocky Creek)

Ainsworth, Seren E, b. 11-04-1922, d. 12-25-1975, (4-50-C), Sgt. US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Allen, Terrill Douglas, b. 02-18-1920, d. 06-29-1990, S2 US Navy WW-2, (Woodard Cem.)

Allgood, Willis L, b. 09-23-1914, d. 10-25-1998, US Army WW-2(Barton Baptist Cem.)

Allman, George G. (Jr.), b. 11-19-1947, d. 12-25-1995, SFM3 US Navy Viet Nam, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Allman, Palmer, b. 04-01-1920, d.06-16-1944, Pfc.169th Military Police Det. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Anderson, Colia, b. 1897, d. 1982, Pvt US Army WW-1, (Mount Pleasant Cem – Barton)

Averett, John F, b. 10-25-1918, d. 10-13-1989, SSgt US Army WW-2, section A-1, (Rocky Creek)

Backlin, Maurice R, b. 10-17-1921, d. 10-22-1992, S1 US Coast Guard, (Shady Grove Cem.)
Backlin, Prentiss C, b. 07-01-1913, d. 09-18-2003, PFC US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Baggett, Dan, b.09-05-1891, d.08-15-1970, Pvt. Co.“A” 17th MG BN WW-1, section G-2, (Rocky Creek)

Bailey, Ramon G, b. 08-14-1909, d. 10-23-1967, (2-142), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Banks, David L, b. 09-06-1932, d. 12-30-1972, SSgt. US Army, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Banks, Willie H, b. 06-06-1925, d. 03-19-2002, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Barnard, Ralph Wesley, b. 07-01-1894, d. 03-29-1985, (4-24-D), Cpl. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Barnett, James Marvin, b. 06-16-1924, d. 03-02-1965, MOMM2 US Naval Reserve WW-2,(Barton Baptist Cem.)

Barton, Billy Gerald, b. 12-21-1931, d. 10-14-1986, US Navy Korea,(Barton Baptist Cem.)

Barton, Roy Adrian, b. 08-13-1919, d. 02-11-1992, SF3 US Navy WW-2, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Bassett, Lowell W. (Sr.), b. 05-18-1920, d.11-15-1997, (4-81-B), SM3 US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Baxley, Cleveland S, b. 05-29-1927, d. 11-27-1995, US Navy WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Baygents, James T, 07-31-1907, d. 07-24-1997, PFC US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Beard, David Lee, b. 10-20-1927, d. 03-15-1953, Pfc., Co. "L", 17th Inf., 7th Inf., Korea, Purple Heart Medal, ( Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Mount Pleasant road)

Bearry, William D, b. 08-02-1908, d. 02-15-1985, (4-22-A), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Beasley, Preston M. (Sr.), b. 11-09-1895, d. 02-26-1983, US Army WW-1,(Barton Baptist Cem.)

Beck, Charles R, b. 06-21-1932, d. 01-28-1983, Cpl US Army Korea, (Hillcrest Cemetery)

Benjamin, Loch, b. 01-15-1890, d. 02-02-1969, Pvt., 437th, Res. Labor BN., QMC, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Bennett, Frederick E; b. 06-12-1924, d. 10-31-1983, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Bennett, Herbert Hoover, b. 09-26-1928, d. 04-29-1982, PFC US Army, (Pipkin Cemetery – off Fig Farm Road)
Bennett, Joe B, b. 10-27-1932, d. 08-24-1964, FN US Navy, (Pipkin Cemetery – off Fig Farm Road)

Benson, Raymond L, b. 12-05-1916, d. 04-06-1953, (3-130), Capt. 825th Engr. Avn. Bn., WW-2, (New York), (Magnolia)

Berry, Fred, b. 02-05-1897, d. 01-30-1963, (3-54), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Berry, Julius S, b. 03-02-1922, d. 04-03-1985, (4-74-D), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bexley, Lyman Jack, b. 01-18-1924, d. 01-05-1987, PFC US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)
Bexley, William F, b. 01-31-1925, d. 02-13-1975, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Bishop, Claiborne H, b. 12-03-1918, d. 09-21-1987, US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Black, John F, no dates, 24th Mississippi Inf. C.S.A.(Salem Cem. – Avent)

Blackledge, Nelson W, b. 01-06-1902, d. 09-28-1963, (4-25-A), Lt. US Navy WW-1 & WW-2, (Magnolia)

Blackstone, Clarence, b. 10-10-1906, d. 01-04-1983, Pfc., US Army, (note spelling of last name), (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Blair, Herbert Milton 'Herb' (Sr.), b. 08-20-1932, d. 08-30-2003, US Air Force Retired, (Union Cemetery)

Blunk, Oren D, b. 1904, d. 1986, (4-33-A), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bolton, Joe L, b. 05-25-1905, d. 08-20-1987, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Rose Cemetery)

Bond, Barrett W, b. 08-29-1910, d. 04-19-1973, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, Mississippi, (Gibson Cemetery)

Bond, Rollie M, b. 10-22-1923, d. 05-24-2003, ABF2, US Navy , Korea, (Howell cemetery – Basin)

Booth, Reverand D.B, b. 03-19-1836, d. 10-06-1906, Co. “C” Prattville Drag. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, section B-6(Rocky Creek)

Bounds, Thomas Earl, b. 06-08-1920, d. 09-12-1992, (4-23-D), MSgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)
Bounds, William Edwin, b. 06-11-1922, d. 11-19-1989, (5-22-A), T-Sgt. US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)
Bounds, William T. (Sr.), b.09-04-1913, d.07-08-1991, (5-24-D), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bouthwell, Dan H, b. 06-06-1918, d. 04-11-1992, Pvt US Army, (Corinth Cemetery)

Bowen, Charles William, b. 03-07-1891, d. 09-21-1943, Pvt., US Army, Mississippi(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Box, Clarence A, b. 10-08-1924, d. 01-13-2002, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Boyles, Everett P, b. 02-18-1910, d. 01-09-1976, F1, US Navy, WW-2, military plaque has date of birth as 02-17-1910, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Brannan, D E, b. 03-17-1838, d. 01-15-1922, Co. “E” 36th Ala Inf, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Brannan, Elvin, b. 01-02-1929, d. ??-??-2007, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Brannan, Keith “Snooks” M, b. 05-12-1923, d. 02-21-1977, section A-1, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Brannan, Marcus L (Sr.), b. 10-17-1928, d. 10-13-1980, SSgt US Army, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Brannan, Thomas W, b. 02-02-1848, d. 05-06-1908, Toomer’s Co. Mobile Home Guards, (civil war), (Macedonia cemetery)

Brannan, Wayne G, b. 05-30-1933, d. 08-08-1969, MM3 US Naval Reserve, section D-7, (Rocky Creek)

Brannon, Ellis, b. 12-16-1898, d. 06-19-1967, Pvt US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Brannon, John W, b. 11-03-1845, d. 12-02-1922, Toomer’s Co. Mobile Home Guards (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Brannon, Martin, b. 1823, d. 1894, Co. “E” 36th Ala Inf, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Brannon, T. Watson, b. 04-11-1927, d. 05-10-1991, MSgt US Army, WW-2, Korea, Viet Nam, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Bratos, Einar, b. 04-12-1897, d. 04-03-1952, BM1 US Coast Guard, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Breland, Bedford I, b. 10-17-1927, d. 03-01-2007, SSgt., US Air Force, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Breland, John W, no dates, Co. "A", 4th Miss. Cav. C.S.A., "Civil War Veteran", (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Bridwell, Roy Ben, b. 10-08-1931, d. 11-04-1991, CW2, US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (Carter Cemetery)

Britt, William W, b. 05-12-1919, d. 05-09-1951, Cpl. 24th Inf. Bn., WW-2, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Brooks, Billie, b. 02-03-1923, d. 07-25-1972, Sgt., US Marine Corps., WW-2, (Carter Cemetery)

Broome, Curtis Clyde, b. 11-18-1923, d. 07-16-2005, (4-69-C), Pfc. US Army WW-2,(Magnolia)

Brown, Buford H, b. 09-25-1918, d. 03-04-2001, (4-39-D), SSgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Brown, C.M, b. 09-01-1922, d. 03-09-1992, PFC US Army WW-2, section G-, (Rocky Creek)

Brown, David Crockett, b. 08-14-1921, d. 07-01-1999, Tec 5 US Army WW-2

Brown, Henry E, b. 02-20-1922, d. 04-24-1991, CPL. US Army WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Brown, Lee Roy, b. 11-24-1895, d. 07-22-1954, PFC Medical Department WW-1(Agricola Cemetery)

Brown, Lynn J (Sr.), b. 1925, d. 1975, Pvt. US Army, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.

Bryan, Harry Spencer, b. 09-16-1922, d. 04-18-2004, (2-247), US Navy WW-2,(Magnolia)

Bryan, John L, b. 01-06-1919, d. 05-11-1983, (1-366), Capt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Bryant, Barry A, b.06-23-1965, d.12-11-2001, (6-50C3), STG 2 US Navy, Persian Gulf, (Magnolia)

Bryant, Elma, b. 05-28-1921, d. 10-12-1990, PFC US Army WW-2, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Buchanan, Billy Joe, b. 07-14-1947, d. 11-29-1995, Pvt. US Army, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Buckhalter, Henry, b. 11-02-1914, d. 10-08-1966, PFC, Co. "B", 321st Infantry, WW-2, Bronze Star Medal, (Refuge Cem.)

Bufkin, Chris M, b. 11-18-1969, d. 08-15-1997, WT3 US Navy Persian Gulf(Agricola Cemetery)

Burge, J.W. Swiety, b. 11-07-1910, d. 06-25-1978, (4-4-B), 1st Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bush, Dan, b. 08-21-1892, d. 02-23-1959, Pvt., Co. "B" 420th Svc. BN., QMC, WW-1, Mississippi, (Bush Family Cemetery)

Bush, Green Alexander, no dates, Co. 'I' 29th Ala. Regt. ( C.S.A.), (Union Cemetery)

Butler, George L, b. 08-19-1892, d. 05-25-1953, Pvt. Mississippi Inf. WW-1, Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Butler, Wash M. McClellon, b.03-29-1921, d.05-30-1984, Cpl., US Marine Corps.WW-2, (Movella Baptist Cem.)
Coats, Lauren Bruce, b. 05-15-1926, d. 08-11-1980, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Butts, Calvin, b. 08-03-1919, d. 08-24-2005, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Sand Hill Cem.)

Byrd, Donald Ford, b. 09-08-1938, d. 01-04-2003, (2-67), US Army, (Magnolia)

Byrd, Edward G; d. 01-20-1890, Pvt., 5th Mississippi Inf., CIVIL WAR VETERAN, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Byrd, Eno, b. 02-11-1940, d. 12-08-1995, SSgt. US Air Force, husband of Dola M., (Little Sweetwater Cemetery – Benndale)

Byrd, Ira E, b. 01-25-1925, d. 12-22-1973, SC3 US Navy WW-2, section F-4, (Rocky Creek)

Byrd, James E. (Sr.), b. 09-09-1928, d. 12-30-2001, Cpl., US Army, h/o Rosia,(Byrd/Helveston Cemetery)

Byrd, John W, b. unknown, d. unknown, Sgt., Co. “B”, 321st Inf., WW-2(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Byrd, William (Sr.), b. 05-22-1920, d.01-19-1982, US Army WW-2, section G-4, (Rocky Creek)

Caldwell, Robert Hamilton (Jr.), b. 05-17-1920, d. 03-13-1993, (1-382), AMM2, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Campbell, Floyd, b. 01-15-1920, d. 08-14-1993, MM2, US Navy, WW-2, (Saint James Cem.)

Campbell, Homer H, b. 02-15-1918, d. 07-07-1983, (4-32-B), US Army WW-2

Campbell, Peter, b. 04-27-1921, d. 09-30-1994, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Cannon, Calvin V, b. 1844, d. 1916, Pvt. 4th Ala Reg. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, section C-5, (Rocky Creek)

Cannon, John D, b. 04-30-1920, d. 02-26-1992, section E-3, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Carlisle, Irving “Nub”, b. 10-17-1914, d. 12-24-1994, Tec5 US Army WW-2, section B-1, (Rocky Creek)
Carlisle, James E “Jimmy”, b. 01-04-1947,d. 01-17-1998, Sgt. US Air Force Viet Nam, section B-1, (Rocky Creek)

Carter, Dan W, b. 1922, d. 1944, S/Sgt. 120th Inf., 30th Inf. Div., WW-2, (Reeves/Carter Cem.)

Carter, Homer Earl, b. 02-15-1928, d. 10-15-1988, US Army WW-2, (Moffett Cemetery)

Carter, Joseph, b. 10-08-1908, d. 07-10-1954, Pfc. Co. "B", 354th Engineers, WW-2, Mississippi, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Carter, Knox, b. 06-06-1892, d. 10-24-1956,Cpl., Co. "A",2nd Discharge Bn. , WW-1, Louisana, (Carter Cemetery)

Carter, Posey, b. 01-20-1934, d. 03-21-1996, US Army, Korea, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Carter, W.M, d. 02-01-1924, Pvt., 15th Mississippi Calvary, Civil War Veteran, (Carter Cemetery)

Carter, William L, b. 05-24-1915, d. 03-01-1980, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Reeves/Carter Cem.)

