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Hinchcliff Cemetery

Hinchcliff, Quitman Co., Mississippi

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Hinchcliff Cemetery Records submitted by

Hinchcliff Cemetery
Hinchcliff, Quitman County, Mississippi

Recorded Saturday, December 16, 2006

Driving Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 3 and Hwy 6 in Marks, turn north onto Hwy 3 and drive
for 3.1 miles. The