Catlett, Julius Frank, b. 01-12-1910, d. 01-16-1977, (4-38-C), Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Childress, Ray Louis, b. 09-16-1926, d. 05-17-1992, Sgt US Army Korea / WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Childress, William M, b. 03-23-1931, d. 04-20-1975, SA US Navy Korea, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Childress, William, b. 1798, d. 1856, Pvt. 16th Regt. Mississippi Militia, War of 1812, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Choate, Larry Joe (Sr.), b. 11-30-1937, d. 11-05-1999, (6-42B3), SSG US Army, (Magnolia)

Christian, James M, b. 03-14-1909, d. 07-14-1946, TEC 5 US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Christian, Shirley, b. 02-06-1916, d. 10-12-1964, PVT US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Churchwell, Gavin 'Tug' (Sr.), b. 03-29-1921, d. 02-14-1990, Tec 5 US Army WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Clark, James Elijah, b. 05-31-1941, d. 12-24-1983, SN, US Navy, Vietnam, (Refuge Cem.)

Coats, James E, b. 09-17-1916, d. 10-28-1989, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Cochran, Coyt Daniel, b. 11-22-1931, d. 06-12-1971, SFC US Army Korea Viet Nam, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Cochran, Curnal C, b. 10-20-1910, d. 12-12-1981, US Army, WW-2, Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Cochran, Edward L, no dates, Co. “A”, 3rd Mississippi Inf. C.S.A., (Salem Cem. – Avent)

Cochran, John Harold, b. 03-18-1927, d. 10-10-1998, Cpl US Army WW-2 Korea, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Cochran, Johnnie A, b. 09-18-1906, d. 06-17-1983, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Cochran, Marvin Marvell (Sr.), b. 09-28-1918, d. 10-03-1991, TSgt US Army WW-2, (Corinth Cemetery)

Cochran, Melvin Leon, b. 09-06-1926, d. 12-11-1968, Pfc. Co. “A” 1st BG. 31st Inf. WW-2, Mississippi, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)
Cochran, Oscar O, b. 1895, d. 1943, Pvt. 307th Inf. 77th Div., Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Cochran, Ramey R, b. 05-23-1919, d. 06-30-1986, (4-85-D), Tec 4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Colburn, Hertle A, b. 01-24-1924, d. 02-20-1991, (not on the maps), Pfc. US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Coleman, George C, b. 02-02-1942, d. 05-27-1968, SP5, US Army, Mississippi, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Coleman, William Hale, b. 07-16-1931, d. 04-10-2002, Pvt US Army, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Colville, Thomas J, b. 08-13-1897, d. 07-10-1972, (4-81-A), Pfc US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Conner, James F, b. 12-21-1914, d. 09-10-1986, (5-14-D), 1st Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Cook, Ottis O’Neil, b. 04-16-1925, d. 12-06-1975, Cox. US Navy WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Cook, Vernon Lowell, b. 07-25-1927, d. 04-20-1983, CPL. US Army, (Union Cemetery)

Cook, Wallace A (Sr.), b. 01-14-1923, d. 10-12-2003, Sgt. US Army WW-2, section F-11, (Rocky Creek)

Cooley, LaTroy, b. 11-04-1915, d. 08-24-1993, (1-400), Msgt. US Army Air Corps WW-2, “D.D.S.”, (Magnolia)

Cooley, Sean Michael, b. 04-18-1969, d. 02-03-2005, h/o Laura, Mississippi National Guard, MSgt 150th Combat Engr Bn, Killed in action in Iraq, (O’Neal Cemetery – Benndale)

Cooley, Waldo E, b. 10-01-1918, d.09-12-1977, BM1 US Coast Guard WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Cooper, James Elvin, b. 08-04-1929, d. 08-23-2002, (4-6-B), Sfc. US Army Korea, (Military plaque has d.o.d. 08-25-2002), (Magnolia)

Cowart, Abner Joseph, b. 06-30-1892, d. 04-11-1952, Cpl., Btry "D", 46th Fld. Arty., WW-1, Mississippi, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Cowart, Aubrey, b. 02-25-1921, d. 07-22-1983, SSgt., US Army, "Retired", (Refuge Cem.)

Cowart, Elijah K, b. 04-01-1893, d. 12-14-1974, Pvt., US Army, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Cowart, Ezekiel, b. 1766, d. 1874, Pvt. McGowan’s Co. Mississippi Militia (War of 1812), section B-7, (Rocky Creek)

Cowart, Norman Charman, b. 09-21-1927, d. 04-05-2003, Sgt., US Army, Korea, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Coxwell, Edward Austin, b. 07-12-1916, d. 11-22-1998, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch Cem. – Twin Creek Road)
Coxwell, Emmett O, b. 11-18-1912, d. 01-15-1991, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch Cem. – Twin Creek Road)                                              

Cumberland, Homer B, b. 03-23-1918, d. 06-10-1975, (4-106A), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Curry, Michael W, b. 10-18-1951, d. 06-27-1973, FA US Navy Viet Nam (Louisiana), (Union Cemetery)

Cutbirth, Delbert C, b. 07-16-1921, d. 01-26-1997, PFC US Army WW-2, (Woodard Cem.)

Daniels, Ranmon, b. 02-28-1893, d. 11-14-1952, Pvt., Co. "D", 812th Pioneer Inf., WW-1, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)
Daniels, Walter L, b. 1923, d. 1980, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Davidson, Herman Cecil, b. 01-04-1932, d. 07-25-1994, US Army Korea, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Davis, Absalome, B, b. 07-22-1836, d. 05-17-1917, Co. “D” 9th Miss Cav, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Davis, Alvin M, b. 03-26-1919, d. 03-22-1974, section F-7, Pvt. US Army, (Rocky Creek)
Davis, Bernie H, b. 08-07-1916, d. 05-01-1936, section B-8 Pvt.1cl 3rd Field Arty. WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Charles P, b. 10-05-1892, d. 12-20-1972, Pvt US Army, WW-1, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Davis, Charlie L., b. 04-02-1896, d. 01-30-1978, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Davis, Clinton, b. 04-21-1895, d. 12-14-1984, Pfc. US Army WW-1, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Davis, David S. (Sr.), b. 1830, d. 1908, Sgt. Co. “A” Miss. Cav. 9th Regt. CIVIL War, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Davis, Fred Colon, b. 04-30-1926, d. 04-03-1982, section B-4, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Gregg T, b. 04-23-1922, d. 08-26-1998, Cpl. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Davis, Herbert H, b. 09-23-1913, d. 11-28-1968 SSgt 1716 Engr Map Dep Det Us Army, (Moffett cemetery)
Davis, James E, b. 05-11-1920, d. 05-07-1991 Cpl. US Air Corps WW-2, (Moffett Cemetery)

Davis, James M, b. 07-21-1921, d. 07-19-1984, section C-1, Cpl. US Army , WW-2 Army Air Force, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, John Douglas, b. 08-21-1923, d. 09-02-1976, section B-4, PFC US Army WW-2,(Rocky Creek)

Davis, John Henry, b. 03-29-1892, d. 02-19-1962, PVT US Army WW-, (Woodard Cem.)

Davis, Joseph Bertiss “Bert”, b.09-14-1892, d.03-21-1971, Pvt 137 Fld. Arty WW-1, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Davis, Robert Hilary, b. 09-01-1927, d. 12-04-1992, section F-8, US Army, A1C US Air Force, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Rupert E, b. 07-25-1906, d. 02-05-1994, section F-2, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Stance Arnold, b. 04-11-1914, d. 01-20-1988, TMV2 US Navy WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Davis, Tom, b. 12-28-1901, d. 07-26-1955, F3 US Navy, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Day, Carl Columbus, b.03-02-1896, d.01-25-1964, section D-7, PFC167th Inf. Rainbow Div. ,(Rocky Creek)

Deakle, Billy Ray, b. 10-05-1927, d. 05-15-1971, (4-84-A), BM3 US Navy, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)
Deakle, Linson A, b. 11-28-1921, d. 11-20-1988, (4-60-B), S1 US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)                                                  

Dean, Lester H, b. 05-26-1894, d. 01-11-1975, PVT US Army WW-1(Agricola Cemetery)
Dean, Lester Leroy, b. 10-10-1919, d. 08-07-2006, US Merchant Marines WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Dearman, Travis, b. 04-12-1943, d. 11-27-1998, SP4 US Army(Ball Cemetery)

Dearmon, Albert D, b. 07-31-1921, d. 06-16-1989, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch Cem. – Twin Creek Road)

Deese, James Louis, b. 11-29-1919, d. 02-12-1979, Pfc. US Army WW-2, “Father”, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

DeFlanders, Clifton, b. 03-14-1921, d. 12-12-1967, Tec5 Quartermaster Corps WW-2, (Bethlehem Cemetery)

Dement, Bernice William, b. 08-14-1927, d. 01-08-1993, (4-80-A), S-Sgt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Dement, Henry C (Jr), b. 04-05-1917, d. 12-02-1984, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

DePriest, J.W, b.1846, d.1926, (2-271), 1st Mississippi Cav. Reserve, Civil War Veteran,(Magnolia)

DeVaughan, Howard S, b. 01-19-1908, d. 07-06-1978, “Buck”, US Coast Guard WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

DiBennedetto, Anthony S "Tony", b. 10-31-1929, d. 12-03-2001, Cpl US Army Korea, (Northside Baptist)

Dicey, Robert Lee, b. 04-16-1901, d. 05-15-1960, (3-284), Pvt. Btry. “D’, 140th Fld. Arty. WW-1 (Mississippi), (Magnolia)
Dick, Robert E, b. 09-24-1927, d. 07-09-1992, (5-31-C), S2 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Dickerson, Charles G, b. 07-09-1920, d. 07-12-1975, PFC US Marine Corps WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Dickerson, J. C. “Curt”, b. 04-03-1896, d. 06-07-1991, Pvt US Army WW-1, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Dickerson, James M "Billy", b. 04-04-1930, d. 01-20-2006, Cpl US Army WWII Korea, (Billy Dickerson Family Cem.)

Dickerson, James Walton (Sr.), b. 10-31-1914, d. 12-02-1986, TEC 5 US Army WW-2, (Woodard Cem.)
Dickerson, Shelton H, b. 05-14-1897, d. 10-16-1982, US Army WW-1, (WoodardCem.)

Dickerson, Joseph C, b. 06-18-1893, d. 02-03-1955, (3-59), Pvt. 11th Co. Receiving Depot, WW-1 (Mississippi), (Magnolia)

Dickerson, Joseph, b. 04-28-1892, d. 12-23-1957, Pvt Co “C” 105 Inf. 27 Div. WW-1, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Dickerson, Norman E, b. 11-05-1927, d. 08-29-2004, (4-47-D), Cpl. US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Dickerson, Will Roy, b. 01-02-1926, d. 02-14-1984, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Dickey, Wren, no dates, Pvt., Co. 'A', 335th Svc., Bn., (Sweetwater Cem.)

Dixon, Clarence V, b. 03-02-1905, d. 12-12-1950, PFC 58th General Hosp. WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Dixon, Elbert, b. 12-22-1907, d. 09-21-1958, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Dixon, Loren, b. 01-17-1898, d. 02-19-1959, Pvt., 1st. Provisional Regt., WW-2, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Domec, Wallace L, b. 04-03-1931, d. 03-31-2005, Captain, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)

Donaldson, James A, b. 06-28-1901, d. 09-26-1951, (3-16), Sgt. – 3rd Army Air Force Composite Sq., WW-2, (Magnolia)

Downing, Lee, b. 08-20-1878, d. 11-10-1960, Pvt. Co. "E", 2nd Regt. Ala. Inf., Spanish American War Veteran, (Finch Cemetery – hwy 612/hwy613 intersection)

Driskell, George P (Jr.), b. 08-27-1925, d.11-22-1986, PFC US Army WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

DuBose, Walter J, b. 12-29-1895, d. 07-18-1958, (2-116), Pvt. Co. “F” 8th Bn. Repl. Tng. Cen, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Dudley, James Tim, b. 08-13-1916, d. 07-09-1996, (5-6-D), Major US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Duersel, John Frederick, b. 08-18-1937, d. 08-24-2002, FR US Navy, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Duersel, Kurte O, b. 05-22-1933, d. 01-16-1987, US Navy Korea, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Duke, Jessie T, b. 02-27-1943, d.11-15-1982, (1-309), Sgt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)
Duke, Joseph L. (Jr.), b. 02-28-1922, d.07-25-1943, (1-310), Staff Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Dungan, Auburn Bill, b. 11-13-1924, d. 11-11-1977, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Dunham, Herman W, b. 01-13-1919, d. 04-26-1995, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Dunlap, Almouth D, b. 04-08-1910, d. 10-28-1993, PFC US Army WW-2 (Purple Heart), (Corinth Cemetery)

Dunnam, Barnabas, b. 09-16-1916, d. 01-19-1997, section C-10, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Eckhoff, Louis Ira, b.12-21-1921, d. 01-14-1976, MSGT US Army WW-2, Korea, Viet Nam, (Union Cemetery)

Edgar, Henry Ford, b. 03-10-1925, d. 04-20-1975, Tec 5 US Army WW-2(Ball Cemetery)

Edge, Wilmer Arthur, b. 05-14-1908, d. 05-21-1989, (2-04), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Elkins, Elder Leon, b. 01-03-1924, d. 03-24-1985, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Elkins, Wayne Allen, b. 12-16-1940, d. 10-12-1991, BT3 US Navy, (Union Cemetery)

Erkhart, Al, b. 02-02-1910, d. 09-10-1964, Pvt Co. “E” 64th Inf. Tng. Regt(Ball Cemetery)

Erkhart, Willie F, b. 08-21-1926, d. 07-31-1977, Pvt. US Army WW-2, “Daddy”, Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Espey, Weldon Norris, b. 04-15-1919, d. 09-11-1973, (4-67C), Pfc. US Marine Corps. WW-2, (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Alvin L, b. 08-15-1906, d. 09-15-1975, section E-4, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Charles Lyman, b. 10-08-1886, d. 04-12-1964, section D-7, PFC Base Hosp. 216, (Rocky Creek)
Eubanks, Charles P, b. 07-29-1835, d. 02-26-1907, section C-5, Pvt. Co. “C” 2nd Batt Ala Lt. Arty. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)
Eubanks, Charles, b. 08-??-1802, d. 02-14-1884, section B-6, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Charlie T, b. 05-25-1920, d. 05-18-1996, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Eubanks, David W, b. 01-09-1911, d. 11-09-1964, (2-64), Tec4 863rd ord. Ham. Co. WW-2 (Mississippi), (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Elbridge Bailey, b. 08-31-1909, d. 01-26-1974, (2-63), LCDR. US Navy, (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Gary L, b. 08-04-1951, d. 11-22-2006, Pfc. US Army, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Eubanks, Guy Edward, b. 01-01-1918, d. 08-15-2002, section E-10, Pfc US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Hardy Oliver, b. 11-12-1887, d. 09-14-1980, US Army WW-1, (Eubanks/Dickerson Cemetery)

Eubanks, Herbert Lafayette, b. 11-08-1929, d. 02-11-1996, Sgt, USArmy, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Eubanks, James P, b. 09-18-1919, d. 09-14-1958, Pvt 9809 Tech Svc Unit WW-2, (Holmes Baptist cemetery)

Eubanks, James Travis, b. 12-23-1917, d. 01-25-1994, section D-7, GM2 US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, John Francis Marion, b. 07-12-1838, d. 05-30-1892, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, section B-6, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, John Marvin, b. 02-21-1915, d. 11-27-1943, section C-6, Tec5 US Army,(Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Joseph Burnis (Sr.), b. 10-10-1924, d. 06-05-1986, section D-8, Tec4US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Leon Hobson, b.06-12-1913, d.04-01-1987, section F-5, PHM1 US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Leonard, b. 09-26-1929, d. 09-05-2000, PFC US Army Korea, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)

Eubanks, Littleton Havard, b. 12-22-1839, d. 12-08-1901, section B-6, Pvt. Co. “E” 36th Ala. Inf. (Prisoner of War) C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Mark, b.06-30-1895, d.03-14-1973, section B-5, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Marvin W, no dates, (has a veteran’s stone, cannot see dates), (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Eubanks, Stephen P, b. 05-09-1842, d. 10-23-1923, section C-5, Pvt. Co. “E” 2nd Bn. Ala Lt. Arty. C.S.A. (Prisoner of war) Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Thomas J, b. 11-16-1836, d. 01-11-1907, section B-6, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, William C, b. 07-26-1896, d. 12-13-1961, Pvt 61st Co. 162nd Depot Brigade, WW-1 (Mississippi),( Eubanks Cem. – Ernest Pipkins Road)

Eubanks, William D, b. 05-05-1927, d. 06-28-1993, CPL. US Army Korea, (Pineview Cemetery)
Harwood, Joe B, b. 02-12-1931, d. 08-07-1993, SSGT. US Air Force, Korea, (Pineview Cemetery)

Eubanks, William F, b. 06-01-1916, d. 03-11-1976, Tec 5 US Army WW-2, (Hillcrest Cemetery)

Eubanks, William F, b. 07-10-1832, d. 05-25-1915, section B-6, Co. “M” Adams Regt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. “Civil War Veteran”, (Rocky Creek)

Evans, Tyrone Franswau, b. 1952, d. 1975, Pvt., US Army, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Evans, Willie F (Jr.), b. 05-24-1950, d. 08-01-2003, section F-11, SP5 US Army, (Rocky Creek)
Evans, Willie F (Sr.), b. 07-05-1911, d. 04-24-1985, section F-11, Cpl. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Fairley, Ardean, b. 1886, d. 1977, Private, US Army, WW-1, (Sweet Pilgrim Cem. – Benndale)

Fairley, Bliss L, b. 08-13-1910, d. 09-06-1972, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Fairley, David Lee, b. 10-13-1922, d. 04-21-1949, PFC, 985th QM. Service Co., WW-2, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Edmon, b. 12-23-1924, d. 04-27-1977, Pvt., US Army, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Enoch, b. 10-26-1937, d. 02-09-2004, US Army, Vietnam, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Forrest F, b. 10-18-1890, d. 08-20-1958, Pvt., MG. Co. 59th Inf. WW-1, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)
Fairley, Forrest G, b. 04-23-1930, d. 01-10-1990, Cpl., US Army, Kore, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Fairley, Hurley John, b. unknown, d. unknown, United States Navy(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Fairley, Isom, b. 12-26-1904, d. 12-28-1962, PFC, HQ. Co. 1604th Svc. Unit, WW-2, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Mose, b. 11-22-1893, d. 03-18-1963, Pvt., Co. 'A' 549th Engineers, WW-2, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Oran Otto (Sr.), b. 04-07-1919, d. 07-22-1974, TSgt. WW-2 US Air Force Reserve, (Joe P. Fairley Cemetery)

Fairley, Randolph, no dates, Co. 'B', 447th Labor BN., QMC, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Robert (Sr.), b. 1920, d. 1984, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Pleasant Cem. - Mount Pleasant Road)

Fairley, Russell Richard; b. 12-30-1950, d. 07-31-2000, SP4, US Army, Vietnam, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Fairley, Sam, b. 07-07-1929, d. 07-26-1975, Pvt., US Army, Korea, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, Syrl H, b. 03-19-1943, d. 06-19-2003, U.S. Military Veteran, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Fairley, Wallace, b. 01-06-1908, d. 07-28-1993, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Fairley, William Clinton, b. 08-10-1916, d. 01-02-1950, Tec5, M.P. Plat., 103rd Inf. Div. WW-2, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Fairley, William M; b. 10-10-1927, d. 06-01-1993, Cpl., US Army, Korea, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Fairley, Wm. David; b. 11-13-1919, d. 09-22-1993, SSgt., US Army, WW-2, h/o Vivian, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Fallon, John D, b. 05-14-1929, d. 10-07-1999, (4-42-B), FT2, US Navy Korea, (Magnolia)

Fendley, Aubrey, b. 11-23-1911, d. 12-10-1976, (4-49-C), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Fendley, Coma, b. 07-09-1909, d. 08-14-1977, section D-9, Pfc US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Ferguson, John C, b. 1920, d. 1956, section E-5, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Ferrill, Roy W. (Sr.), b. 09-30-1951, d. 08-10-1971, Pvt., 24th Ord. Co., 267th Maint. Bn., Vietnam, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Finch, Jasper T, b. 01-18-1923, d. 08-16-1988, TEC4 US Army, WW-2, ( Finch Cemetery – New Hope Church Road)

Finch, Joseph, b. 09-15-1931, d. 09-03-1996, Cpl. US Army Korea, (Finch Cem. – Willie Finch Road)

Finch, William H, no dates, Co. "I", 36th Ala. Inf., C.S.A., Civil War Veteran, (Finch Cemetery – hwy 612/hwy613 intersection)

Fischer, Oliver H, b.03-03-1920, d.12-21-2003, (6-61B2), HM1 US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Flowers, Lee R. III, b. 09-28-1943, d. 08-05-1999, (4-35-D), US Marine Corps. / Pfc. US Army, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Foster, John S, no dates available, Co. "H", 17th Ala. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Refuge Cem.)

Fowler, Eugene M, b. 07-23-1938, d. 01-11-1983, Pfc., US Army, Vietnam(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)
Fowler, Joseph Houston, b. 06-04-1925, d. 07-16-1952, Cox., USNR, WW-2, Mississippi(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Fowler, W.J, b. 07-14-1926, d. 11-07-1994, US Army, Korea(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Freeman, Joseph F, b. 06-14-1921, d. 08-17-1966, (4-72-A), SM1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

French, Johnie T, b. 09-03-1925, d. 08-05-1989, Pfc, US Army, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Fretwell, James C, b. 03-01-1919, d. 10-03-2004, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Frye, William H, b.04-04-1899, d.10-25-1957, (2-198), Pvt. QM.Corps WW-1, “Miss”, (Magnolia)

Fryfogle, Benjamin A, b. 07-13-1890, d. 12-20-1966, (1-412), Pvt. Btry “E” 321st FA 82nd Div., WW-1, (Magnolia)

Fuquay, James D, b. 08-14-1911, d. 05-27-1964, S/Sgt. 3148th ord. Man. Co. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Galloway, James "Coot", b. 08-03-1922, d. 10-13-1990, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (military plaque has birth year 1923), (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Galloway, Willie, b. 1896, d. 1985, US Army, WW-1, (Sweetwater Cem.)

German, Jimmie Roy, b. 07-09-1942, d. 05-07-1972, A3C US Air Force, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Gibson, Billy Glenn, b. 10-09-1957, d. 08-26-1982, LCpl US Marines, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Gibson, Billy Joe, b. 01-06-1936, d. 08-26-1967, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Gibson, Carl B, b. 12-10-1888, d. 01-05-1957, Pvt. Hq. Co., 64th Inf., 7th Div., WW-1, (Gibson Cemetery)

Gibson, David, b. 06-15-1845, d. 09-26-1929, (2-188), Co. “H” 48th Miss. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Magnolia)

Gibson, Earl E, b. 01-31-1926, d. 10-24-1977, (2-192), BM3 US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Gibson, John Wesley, b. 09-08-1909, d. 05-16-1989, US Army, WW-2, h/o Iva, (Refuge Cem.)

Gibson, Loyd D, b. unknown, D. 09-26-1932, (2-192), Pvt. Coast Arty. Corps, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Gibson, Prentiss E, b. 05-19-1889, d. 01-29-1960, (1-374), Pfc. Co. “B” 304th Ammo Train. WW-1, (Magnolia)

Gibson, Thomas J (Sr.), b. 05-20-1910, d. 11-19-1981, US Navy, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Gibson, Thomas Lamar, b. 05-17-1937, d. 06-07-1987, SP4, US Army, (Refuge Cem.)

Gilbert, Holbert Wilson, b. 12-19-1914, d. 06-18-1996, ENC US Coast Guard WW-2 Korea, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Gill, W. Burrus, b. 10-05-1911, d. 11-30-1989, SGT US Army WW-2, (Woodard Cem.)

Goff, Billy C, b.05-04-1937, d.09-21-2004, (6-54C3), SM Sgt. US AirForce, Vietnam, (Magnolia)
Goff, Calvin R, b. 08-02-1918, d. 08-11-1997, (4-85-B), Tec5, US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Goff, Earl G, b. 01-15-1910, d. 04-21-1974, PFC, US Army Air Corps., (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Goff, Earl, b. 09-07-1894, d. 05-27-1972, (4-66-D), Sgt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Goff, Hubert Joseph, b. 06-07-1923, d. 11-04-2002, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, h/o Ella(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Goff, J. D, b. 01-26-1903, d. 02-28-1955, (no veteran information available), (Shady Grove Cem.)

Goff, James P, b. 01-19-1921, d. 08-25-1990, (2-31), SSgt, US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Goff, Levi L, b. 09-09-1894, d. 01-18-1977, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Goff, Richard A, b. 10-15-1941, d. 05-12-1992, (4-85-B), Sgt. US Army Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Goldsmith, David Allen, b. 1924, ??-??-1991, US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Gordon, Berry Thomas, b. 11-14-1928, d. 12-04-1986, section F-5, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Gordon, Richard T, b. 12-09-1888, d. 11-13-1949, section E-5, PFC 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1 (Mississippi), (Rocky Creek)

Govedare, Paul B, b. 10-24-1918, d. 05-08-1988, (5-20-B), Lt. Col. US Marine Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Graham, Curtis Mitchell, b.08-29-1942, d.08-15-1996, (6-50B2), AN US Navy Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Grant, Charles Lindsay (Sr.), b. 09-17-1902, d. 06-16-2002, US Army, "Professor", (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Grant, Silas, b. 02-16-1897, d. 10-12-1969, Pvt., Wagon Co., QMC, WW-1, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)
Grant, Wade Hampton, b. 1889, d. 1978, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Grantham, Ernest L, b. 08-29-1889, d. 12-03-1968, CPL. Util. Det. QMC. WW-1 (Ms.), (Union Cemetery)

Graves, M. M, b. 01-19-1930, d. 06-12-1990, US Air Force /Korea, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Green, Ornon Creel, no dates, (veteran headstone), (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Greene, George P, b. 07-06-1890, d.05-08-1956, (2-269), Pvt. QM. Corps. WW-1, (Magnolia)
Greene, Joe S (Sr.), b. 06-24-1895, d. 02-11-1968, (2-269), Sgt. QM Corps 39th Div WW-1, (Magnolia)

Greene, Jacob H, b. 10-23-1917, d. 03-09-1966, Sgt US Army WW-2, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Greene, Roscoe, b. 06-12-1916, d. 12-12-1964, Sgt. 3535 Bomb TNG WG AAF, (Corinth Cemetery)

Griffin, Leo W, b. 07-03-1917, d. 12-06-2001, F2 US Navy WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Grove, Winton L, b. 08-18-1934, d. 10-04-1985, (4-89-B), MSgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Guin, James Douglas, b.04-26-1921, d.05-04-2006, SFC US Army WW-2 Korea & Vietnam, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)

Gunter, Berchard K, b. 09-21-1921, d. 10-24-1944, (4-68-B), RM2 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hall, Arnold Lee, b. 08-13-1927, d. 04-03-1997, section A-8, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hall, Avon Cleston, b. 05-03-1926, d. 11-04-1974, (4-81-B), Tec 3 US Army, (Magnolia)

Hallstrom, Lewis, b. 06-08-1908, d. 05-19-1945, Pfc. 385th Inf. Mississippi, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Hancock, Olvin R. “Bob”, b. 03-28-1919, d. 03-06-1999, section A-4, Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hanvey, Thomas Edward, b. 06-30-1891, d. 07-30-1962, section B-3, Pvt. Co. “C” 2nd Inf. (WW-1) Alabama N.G., (Rocky Creek)
Harmon, Eugene R, b. 09-16-1919, d. 05-28-1975, section F-5 PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hardin, Don Joel, b. 10-24-1946, d. 01-28-2006, (4-50-D), FN US Navy, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Hare, Lilburn F, b. 06-07-1923, d. 12-24-1973, TSGT US Army Air Forces, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Harris, James Calvin, b. 06-14-1926, d. 08-16-1995, US Army, WW-2, (Pleasant Hill Cemetery)

Harris, John C, b. 10-18-1894, d. 05-14-1964, Pvt US Army, WW-1, (Refuge Cem.)

Harrison, Leonard, b. 09-21-1915, d. 04-21-1982, Cpl US Air Force WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Harrison, Lloyd, b. 09-21-1915, d. 08-19-2000, (5-6-B), US Army WW-2 , (Magnolia)

Hartley, Claude Arthur, b. 10-09-1937, d. 04-14-2006, United States Army, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Hartley, Melton L, b. 06-07-1936, d. 05-26-2002, PFC US Army, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Hartley, Wiley (Jr.), b. 03-28-1926, d. 11-22-1961, PFC US Army WW-2, Bronze Star Medal, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Hatcher, Arthur James, b. 02-24-1944, d. 04-29-1996, US Army Viet Nam, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Havard, David, b.??-??-1829, d.??-??-1977,Co “E”17th Miss. Cav. C.S.A. (civil war vet), (Shady Grove Cem.)

Harvey, Barry H, b. 04-01-1938, d. 02-22-1995, section E-5, SSgt. US Army / US Air Force , Viet Nam, (Rocky Creek)

Harvey, John Thomas, b. 04-13-1893, d. 01-20-1967, section E-5, PFC 8th Bn 162nd Depot Brig. WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Harvison, Bobby D, b. 11-08-1932, d. 10-28-1986, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Gibson Cemetery)

Hathorn, Samuel R, b. 06-09-1893, d. 02-08-1954, Pvt Co. “B” 115 Inf. WW-1, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Havard, Allan R, b.05-13-1918, d.02-10-1992, section E-7 Sgt. US Army WW-2 Purple Heart, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Authur W, b. 08-31-1910, d. 01-10-1995, CPL. US Army WW-2, (Corinth Cem.)

Havard, Calvin Ray b. 12-18-1924, d. 05-01-1985, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Havard, Charles L b. 10-31-1897, d. 05-25-1968, PFC Co. “G” 167th INF. WW-1, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Havard, Elbert A, b. 11-18-1911, d. 12-08-1944, PFC 556 QM RHD Co. WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Havard, Eli, b. 09-05-1892, d. 01-18-1969, Pvt Co. “M” 151st INF. WW-1, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Havard, Gregory, b. 10-03-1925, d. 01-03-1994, section E-2, Gm3 US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Hildry Glenn, b. 04-10-1933, d. 12-03-1995, CPL US Army Korea, (Union Cemetery)

Havard, Jessie R, b. 08-13-1934, d. 10-27-1993, SP4, US Army, Korea, (Howard Family Cemetery)

Havard, John, b. 01-12-1848, d. 10-01-1930, section C-7, Pvt. Co. “E” 17th Batt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. Civil War Vetera, (Rocky Creek)
Havard, Joseph D. (Sr.), b. 05-31-1910, d. 10-19-1969, section D-7, Pvt Co. “A” 415th Inf., (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Johnnie H (Jr.), b. 07-28-1920, d. 02-17-1994, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Corinth Cemetery)

Havard, Leon W, b. 03-15-1921, d. 02-11-1973, SGT. US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Havard, Randall, b. 08-05-1894, d. 05-30-1943, section C-5 Pvt 152nd Inf 38th Div Miss., (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Richard Lester, b. 05-10-1925, d. 02-13-1977, PFC US Army WW-2 Korea(Ball Cemetery)

Havard, Walter Dewitt b. 09-26-1921, d. 11-26-1945, US Navy Veteran, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Havard, Walter W, b. 02-28-1896, d. 03-31-1962, section F-6, Pvt. Co. “K” Army Comp. Regt. WW-1 (Mississippi, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Willie Thomas b. 01-26-1920, . 07-27-1999, SSGT US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Hayden, Elton Charles, b. 05-26-1928, d. 07-01-1990, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Haygood, Horace B, b. 08-18-1925, d. 10-18-1994, PFC US Army, WW-2, Purple Heart, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Hayzlett, William F, b. 02-13-1940, d. 12-12-2001, SMS US Air Force, (Oak Grove Cem.)
Hennis, Billy W, b. 03-12-1933, d. 03-22-2002, PFC US Army Korea, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Helvie, William W, b. 05-23-1920, d. 05-16-1946, (2-73), Tec5 38th Inf. Div. (Indiana), (Magnolia Cemetery)

Hempstead, John W, b 01-18-1927, d.04-02-1980, section B-6, US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Henderson, Dan H, b. 12-30-1916, d. 02-10-1977, (4-57-D), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Henderson, Everett, b.08-05-1917, d.01-15-1972, (4-49-B), Pvt. 834th Qm. Co. WW-2, (Magnolia)

Henderson, Lige (Jr.), b.06-21-1933, d.11-09-1961, (2-140), SFC 357th Ord. Co. (Miss.), (Magnolia)

Henderson, Rickey D, b. 01-13-1951, d. 05-31-1970, Pvt Co. “E” BN 3 AIT BDE, (Corinth Cemetery)

Henderson, Thomas W, b. 03-24-1929, d. 04-18-1997, (2-215), HM2 US Navy, Korea, (Magnolia)

Hewlett, Elizabeth (Taylor), b.11-12-1940, d.06-10-1998, section D-10, A2C US Air Force, (Rocky Creek)
Hickman, John Olna, b. 01-30-1919, d. 01-01-1996, section D-4, SM1 US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Hilbun, Vernon F (Sr.), b.12-30-1907, d. 12-07-1974, CM2 US Navy, (Corinth Cemetery)

Hill, Clayton N, b. 08-24-1927, d. 01-11-1991, US Navy, WW-2,(Crossroads Free Pent. Cem.)

Hill, John Gilbert; b. 08-16-1918, d. 02-21-1990, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, h/o Annie Ruth, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Hite, Woodson, b. 01-20-1911, d. 04-27-1980, US Army WW-2, (Sand Hill Cem.)

Hobby, J. B, b. 11-19-1917,d.12-15-1957, PFC 440 Air Service Group. AAF WW-2 BSM , Purple Heart, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Hobby, Jexie Ray, b. 04-05-1930, d. 08-16-1991, (!-413), SFC. US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Hodges, Anna Lou (Kennedy), b.12-17-1900, d. 06-11-1973, (2-194), wife of Cdr. William D Hodges, USNavy, interred in Arlington National Cemetery (died 04-16-1965)

Hodges, Paul Rudolph, b. 04-15-1931, d. 06-26-2006, (4-10B), Cpl. US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Holifield, George T, b. 10-17-1918, d. 10-17-1991, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Carter Cemetery)

Holland, David Leslie, b. 12-25-1919, d. 09-10-1996, Tec 4 US Army WW-2, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)
Holland, David Matthew, b. 10-15-1968, d. 02-05-1992, SP4 US Army “Persian Gulf”, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)

Holland, Delma Owen, (Sr.), b. 12-21-1923, d. 10-08-2001, (4-30-C), 1st Lt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)
Holland, Donnis Elton, b.07-20-1925, d.05-28-1978, (4-79-D), S1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Holland, Dock Louis, b. 05-07-1913, d. 07-14-1992, US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Holland, Edward S, b. 1930, d. 1987, PFC US Army, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)
Holland, Johnnie Woodrow, b. 09-11-1920, d. 02-20-1994, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Holland, James Artie, b. 06-15-1886, d. 03-28-1968, Pvt HQ 3 BN 329 INF WW-1, (Corinth Cemetery)

Holland, Jerry Leon, b. 03-19-1943, d. 08-09-1998, A1C US Air Force Viet Nam, (Union Cemetery)

Holland, John W, b. 05-13-1926, d. 05-24-2004, Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)

Holland, Walter Ray “Bill”, b.06-18-1932, d.01-04-1969, Pvt H&S Co.4 ENGR. C BN., (Shady Grove Cem.)

Holliman, John Tallie, b. 05-22-1913, d. 03-11-1989, PFC US Army WW-2(Ball Cemetery)

Hollinghead, Prentis Powe, b. 07-19-1919, d. 07-22-1980, (4-86-B), US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hollingshead, Aaron G, b. 07-14-1920, d. 07-30-1970, PR2 US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Union Cemetery)

Hollman, Grady Wilburn, b. 03-03-1916, d. 04-26-1991, (4-3-D), US Army WW-2,(Magnolia)

Hollmon, Abner B, b. 12-20-1847, d. 01-21-1949, MS Regt Capt, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Hollmon, Maurice, b. 05-16-1917, d. 11-09-1969, Pvt 660 Port Co. TC, WW-2(Ball Cemetery)

Holt, Wayne J, b. 02-29-1936, d. 12-30-1997, (4-91-B), US Navy, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Holyfield, Waymon Blackwell, b. 03-10-1924, d. 08-09-1996, section E-4 PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hood, Michael L, b. 08-02-1956, d. 10-25-2003, SSG, US Army, Vietnam, (New Antioch Cem. – Twin Creek Road)

Horne, Willie Fount, b. 10-31-1898, d. 02-24-1983, (2-276), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Howard, John Jackson, no dates, Pvt. US Army "Florida", (Howard Family Cemetery)

Howard, Lafayette, b. 11-02-1889, d. 10-06-1959, Pvt US Army WW-1, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Howell, Adrian Ealon, b. 01-28-1947, d. 12-04-1967, (4-19-C), FN US Navy, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Howell, Bruce O, b. 12-09-1932, d. 05-20-1978, National Guard, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)
Howell, John Edward, b. 03-01-1924, d. 09-14-2004, US Marines, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Howell, Daniel, b. 04-16-1916, d. 07-27-1945, PFC, US Army, 155th Inf., WW-2, Mississippi, (Refuge Cem.)

Howell, Henry C, b. 11-06-1894, d. 02-01-1948, 1st Div 28th Inf WW-1, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Howell, Henry Dewitt (Sr.), b. 02-18-1924, d. 01-11-1971, Pfc. 162nd Qm. Bn. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Howell, James C, b. 05-07-1921, d. 03-29-1969, Pfc. Co. “E” 157th Inf. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist cem.)

Howell, James William, b. 03-26-1926, d. 01-03-1990, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Howell, Johnnie T, b. 10-28-1923, d. 11-25-2000, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Crossroads Free Pent. Cem)

Howell, Lyman Calvin, b. 06-28-1924, d. 03-09-1968, Tec5 Co. “B” 128th Inf. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Howell, Mack, b. 01-17-1896, d. 03-27-1952, Pvt 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1, (Miss), (James Howell Family Cemetery)

Howell, Owen E, b. 08-09-1918, d. 10-19-1982, WW-2 Veteran, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Howell, Prentiss L, b. 06-23-1894, d. 07-05-1964, Pvt US Army WW-1(Ball Cemetery)

Howell, Ralph, b. 04-03-1940, d. 10-02-2000, MSG. US Army Persian Gulf, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Howell, Van R, b. 01-21-1920, d. 02-29-1984, Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Howell, Vernon, b. 11-08-1918, d. 04-17-1990, section F-6, Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Howell, Walton, b. 01-10-1894, d.03-01-1952, Cpl 314th Aux RMT DEP QMC WW-1, (James Howell Family Cemetery)

Howell, William Eray, b. 08-03-1949, d. 05-07-1970, Sgt Co. “D” 7th Cav 1st Div Viet Nam , Bronze Service Medal, Purple Heart, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Howell, William Lamar, b.10-04-1927, d. 08-10-1952, SSgt HO Army Test Div ,WW2, (Ball Cemetery)

Howell, William Ray, b. 09-05-1925, d. 12-28-2004, US Navy, WW-2, "Ray Ray", (Refuge Cem.)

Hudson, Walter W, b. 02-18-1919, d. 12-15-1982, (4-77-A), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hudson, Willis C, b. 08-02-1921, d. 09-26-1998, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Sand Hill Cem.)

Hulett, David, b. 01-27-1830, d. 01-24-1918, Co. “G” 13th Miss Inf C.S.A. (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Hyatt, Woodrow, b. 01-12-1919, d. 11-07-1997, (6-39B4), US Army, (Magnolia)

Ivey, Vilos L, b. 10-07-1921, d. 02-14-1965, PFC 448 Bomb GP. AAF WW-2,(Barton Baptist Cem.)

Jackson, Louie H, b. 09-03-1913, d. 06-28-1979, US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Jenkins, David Ronald, b. 06-16-1944, d. 11-13-1985, (5-12-D), US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Jenkins, Francis M, b. 04-11-1941, d. 08-05-1997, Pfc., US Army, Vietnam, (Gibson Cemetery)

Jensen, Chris M, b. 04-07-1891, d. 08-30-1951, (3-61), Pfc. 27th Inf. WW-1 (Iowa), (Magnolia)

Johnson, George M, b. 09-14-1914, d. 10-23-1978, (5-32-B), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Johnson, Lawrence Clayton, b. 11-04-1911, d. 03-28-1987, section A-5, US Army WW-2,(Rocky Creek)

Johnson, Marion Hal, b. 07-08-1921, d. 02-02-1979, (5-32-B), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Johnston, Thomas P, b. 08-21-1913, d. 08-30-1968, Sgt 339 Sta Com SQ AF Korea, (Evans –aka- Crooms Cemetery—Evanston)

Jones, Charles Luther, b. 06-25-1932, d. 11-17-1988, SSGT. US Air Force Korea, (Pineview Cemetery)
Jones, Edd, b. 03-02-1934, d. 10-15-1998, MSGT. US Air Force Korea & Viet Nam, (Pineview Cemetery)

Jones, Edward, b. 10-17-1911, d. 10-17-1994, US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Jones, Evern Staten (Jr.), b. 12-13-1920, d. 12-02-1965, (2-223), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Jones, George H, b. 04-31-1844, d. 09-29-1919, Co. “I” 2nd Regt. Miss. Inf. “Civil War Veteran”, (1-366), (Magnolia)
Jones, Hugh Harris, b.11-11-1912, d.04-19-1995, (5-1-B), T-Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Jones, Harmon, b. 10-03-1918, d. 10-11-1959, Co. “B” 106 Log Eng. “C” Bn WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Jones, Hillery, b. 11-16-1924, d. 02-07-1998, Pvt US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Jones, Marvin Leroy, b. 01-15-1915, d. 03-02-2003, 1st Lt. US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Jones, William, b. 12-26-1920, d. 01-08-1998, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Pipkin Cemetery – off Fig Farm Road)                                     

Josey, Andrew Jackson, b. 06-26-1917, d. 03-16-1995, (5-5-B), Sgt. US Army Air Corps WW-2, (Magnolia)

Kelly, Jerry Wayne, b. 03-14-1947, d. 05-21-1998, MSgt US Air Force Viet Nam, (Northside Baptist)

Kemp, Joseph, b. 01-05-1919, d. 12-26-1976, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater Cem.)

Kennedy, Annie (Fearn), b. 09-08-1921, d. 07-01-2003, (4-27-A), Lt.Col. US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Keyes, Ras Oree, b. 07-09-1919, d. 12-18-1995, (2-162), US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Kinch, Paul Bob, b. 10-16-1893, d. 06-13-1955, SFC. 14th Aux RMT Depot QMC, WW-1, (1-366), (Magnolia)

King, Charles Ray (Sr.), b. 12-08-1930, d. 06-03-1982, MMC, US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Pinewood Cemetery – Benndale)

King, Curmel R, b. 02-22-1918, d. 01-11-1994, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist cem.)

King, John M, b. unknown, d. unknown, Pvt., Btry. “B”, 592nd Fld. Arty. Bn., WW-2(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Klein, William C, b. 05-31-1918, d. 07-08-1988, PFC US Army WW-2, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)

Kline, G. Troy, b. 01-26-1935, d. 03-02-1995, A1C US Air Force, (Union Cemetery)

Kline, Gordon I, b. 02-21-1892, d. 01-17-1951, PFC, 30th Infantry, WW-1, Mississippi, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Knight, Joseph W, b. 09-13-1927, d. 04-02-1987, TSgt US Air Force WW-2 / Korea(Ball Cemetery)

Knight, Olen Ray, b. 09-23-1911, d. 10-08-1975, MSgt. US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Taylor Cemetery)


Kyle, Tommie A, b. 11-13-1952, d. 12-03-2001, SP5, US Army, Vietnam, (Midway Cemetery)

Laird, John T, b. 05-23-1941, d. 02-03-1992, (5-6-C), AB US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Landon, Floyd J, b. 10-11-1901, d. 12-23-1985, section A-4, Pvt. US Army,(Rocky Creek)

Landry, Victor E, b. 11-10-1915, d. 10-20-2002, (6-43D4), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Lawrence, Booker T, b. 1916, d. 1986, US Army, Korea, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Lawrence, Jack C, b. 10-07-1930, d. 11-01-1994, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Lawrence, Robert E, b. 09-07-1910, d. 08-25-1968, Sgt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

LeBlanc, Riley, b. 01-11-1920, d. 01-04-1997, Cpl US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Ledbetter, Charles “CY” Dawson, b.09-27-1891, d.07-28-1957, Pvt Co.“I”31st INF. WW-1, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Ledbetter, Ralph R, b. 06-09-1932, d. 03-14-2006, Pvt. US Arm, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Lee, James R, b. 11-06-1924, d. 04-28-1988, AM3 US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove cem.)

Lee, Marvin C, (Sr.), b. 08-25-1938, d. 10-07-2004,(6-49D3), Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Lee, Richard Colon, b. 01-01-1944, d. 11-25-1986, MSgt., US Army, Vietnam(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)
Linder, Louis Pete, b. 04-25-1930, d. 12-02-2003, Cpl., US Army, Korea, PURPLE HEART MEDAL(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Leggett, John C, b. 09-01-1914, d.07-11-1975, section F-6, Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Lewis, Woodie Mack, b. 12-28-1918, d. 03-23-1980, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Refuge Cem.)

Liepf, Robert L, no dates, 23 years old “Died in the Service of His Country, (Finch Cemetery – New Hope Church Road)
Rogers, Joseph G, no dates, Co. “A” 3rd Miss. Inf. (Civil War Veteran), (Finch Cemetery – New Hope Church Road)

Logan, John Milton (Jr.), b. 11-03-1921, d. 05-10-2001, (5-6-A),Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Lowe, Jesse O, b. 07-06-1918, d. 02-09-1995, US Army Air Corps WW-2 Purple Heart, Prisoner of War, (Bexley Baptist Cem.)

Lowery, E. V. (Sr.), b. 12-29-1922, d. 05-11-1988, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (note: military plaque has d.o.b. as 12-29-1923), (New Hope Cem.)

Luce, Douglas Terrill (Sr.), b. 06-17-1921, d. 05-21-1997, (5-8-C), US Army Air Corps WW-2, (Magnolia)

Ludgood, Elerie, b. 09-10-1914, d. 07-13-1943, Pvt. 829th Td. Bn., WW-2, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Mace, Walter, b. 09-08-1936, d. 05-18-1997, Sfc, US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (New Hope Cem.)

Major, Carolyn (Rogers), b. 08-05-1960, d. 04-20-1997, SP4, US Army, 36 years old, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Mallet, Clem, b. 07-23-1836, d. 01-21-1913, section B-7 Co. “K” 15th Ala. Calvary, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Mallett, Fritz A, b.04-18-1896, d.12-28-1963, section C-7, Pvt Co.“M”2nd GP Repl. Tng.Ctr, (Rocky Creek)

Mallette, Avon Norris, b. 01-14-1945, d. 12-19-1970, (4-57-B), WO TRP-A- 7th Sq. 17th Cav. DFC. BSM. AM. 9 Oak Leaf Clusters, ARCOM. Purple Heart, (Magnolia)

Mallette, Louie E. (Jr.):, b. 04-03-1921, d. 07-27-1988, (4-65-C), US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Military plaque has d.o.b. 04-04-1921, d.o.d. 06-27-1988), (Magnolia)
Mallette, Thomas W, b. 09-19-1926, d. 04-10-1973, (4-69-D), Cox. US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mallette, Samuel, b. 1844, d. 1888, Co. “K” 15th Ala. Cav. (C.S.A.), (Mallette Cemetery)
Mallette, William Lewis, b.10-25-1838, d.11-15-1863, Co. ”L” 27th Miss. Inf. (C.S.A.), (Mallette Cemetery)

Malone, Atlas Pool, b.08-19-1905, d.09-12-1968, section D-3, S.Sgt Base Air Depot 4AAF, (Rocky Creek)

Malone, Maurice L. (Sr.), b. 05-24-1919, d. 08-09-2004, (5-18-C), SSgt. US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Malone, Odie, b. 12-3-1912, d. 06-09-1992, Cdr US Navy WW-2 Korea, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Malone, Tallie, b. 03-18-1910, d. 04-24-1982, Cpl US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)
Marshall, Dalton Ray Sr, b.05-14-1912, d.03-04-1990, PFC US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Martin, Jewel (Odom), b. 06-15-1928, d. 11-26-1975, section F-3, Cpl. US Army, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Martin, Robert L (Sr.), b. 02-23-1925, d. 08-18-1992, (4-99-A), US Army WW-2, PURPLE HEART, (Pop-Paw-Paw), (Magnolia)

Martin, William E. (Jr.), b. 10-09-1928, d. 01-12-1996,(2-24), Sgt. US Marines WW-2., (Magnolia)

Mason, Clinton, b. 09-16-1916, d. 11-27-1970, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mason, Ellis Jr., b. 08-17-1904, d. 10-13-1988, Pvt US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)
Mason, Grady, b. 1-21-1919, d. 11-26-1987, PFC US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)
Mason, John, b. 09-12-1822, d. 04-15-1908, Co. “G” 4th Ala Res, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mason, Luther, b. 08-03-1916, d. 04-27-1992, US Army WW-2, (Woodard Cem.)

Mason, Lyman Perry, b. 07-11-1934, d. 11-15-2004, (4-21-B), S-Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, (Magnolia)

Mason, Powell, b. 10-??-1826, d ??-??-1905, Co. “E” 36th Ala Inf, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mason, Scott, b.01-26-1892, d.06-18-1940, section E-7, Pvt.5th GP Mtd. Mg Tng Gen. WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Mason, Wiley, b. 03-08-1920, d. 02-14-2007, US Army WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mason, Willie, b. 2-14-1922, d. 10-06-1992, Tec4 US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mathis, John L, b. 1922, d. 1987, section A-9, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

May, Phillip F, b. 09-04-1919, d. 12-19-1995, TM3, US Navy, WW-2, (Carter Cemetery)

McAdory, Guy, b. 11-20-1920, d. 06-26-1986, (5-16-B), 1st Lt. US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

McBay, Luther Ray, b. 01-11-1892, d. 11-10-1936, (2-37), Corp., QM. Corps, WW-1, (Magnolia)

McBride, Ralph C (Sr.), b. 09-15-1918, d. 12-15-1991, TEC 5 US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

McCardle, Woodrow W, b. 11-11-1918, d. 02-21-1989, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)

McCelland, Joseph A, b. 08-17-1925, d. 08-10-2000, section F-10, PFC US Army, (Rocky Creek)

McClendon, John, b. 1790, d. 12-01-1869, Pvt., Mississippi Militia, War of 1812, (Salem Cem. – Avent)

McCormick, Mark Ray, b. 09-18-1910, d. 08-07-1991, (5-10-B), Capt. US Navy, (Magnolia)

McDonald, Albert G, b. 01-14-1913, d. 12-02-1993, (1-307), Pfc. US Army WW-2 “PURPLE HEART”, (Magnolia)

McDonald, Dennis Julian (Sr.), b. 07-09-1936, d. 07-01-1999, United States Navy, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

McDonald, Frances G, b.02-13-1897, d.02-26-1979, "Nurse", Army Nurse Corps.,WW-1, (Refuge Cem.)
McDonald, John N, b. 1896, d. 1987, US Army, WW-1, (Refuge Cem.)

McDonald, Jessie C. (Jr.), b. 03-08-1925, d. 03-25-1971, Pvt., Infantry, WW-2, Miss., (Movella Baptist Cem.)

McDonald, John Paul, b. 10-02-1931, d. 11-11-1992, Sgt US Army Korea,(Barton Baptist Cem.)

McDonald, Joseph T, b. 04-05-1908, d. 09-18-2001, (1-307), Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McDonald, Oral C, b. 12-07-1928, d. 09-26-1979, US Army, (New Hope Cem.)

McEachern, Alexander N, b. 02-22-1915, d. 08-02-1991, (4-78-A), Sgt. US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

McEachern, Slater Earl, b.10-03-1911, d 05-18-1978, (4-20-A), Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McInnis, Duncan L, b. 06-14-1883, d. 06-09-1933, PVT 7th Inf., (Woodard Cem.)
McInnis, Dunward, b. 03-24-1916, d. 02-25-1987, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Woodard Cem.)

McInnis, Jack, b. 10-11-1932, d. 04-07-1964, SA US Navy Korea, (Woodard Cem.)

McInnis, Neil M, b.05-03-1894, d.05-12-1961, PFC 141 Field Artillery WW-1, (Woodard Cem.)

McKinney, John N, b. 1928, d. 1987, (2-281), Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McKinnis, Murdock, no dates, Capt. C.S.A. (civil war veteran), (Merrill Cemetery)

McLellan, John Patrick (Sr.), b. 01-11-1923, d. 09-10-1997, section A-10, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

McLeod, James B, b. 05-23-1936, d. 11-20-1956, section F-6, Sgt. Btry. “C” 63rd Fa. Bn., (Rocky Creek)

McLure, Q.P. (Jr.), b. 10-15-1919, d. 09-27-1999, US Merchant Marine, WW-2, Crossroads Free Pent.Cem.)

McMahan, Jim Warren, b. 05-29-1920, d. 02-24-1982, (4-74-D), Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McNeill, George F, b. 03-03-1933, d. 12-21-1993, (5-28-B), SP3 US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Mergenschroer, Theodore Henry, b.11-04-1896, d.07-16-1981,(3-326), US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Merritt, J. T, b. 02-21-1922, d. 12-23-1983, PFC US Army WW-2, (Pipkin Cemetery, off Fig Farm Road)

Merritt, Overton F, b. 03-10-1893, d. 11-26-1975, Pvt US Army WW-1, (Corinth Cemetery)

Merritt, Quinton D, b. 10-20-1923, d. 11-09-1987, PFC US Army WW-2, (Pipkin Cemetery – off Fig Farm Road)

Merritt, Ray Elwood, b. 11-24-1925, d. 03-15-1982, Pvt US Army Korea, (Corinth Cemetery)
Merritt, Simon K, b. 02-16-1936, d. 12-14-1995, SN US Navy, (Corinth Cemetery)

Miles, Joseph B, b. 1916, d. 1984, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Saint James Cem.)

Miles, Willie, b. 09-28-1922, d. 05-05-1977, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Miller, James, b. 1898, d. 1981, Pvt., US Army, WW-1(Antioch Baptist Cemetery-Merrill Road)

Miller, John E (Jr.), b. 04-23-1939, d. 04-10-2004, SSG US Army 82nd AirBorne, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Miller, Johnny Ford, b. 12-31-1921, d. 09-08-1996, section G-2, TEC4 US Army, (Rocky Creek)
Miller, Maher T, b. 01-02-1842, d. 02-12-1863, section B-7, Co. “E” 36th Ala. Regt. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Miller, Warren, b.03-11-1921, d.12-31-1970, PFC Co. "K", 354th Inf., WW-2, (Refuge Cem.)

Mills, Johnny M, b. 10-19-1922, d. 05-28-1995, US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mills, William T. (Jr.), b. 03-07-1922, d. 10-26-1975, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Mims, Jack Kelly, b. 12-05-1918, d. 01-31-1974, (4-70-D), Capt. US Army Air Corps. WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mingee, William Malcolm (Jr.), b. 05-06-1922, d. 09-30-1996, (1-367), 2nd Lt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mitchell, Barton Albert, b. 07-15-1916, d. 06-15-1998, PFC US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mitchell, Benjamin A, b. 1876, d. 1929, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mitchell, Bennie, b. 09-17-1923, d. 11-08-1988, S1C US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mitchell, Charlie Wilbur, b. 08-16-1927, d. 03-21-1987, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mitchell, Gilbert Steele, b. 02-17-1929, d. 02-04-1997, PFC, US Army, Korea, (Refuge Cem.)

Mizell, David W “Monkey”, b. 03-05-1928, d. 04-23-2004, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Mizell, Waymond, b. 12-01-1918, d. 10-10-1962, PFC Co. “F” 394th Inf. WW-2 Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster, B.S.M., (Sand Hill Cem.)

Mizelle, Clifton W, b. 12-01-1910, d. 10-16-1984, section E-6, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Mizelle, Houston J, b. 09-13-1914, d. 04-04-1945, Pfc.,20th Armd. Inf. Bn., WW-2(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Mizelle, John Austin, b. 08-16-1949, d. 03-29-2001, SSgt., US Army, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)
Mizelle, John Luke, b. 03-08-1922, d. 08-09-1986, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Moffett, Charles D, b. 09-23-1919, d. 11-20-1992, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Moffett Cemetery)

Moody, Dwight L “Dee”, b. 04-15-1924, d. 07-30-2003, Lt. Col., US Army, h/o Clara J., (New Hope Cem.)

Moody, Leroy (Jr.), b. 02-27-1938, d. 06-10-1995, Sgt., US Air Force, Korea, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Moody, Robert Lee, b. 05-03-1936, d. 03-20-1993, US Air Force, Korea, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Moody, Wiley E, b. 09-18-1906, d. 01-24-1971, section B-8, PFC US Army, WW-2 (Miss), (Rocky Creek)

Moore, Charlie Edward, b. 06-20-1914,d 01-09-1983, Sgt, US Air Force, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Moore, James Archer, b. 05-14-1917, d. 01-02-1944, PFC, US Marine Corps., (Refuge Cem.)

Moore, William Grady, b. 11-05-1923, d. 09-27-1944, PFC, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div., WW-2, (Refuge Cem.)

Morris, Rudolph Rudy, b. 08-02-1928, d. 10-30-1990, Cpl US Army, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Mosley, Curtis Eugene; b. 01-11-1935, d. 08-12-1988, (#2), Pvt., US Army, (Mount Olive Cemetery #2)

Motes, Coleman, b. 12-23-1931, d. 07-13-1954, SGT US Marine Corps (California), (Union Cemetery)

Moye, Lawrence, b. 1926, d. 1982, Pfc., US Army, WW-2(Antioch Baptist Cemetery-Merrill Road)
Moye, Lucious, b. 10-13-1892, d. 06-17-1950, Pvt., 540th Engineers, WW-1(Antioch Baptist Cemetery-Merrill Road)

Murphy, Cluest Fred, b. 11-25-1925, d. 11-19-1998, US Navy, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Barton)

Murrah, A. T., b. 11-08-1834, d. 06-09-1929, an old soldier (possible civil war veteran), (Merrill Cemetery)

Murrah, Carrol J, b. 01-08-1922, d. 09-11-1965, Pfc. Co. “E” 322nd Inf. WW-2 Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Murrah, J.D, b. 04-15-1919, d. 06-06-1944, Pvt., Infantry, WW-2 Mississippi, PURPLE HEART Medal, (Byrd/Helveston Cemetery)

Musgrove, Arthur, b. 05-06-1931, d. 09-10-1971, US Navy/US Army Sgt Korea, (Shady Grove Cem.)
Musgrove, Oscar, b. 05-06-1931, d. 01-11-2001, US Navy/US Army Cpl Korea (Purple Heart), (Shady Grove Cem.)

Musgrove, Vinson Franklin, b. 07-30-1917, d. 09-12-1994, S Sgt US Army WW-2 Purple Heart, (Rhymes Baptist Cem.)

Myers, Robert L, b. 05-26-1931, d. 12-18-2002, SFC US Army Korea, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Neel, Tommy E, b. 1942, d. 1979, (1-383), Capt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Newberry, Dennis Arthur, b. 10-02-1938, d. 05-16-2007, US Air Force, Vietnam, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Newbill, Kenneth E, b. 08-05-1935, d. 04-22-1987, section F-5, PFC US Army, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Nicholson, Carl, b. 11-07-1918, d. 01-10-1966, section F-4, Pfc 1137th Engr. “C” Gp. WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Nixon, Darren J; b. 11-08-1965, d. 09-02-1986, "Beloved Son". SP4, US Army, Airborne Div., Airborne Ranger, (Hilltop Cemetery)

Nixon, Eugene (Sr.), b. 07-19-1895, d. 03-27-1971, (1-374), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Nobles, Charles Walter, b. 12-11-1925, d. 12-13-1982, SF3, US Navy, WW-2, h/o Eva, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Nunnally, James Hubert, b. 07-19-1897, d. 02-17-1967, (1-409), SP5 Btry. “C” 1st Fld. Arty. WW-1, (Magnolia)
Nygaard, Hans D, b. 10-29-1893, d. 06-29-1961, (1-399), Pfc. Co. “B” 148th MG Bn. 41st Div, WW-1 , (Magnolia)

Nyman, Donis D, b. 07-05-1916, d. 05-12-1984, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Gibson Cemetery)

Nyman, John, b. 11-11-1878, d. 03-24-1967, Pvt., Co. "D", 1st Regt. Mississippi Inf., Spanish American War, (Gibson Cemetery)

Orrell, Keith Eugene, b. 08-16-1890, d. 09-16-1970, PFC, US Army, WW-1, Mississippi, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Ott, Leonard G, b. 09-28-1919, d. 08-23-1999, (2-237), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Overstreet, Henry F, b. 11-20-1886, d. 02-23-1968, Pvt Co. “E” 322nd Inf. WW-1, (Barton Baptist Cem.)
Overstreet, Hugh H, b. 08-29-1929, d. 01-26-2001, PFC US Army, (Barton Baptist Cem.)
Overstreet, James J. “Jim”, b. 02-11-1933, d. 05-07-2005, CPL. US Army Korea, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Overstreet, Sam, b. 03-11-1895, d. 12-16-1944, Pvt 1 Class 322nd Inf. 81st Div., (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Pankratz, William, b.02-01-1933, d.06-30-1989,(5-21-D), Sgt. US Marine Corps Korea, (Magnolia)

Parker, Charlie M, b. 03-19-1922, d. 08-13-1988, PFC US Army WW-2 PURPLE HEART, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Parker, Donnie D, b. 05-19-1928, d. 04-15-2003, SM Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, Bronze Star Medal, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Parker, Drayden A, b. 05-04-1925, d. 12-09-1960, SSgt., US Air Force, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Parker, Hubbard, b. 1843, d. 1929, Pvt. Co. "L" 27th Miss. Inf. C.S.A., (Parker Cem. – Parker Cemetery Road – Benndale)

Parker, Noel, b. 10-30-1907, d. 07-30-1947, Pvt., US Marine Corps., Mississippi, (New Hope Cem.)

Parker, Sam R. (Jr.), b. 10-26-1926, d. 07-12-1994, (4-13-B), Sgt. US Army WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Parker, Vallie, b. 04-15-1898, d. 03-21-1967, Sgt. QM. Corps. WW-1, (1-364), (Magnolia)

Parnell, John D. (Jr.), b. 06-07-1918, d. 05-10-1986, WW-2 Veteran, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)

Parnell, Juston M, b. 10-16-1925, d. 04-03-2006, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Gibson Cemetery)

Passon, William T, b. 08-01-1925, d. 10-19-1996, US Navy WW-2 Korea, (Union Cemetery)

Patrick, Troy, b. 10-29-1925, d. 08-05-1994, CSM US Army WW-2 Korea Viet Nam, (Oak Grove Cem.)
Pearman, J. L, b. 04-27-1928, d. 02-20-1972, TSgt US Air Force WW-2/Korea/Viet Nam, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Pennebaker, James D, b. 06-18-1919, d. 10-01-1993, (5-24-A), Capt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Perine, Henry J. (Sr.), b. 08-13-1913, d. 12-14-1997, United States Army, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Perine, Joe Nathan, b. 06-10-1916, d. 01-29-2005, Sgt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Perkins, Phillip A, b. 07-25-1909, d. 05-02-1967, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, Indiana, (Movella Assembly of God Cem.)

Persons, James Russell, b. 05-13-1937, d. 11-13-1985, (5-12-B), “Bud”, US Marine Corps., (Magnolia)

Peters, John W. (Jr.), b. 11-22-1921, d. 10-03-1989, (5-22-C), Capt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Pettis, Thomas Edwin Dickerson, b. 10-31-1941, d. 05-23-1967, section E-7, Lt. Junior Grade US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Pierce, Carlie (Sr.), b. 05-??-1910, d. 02-??-1988, (1-376), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Pierce, Lloyd Abbett, b. 08-01-1922, d. 04-28-1996, US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist Cemetery)

Pierce, Lonnie, b. 04-22-1898, d. 12-25-1974, section F-2, Pvt. US Arm, (Rocky Creek)

Pierce, Ronald P, b. 09-03-1958, d. 08-24-1984, MMFN, US Navy, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Pierce, Shelby Hulet, b. 07-19-1922, d. 04-29-1995, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Pineview Cemetery)

Pierce, Talley, b. 09-20-1916, d. 03-15-1993, PFC US Army WW-2, Purple Heart, (Union Cemetery)

Pierce, Troy, b. 08-01-1919, d. 03-08-1998, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist Cem.)
Poore, William A, b. 03-28-1929, d. 11-10-1995, T/Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, (Movella Baptist Cem.)
Robertson, Dale W, b. 11-17-1919, d. 10-23-1996, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Pipkin, Absalome, b. 10-16-1842, d. 06-15-1924, Co. "A", 24th Miss. Regt. C.S.A., "Civil War Veteran", (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Pipkin, Arthur T, b.12-23-1946, d. 08-05-1987, PFC, US Army, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Pipkins, John Henry, b. 09-12-1929, d. 07-05-2006, PFC US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Pipkins, John Quitman (Jr.), b. 10-03-1932, d. 02-27-2006, Sgt. 1cl, US Army, Germany, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Pipkins, Troy D, b. 06-21-1927, d. 03-31-1985, Major, US Army, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)
Pipkins, Willie Clyde, b. 10-25-1895, d. 09-14-1973, SC1, US Navy, WW-1, (Miss.), (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)
Rogers, George A, b. 09-30-1931, d. 02-28-1975, Sgt US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Pitts, Henry (Sr.), b. 09-20-1893, d. 03-01-1985, Pvt US Army WW-1, (Union Cemetery)

Plummer, Clint M, b. 04-09-1886, d. 01-24-1940, SGT 1CL Q.M.(quartermaster) Corps., (Woodard Cem.)

Polk, James E, b. 12-18-1920, d. 06-07-1987, (2-13), Pvt. US Army WW-2 ( his military plaque has the birth year listed as 1918), (Magnolia)

Polk, Ollie G, b. 12-20-1937, d. 04-23-1996, Pvt., US Army, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Poole, Henry Clayton, b. 05-05-1919, d. 03-19-2004, SFC., US Army, WW-2,(Carter Cemetery)

Pope, Walter E, b. 03-17-1898, d. 10-09-1984, US Army WW-1(Agricola Cemetery)

Pope, William J, b. 04-25-1914, d. 11-21-1993, (5-18-B) CWO2 US Army, WW-2, Korea, (military plaque has D.O.B. 09-22-1917), (Magnolia)

Powell, Arthur J, b. 06-30-1909, d. 09-11-1993, (4-105-A), World War II, Veteran, (Magnolia)

Powell, Henderson, b. 06-18-1897, d. 04-17-1985, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road.)

Pruitt, Cleveland L, b. 1926, d. 1986, PFC US Army WW-2,(Bethelem Cemetery)

Pryor, Isiah, b. unknown, d. 11-20-1938, Pvt., 65th Pioneer Inf., (Sweetwater Cem.)


Purvis, Otis O, b. 12-29-1927, d. 07-13-1976, PFC US Army WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Purvis, Sidney E, b. 06-07-1917, d. 04-29-1994, Tec 5 US Army WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Ramsey, Harvey L, b. 1896, d. 1977, (not on the maps), US Navy WW-1, (Magnolia)

Rankin, Joe Stephen, b. 11-19-1950, d. 08-08-2006, SP5 US Army, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Ray, Charles E, b. 11-27-1937, d. 01-23-2004, United States Air Force, (Sweet Pilgrim Cem. - Benndale

Ray, Nathan Arnold, b. 02-28-1942, d. 10-18-2001, (6-66C3), Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Ready, Edward C, b. 02-28-1915, d. 03-07-1975, (3-98), CS1 US Coast Guard, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Ready, James W, b. 03-16-1914, d. 07-13-1983, US Army, WW-2, (Marvin Howard Family Cemetery)

Red, Willis Clayton, b. 1932, d. 1990, (2-294), US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Reeves, Autry Mack, b. unknown, d. unknown, S2 US Navy WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Reeves, Ervin P, b. 06-14-1908, d. 12-11-1977, Tec5, US Army, WW-2(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Reeves, George N, b. 04-04-1899, d. 06-27-1981, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Reeves, Hub, b. 10-12-1906, d. 06-15-1984, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch Cem.- Twin Creek Road)

Reeves, Ira J, b. 08-10-1920, d. 05-12-1944, Pvt 339 INF 85 INF DIV WW-2, (Corinth Cemetery)
Reeves, Joe Kenneth, b. 09-06-1918, d. 04-26-1953, COX US Navy WW-2 (Mississippi), Corinth Cemetery)

Reeves, Richard, b. 09-06-1919, d. 10-10-1970, PFC 107th CML Processing Co. WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Reeves, Travis, b. 08-02-1934, d. 02-05-2006, US Air Force, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Reeves, Verba D, b. 01-08-1918, d. 01-03-1978, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Reeves, W. Spream, b. 04-14-1889, d. 05-12-1979, US Army, WW-1(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Reppond, Luther M. (Jr.), b. 06-27-1941, d. 07-21-1987, section A-10, US Marine Corps., (Rocky Creek)

Richardson, James, b. 06-18-1914, d. 11-03-1951, (2-282), Sgt. 120th General Hosp., WW-2, (Magnolia)

Richardson, Norton E, b. 02-02-1913, d. 07-21-1982, PVT. US Army WW-2, (Finch Cemetery – Willie Finch Road)

Richburg, T. Weber, b. 09-10-1936, d. 03-14-1959, FA US Navy (Alabama), (Union Cemetery)

Rigsby, Leon J, b. 01-26-1918, d. 12-31-1980, Cpl US Army WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Roberts, Council, b. 04-05-1908, d. 02-13-1952, Pvt., 264th Medical Bn., WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Roberts, Daniel H, b. 10-29-1946, d. 07-09-1980, US Air Force, (Woodard Cem.)

Roberts, Herman, b. 04-11-1910, d. 09-12-1973, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist cemetery)

Roberts, Ira Ernest, b. 11-11-1920, d. 06-16-1991, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)
Roberts, John L, b. 10-08-1914, d. 07-29-1996, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)

Roberts, Leonard C, b. 03-06-1920, d. 12-16-1943, Sgt., 179th Inf., 45th Inf. Div., WW-2, (new Hope Cem.)

Rodgers, George W, d. 08-07-1934, Pvt.1cl., 114th Am. Tn., 39th Div.(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Rogers, Herman S, b. 10-22-1928, d. 06-26-1970, CS3 US Coast Guard Korea(Agricola Cemetery)

Rogers, Hillman Buddy, b. 04-09-1928, d. 07-28-2006, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Pipkins Cem. – Avent)

Rogers, Isaac J, b. unknown, d. 12-02-1926, section C-6, Pvt. 162nd Depot Brig.,(Rocky Creek)

Rogers, J. T., no dates, Co. “B” 4th Miss. Calvary, C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran), (New Hope Cem.)

Rogers, Thomas A, b. 04-19-1925, d. 07-27-1947, section E-4 PFC Co. “K” 39th Inf. 8th Regt. WW-2 (Mississippi), (Rocky Creek)
Roper, Mark W. (Jr.), b. 02-06-1939, d. 03-03-1993, section B-6, CM Sgt. US Air Force, Viet Nam, (Rocky Creek)

Rogers, William H, b. 06-14-1929, d. 10-11-1981, SFC US Army Korea Viet Nam, (Union Cemetery)

Rouse, Andren Clifton, b. 03-16-1933, d. 03-14-1980, Veteran-no information available, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Rouse, Edna, b. 12-14-1913, d. 01-06-1983, (3-98), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Rouse, Grady Ira, b. 02-23-1920, d. 12-20-1972, Pvt US Army WW-2 (Mississippi), (Union Cemetery)

Rouse, Herman Louis, b. 10-10-1914, d. 01-05-1990, Major US Army WW-2 / Korea, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Rouse, Hubert, b. 04-24-1915, d. 08-04-1977, Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist cem.)

Rouse, Luther, b. 03-21-1915, d. 08-31-1991, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, Reeves/Carter Cem.)

Rouse, Norman Will, b. 03-16-1922, d. 03-13-1967, MM3 US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Rouse, Pat K, b. 08-28-1916, d. 02-23-1970, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Rouse, Robert H, b. 01-19-1915, d. 12-05-1983, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Midawy Cemetery)

Rouse, Troy L, b. 08-03-1913, d. 07-25-1983, (4-62-D), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Rouse, Wallis P, b. unknown, d. 10-21-1940, Mech. 142nd M.G. Bn. Mississippi, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Rouse, Willie Alva, b. 01-15-1917, d. 06-18-1988, Major US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Rowell, Leslie E, b. 05-17-1934, d. 12-29-1992, United States Marine Corps., (New Hope Cem.)

Rush, James L, b. 10-03-1904, d. 01-23-1960, PVT. US Army WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Rustin, Daniel McKennis, b. 07-26-1907, d. 08-07-1984, section G-4, US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Rutherford, Clyde Bernard, b. 08-22-1919, d. 10-14-2000 , section F-5, MSgt. US Army Air Force WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Sargent, Willie Allen, b. 1928, d. 1975, Cpl., US Army, Korea, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Scarbrough, Arthur B, b. 11-26-1946, d. 08-26-1966, LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam (, Purple Heart) KILLED IN ACTION, (Union Cemetery)

Scott, Edward Everett, b. 02-08-1921, d. 08-25-1992, Pvt. US Marine Corps., WW-2, (Refuge Cem.)
Scott, Floyd Earl (Sr.), b. 01-17-1895, d. 01-02-1967, US Navy WW-1, h/o Alice, (Refuge Cem.)

Seals, James, b. 07-12-1940, d. 08-16-1995, SP4 US Army, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Shepherd, John W, b. 02-27-1894, d. 07-08-1948 Germany, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Sheppard, Jacob M, b.12-28-1919, d.06-12-1963, sectionC-8, SC3 US Naval Reserve WW2, (Rocky Creek)

Shotts, Stennis, b. 07-07-1918, d. 04-11-2006, Cpl US Air Force, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Shurley, Tom Clayton, b. 10-28-1909, d. 04-22-1986, (2-51), RM US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Simmons, Troy W, b. 01-11-1918, d. 03-09-2003, section C-4, Sgt US Army Air Force WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Sims, Arthur Henry; b. 12-03-1947, d. 12-08-2006, (#2), S/Fc., US Army, (Mount Olive Cemetery #2)

Sistrunk, P. H, b. 08-11-1921, d. 05-27-1990, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Gibson Cemetery)

Skinner, Raphael Seemes, b. 03-31-1900, d. 11-28-1986, (2-47), Major, US Army Reserve (0205757), “Jack”, (Magnolia)

Slay, Bernise, b. 09-20-1897, d. 04-03-1969, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Refuge Cem.)
Slay, James O, b. 10-26-1924, d. 07-13-1944, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Refuge Cem.)

Smith, Amon K, 01-15-1930, d. 01-28-1952, Pvt US Army 31st Inf Div, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)
Smith, Britton L, b. 09-18-1896, d. 10-29-1967, Pvt US Army Co. 17, WW-1, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Smith, Bernell B, b.09-15-1917, d.12-23-1981,(4-102-B), Sgt. US Marine Corps,WW-2, (Magnolia)

Smith, G. A, b. 11-08-1896, d. 09-11-1960, US Navy, (Sand Hill Cem.)

Smith, George W, b. 06-25-1842, d. 10-25-1916, section C-5, Pvt. Co. “A” 9th Ms. Cav. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Smith, Ira Walter, b.11-02-1916, d.04-14-1968, Pvt., Co.“C”, 218th Inf. Tng/ Bn., WW-2(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Smith, John A, b. 08-10-1893, d. 11-05-1970, US Navy WW-1, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Smith, John R, b. 05-13-1938, d. 06-04-1993, AN US Navy, (Rhymes Baptist Cem.)

Smith, Joseph Cleo, b.10-03-1928, d.12-06-1958, A1C, 3380th Tech. Tng. Gp. AF. Miss.(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Smith, Otis L. (Jr.), b. 10-14-1943, d. 10-27-1984, section C-10, SA US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Smith, Robert Lee, b. 09-08-1924, d. 04-28-1980, Cpl US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)
Sowell, Houston V, b. 11-12-1919, d. 07-31-1994, US Navy WW-2, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Smith, Roy L, b. 01-01-1941, d. 08-27-1984, SP5 US Army Viet Nam, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Smith, Samuel I, b. 03-15-1909, d. 06-28-1995, (2-291), CM1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Smith, Tommy L, b. 12-07-1950, d. 11-30-1994, Sgt. US Army Viet Nam, (Finch Cemetery – Willie Finch Road)

Smith, William J, b. 06-24-1926, d. 02-12-1989, US Navy,WW-2, US Army, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Smith, Willie Marvin, b. 01-06-1928, d. 02-03-2006, US Army, (Lily Grove Cem.)

Soloman, Henry Keyes, b. 08-03-1925, d. 10-06-1995, (5-21-C), GM3 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Solomon, M.D. (Jr.), b. 7-30-1927, d. 03-15-1993, (5-27-A), S1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Solomon, Ruble J, b.04-17-1913, d.08-22-1944, (1-392), CM3 US Navy Reserve WW-2, (Magnolia)

Sossaman, William H, b. 12-08-1929, d. 09-13-1994, PFC US Army Korea, (Hillcrest cemetery)

Speer, William H, b. 1888, d. 1941, (2-298), Pvt. 1st Class, US Marine Corps. “Georgia”, (Magnolia)

Spivery, Cal Douglas; b. 1922, d. 1978, (#1), Pfc., US Army, WW-2 , (Mount Olive Cemetery #1)

Spivery, Isiah; b. 07-27-1947, d. 02-07-1992, (#2), Pfc., US Marine Corps.,  Vietnam, (Mount Olive Cemetery #2)

Stevens, James, b. 08-31-1928, d. 02-02-1995, Pvt US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)

Stevens, Sim, b. 02-22-1895, d. 07-30-1985, section D-9, Pvt. US Army, WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Stinson, Thomas J, b. 01-18-1911, d. 02-17-1983, Pvt US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Street, Willie, b. 07-13-1909, d. 05-16-1963, Cpl., 3543rd Base Unit, Army Air Force, WW-2, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Stringer, Dannie Lee, b. 01-13-1929, d. 03-15-1992, FN US Navy, (Union Cemetery)

Stringer, Harold Dees, b. 08-03-1922, d.03-01-1989, BM2, US Navy, WW-2, (New Antioch Cem.- Twin Creek Road)

Stringer, John E, b. 06-27-1928, d. 04-05-1985, (5-10-B), Sn US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Stringer, Johnnie Louie, b. 10-12-1920, d. 12-08-1999, Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Union Cemetery)

Stringer, Otis A, b. 11-03-1889, d. 01-28-1976, (4-43-B), SEA2 US Navy WW-1, (Magnolia)

Stringfellow, Eddie Goode, b. 03-25-1893, d. 11-17-1967, Cpl Co “E” 18th Inf. WW-1, (Holmes Baptist cemetery)

Stringfellow, Herman E, b. 01-22-1915, d. 05-19-1971, Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist Cemetery)
Stringfellow, Leroy D, b. 06-30-1890, d. 12-18-1967, WT US Navy WW-1, (Holmes Baptist cemetery)

Stringfellow, Kirby W, b. 09-10-1912, d. 05-25-1959, section E-5, T Sgt. 247th Base Unit Army Air Force WW-2 (Mississippi), (Rocky Creek)

Stringfellow, Wm A, b. 05-08-1927, d. 05-04-1999, COL, US Air Force, Korea, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Sullivan, Barney Joseph, b. 07-12-1932, d. 02-25-1999, US Army, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Summerour, Agustus Rogers, b. 03-24-1907, d. 12-17-1982, (4-36-B), PHM1, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Summerour, Kenneth H, b. 05-03-1920, d. 07-07-1996, (5-29-B), Sgt. US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Sumrall, Bobby, b. 10-19-1941, d. 01-17-1972, (4-51-C), SP4, US Army (Mississippi), (Magnolia)

Swenson, Amos G, b. 04-17-1914, d. 11-09-1954, Sgt. Quartermaster Corp. WW-2, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Swinson, Lula, b. 07-31-1903, d. 01-01-1998, (4-1-C), Capt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Harold D, b. 05-20-1933,d. 09-29-2001, (6-45A3), Pfc. US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Henry Ford, b. 04-07-1922, d. 12-03-1988, PVT US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist cemetery)

Tanner, Homer Denson, b. 04-20-1922, d. 10-19-1986, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Tanner, Howard (Sr.), b. 09-04-1929, d. 10-30-1980, (4-75-B), US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Leonard Tommy, b. 02-07-1920, d. 02-07-1992, (4-87D), MOMM2 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Raymon (Sr.), b. 06-17-1935, d. 08-24-1977, (4-98-A), US Navy, Korea,(Magnolia)

Tanner, Russey Dean, b. 07-22-1947, d. 11-29-1968, SP5, US Army, Vietnam, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Taylor, Marvin M, b. 04-26-1912, d. 05-17-1966, (2-34), PC3,US Navy,WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Taylor, Robert Lee, b. 01-09-1913, d. 03-20-1981, Pvt., US Army, WW-2(Antioch Baptist Cemetery-Merrill Road)

Taylor, Walter G, b. 06-05-1897, d. 02-26-1980, Sgt US Army WW-1 / WW-2, (Merrill Cemetery)

Taylor, William P, b. 1835, d. 1913, section C-8, 1st Sgt. Co. “H” 17th Regt. Miss. Inf. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Tew, Edgar (Jr.), b.02-16-1924, d.11-17-2003, (6-65D2),“Boots”Cpl. USArmy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Thomas, William Howard, b. 01-06-1929, d. 12-17-1992, PFC. US Army WW-2, (Finch Cemetery – Willie Finch Road)

Thomley, Joseph W, b. 07-03-1923, d. 08-29-1970, section D-3, Cox. US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Thompson, Harold R, b. 02-15-1932, d. 03-18-1991, (5-30-A), US Air Force , (Magnolia)

Thornton, Jack “Honey”, b. 12-26-1922, d. 03-27-1991, GM2 US Navy WW-2, (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Thornton, Vernell M, b. 06-01-1921, d. 03-16-1970, SSgt Btry. “A” 194th Fld. Arty. Bn., (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Tilley, A.D, b. 12-18-1919, d. 07-15-2005, SSGT. US Army Air Force WW-2(Agricola Cemetery)

Tipton, Raymond E, b. 12-28-1926, d. 01-11-2000, (5-25-C), Sgt. US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Tompkins, Dorthey D, b. 03-01-1920, d. 03-19-1973, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, Mississippi, (Movella Assembly of God Cem.)

Tompkins, Ernest W, b. 03-15-1926, d. 11-05-1991, Cox., US Navy, WW-2, (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Toups, Halpher C, b. 10-19-1926, d. 07-24-2002, “Toby”, Cpl. US Army Korea, (Crossroads Methodist Cem.)

Trowbridge, Clifford J, b. 08-13-1882, d. 11-22-1933, (2-77), 1st Lt. QM Corps WW-1, (Magnolia)

Trussell, Herbert Wilson, b. 09-04-1909, d. 03-22-1981, RM 2, US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Tucker, Julian C, b. 11-19-1922, d. 01-04-1984, US Coast Guard WW-2, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Turner, Franklin Delano, b. 03-07-1933, d. 01-15-2008, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Turner, Means B, b. 05-09-1922, d. 07-12-2000, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Underwood, J. P, b. 05-27-1926, d. 02-18-1995, US Marine Corps, WW-2, (Saint James Cem.)

Valentine, Hillman, b. 01-17-1924, d. 04-26-1988, Pfc, US Army, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Valentine, Ulysses L, b. 09-03-1928, d. 03-13-1965, Sgt., 5th Armored Div., WW-2, Korea, (New Hope Cem.)

Vaughn, Clayton P, b. 08-04-1926, d. 01-25-1983, US Army. Korea, (Carter Cemetery)

Vise, Hardy Devoe (Sr.), b. 05-03-1894, d. 03-02-1986, Sgt US Army WW-1(Agricola Cemetery)

Wade, Earl, b. 07-26-1918, d. 09-02-1970, S1, US Navy, WW-2, Korea, Mississippi(Antioch Methodist Cemetery-Benndale)

Waites, William R, b. 06-25-1922, d. 06-25-1987, TSgt US Air Force WW-2 Korea, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Walker, Curtis Loyed, b. 05-10-1921, d. 10-12-1991, section A-6, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Walker, Travis E, b. 04-05-1902, d. 02-03-1983, (4-47-C), Sgt. US Army, (Magnolia)

Wallace, William O, b. 01-15-1922, d. 04-21-2002, PFC, US Army, WW-2, B.S.M., (Movella Baptist Cem.)

Walley, Joe Aubrey, b. 10-14-1917, d. 05-13-1986, section A-2, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)
Walley, Murdock P, b. 02-27-1925, d. 10-09-2004, section A-6, SF3 US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Walley, Partrick, b. 01-09-1895, d. 04-24-1979, (4-3-C), Pvt. US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia)
Walley, Thomas J, b. 08-23-1921, d. 12-06-1999, (4-21-A), CW3 US Army WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Walters, Allen Ross, b. 02-03-1922, d. 08-02-2004, (4-10-A), US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Ward, Hollis Lee, b. 10-04-1895, d. 09-11-1957, (1-371), Sgt. 348th Fld. RMT. SQ. OMC, WW-1 (military marker shows a birth date of 10-05-1895), (Magnolia)

Ward, Richard, b. unknown, d. unknown, Co. “A” 3rd NC Inf. CIVIL WAR VETERAN, (Crossroads Methodist cem.)

Washam, Douglas Leguin, b. 05-03-1944, d. 10-12-2003, SP5 US Army Viet Nam(Ball Cemetery)

Watters, William A, b. 06-09-1931, d. 02-21-1987, Cpl., US Marine Corps., Korea, Crossroads Free Pent. Cem.)

Weaver, Herman G, b. 09-09-1913, d. 03-22-1970, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (1-366), (Magnolia)

Weldy, Henry M, b. 05-24-1893, d. 1975, (4-82-D), US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Welford, Guy Edward, b. 11-22-1914, d. 08-23-1988, (1-385), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Welford, Henry, b. 04-06-1841, d. 06-08-1925, Co. “E” 36th Ala Inf C.S.A.(civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Welford, James W, b. 03-13-1896, d. 12-21-1969, section D-8, Sgt Co. “L” 59th Inf 4th Div, (Rocky Creek)

Welford, Jowel, b. 1843, d. 1938, Co. 4 36th Ala Regt C.S.A. (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Welford, Morris, b. 08-17-1914, d. 01-09-1958, section E-5, SSgt. 2117th Base Unit Army Air Force WW-2 , AM & 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, (Rocky Creek)

Welford, William M, b. 03-16-1839, d. 05-27-1906, section B-5, Pvt. Co. “E” 36th Ala. Inf. (Prisoner of War) C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Wells, Leonard Aubrey, b. 07-12-1915, d. 04-24-1999, (6-57B2), PHM Mate US Merchant Marine, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Wells, Leroy, b. 12-20-1943, d. 04-25-2005, SP4, US Army, Vietnam, (Refuge Cem.)

West, Gene T, b. 01-10-1942, d. 05-21-2003, (4-6-D), National Guard, (Magnolia)

West, Robert Earl, b. 06-16-1920, d. 06-05-1986, (4-80-A), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

West, Tony B, b. unknown, d. unknown, Pvt., 840th Trans. Corps., (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Whatley, J G, no dates, Co “F” 4th Miss Cav (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Whatley, Jack, b. 07-01-1904, d. 09-09-1981, MSgt US Army WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Whatley, John, b. 1844, d. 10-17-1911, Co. “F” 2nd Miss Cav, (civil war), (Macedonia Cemetery)

Whatley, Lorenzo, b. 05-17-1909, d. 06-19-1943, Mississippi, Pvt. 738th Mil. Police Bn., WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Wheeler, Charles Otis, b. 03-14-1931, d. 10-15-1989, (1-389), CS2 US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Whiles, Lewis Allen, b. 09-21-1917, d. 05-15-1993, (5-18-A), WW-2, (military plaque has D.O.B. 09-22-1917), (Magnolia)

White, Andrew, b. 02-24-1893, d. 05-12-1975, (Macedonia Cemetery)

White, Charley, b. 03-04-1893, d. 08-29-1973, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Lily Grove Cem.)

White, Oscar M, b. 01-10-1925, d. 01-30-2001, PFC, US Army, WW-2(Saint James Cem.)

Whitehead, Samuel Lester, b 06-03-1924, d.09-06-1998, (1-308), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Whiting, Harvey E (Sr.), b. 08-09-1924, d. 01-20-1986, MM1 US Navy WW-2, (Sand Hill Cem.)

Whitten, Grady W, b. 03-18-1891, d. 04-23-1978, (4-80-B), WAGR US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Wiggins, W. Morris, b. 03-28-1913, d. 02-01-1977, section D-4, Pvt. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Wilkins, Caldwell Ray, b. 08-13-1952, d. 02-08-1982, PFC US Army, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Williams, Carl S, b. 11-27-1918, d. 09-02-1969, PFC HQ. Co 3 BN 167 Inf. WW-2(Ball Cemetery)

Williams, Edd, b. 03-04-1890, d. 10-31-1963, Pfc., Co. "H", 816th Pioneer Inf. WW-1, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Williams, Eddie L, b. 10-22-1922, d. 07-22-1996, SSgt US Army, (Mount Pleasant Cem. – Barton)

Williams, George Owen, b. 03-05-1922, d. 01-28-1991, section G-2, PFC US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Williams, Harold Scott (Sr.), b.03-22-1917, d.01-02-1995,(2-85) Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Williams, James, b. 12-12-1895, d. 03-29-1962, Pvt US Army WW-1,(Bethelem Cemetery)

Williams, John O, b. 12-14-1926, d. 01-16-2001, (4-51-D), Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Military Plaque has d.o.d. 01-15-2001), (Magnolia)

Williams, Lowell H, b. 06-20-1932, d. 03-17-2003, SSgt US Air Force Korea VietNam, (Oak Grove Cem.)

Williams, Roderick, b. 12-08-1926, d.11-10-2001, Cpl., US Air Force, WW-2, (New Hope Cem.)

Williams, Semes Leslie, b. 04-21-1897, d. 07-29-1989, (4-60-B), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Williamson, Sanford Lawrence, b. 07-14-1922, d. 11-08-1995, section F-10, GM2 US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Wilson, John W, b. 05-14-1909, d. 01-17-1986, (4-88-A), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Wilson, King, b. 08-25-1890, d. 10-26-1959, Pfc., Co. "C", 340th Svc. Bn. QMC., (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Wilson, Robert H, b. 10-09-1922, d. 02-07-1990, MSgt., US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch Cem. – Twin Creek Road)

Wilson, William W, b. 1911, d. 1988, Pvt., US Army, (mount Pleasant Cem. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Wilson, Xerxes S (Sr.), b. 06-01-1929, d. 03-20-2004, PFC, Paratrooper, Japan Occupation medal, Korean Service medal, 4 Bronze stars, 1 Bronze Arrowhead, Combat Inf Badge, Sharpshooter Medal, 2 Purple Hearts, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Wolfe, Benjamin H, b. 09-02-1934, d. 02-20-1964, section E-5, SSgt. Co. “B” 63rd Armor, (Rocky Creek)

Woodard, Hilton Clyde, b. 09-29-1925, d. 12-12-1989, CPL US Army Korea, (Woodard Cem.)

Woodard, James Roscoe, b. 08-10-1933, d. 03-26-1953, PFC 5th Marines 1st Marine div. Korea ( PH & GS ), (Woodard Cem.)

Woodard, Thomas Earl, b. 09-18-1940, d. 03-19-1966, Pvt. US Army, (New Hope Cem.)

Woodard, William Carl (Jr.), b. 04-22-1929, d. 06-23-1997, SN US Navy Korea, (Woodard Cem.)

Wozencraft, Thomas D, b. 07-27-1945, d. 09-19-2001, Major US Army Viet Nam Bronze Star & Purple Heart – 2, (Ball Cemetery)

Wozencraft, Warren Lynn, b. 09-10-1943, d. 05-20-1970, Capt. US Army, section D-6, (Rocky Creek)
Wright,Vince Lee, b. 10-12-1943, d. 08-30-1979, Pvt., US Army, Vietnam, (Mount Sinai Cemetery)

Yrabedra, Frank (Jr.), b. 06-17-1920, d. 01-31-2003, section B-9, Sgt. US Army Air Force, 9th Air Force, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Yates, Leo, b. 02-14-1911, d. 04-01-1971, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Yeager, Lloyd M, b. 07-18-1926, d. 10-09-1986, (5-13-D), Tec5 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Yonge, Lloyd E (Sr.), b. 06-18-1918, d. 06-07-1985,Chief Petty Officer, US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia Cemetery)

Young, George W, no dates, Co. “A” 9th Miss. Cav. C.S.A. (civil war), (Ball Cemetery)

Zimmerman, Barney Lee, b. 02-21-1958, d. 09-02-1993, Pfc., US Army, (Lily Grove Cem.)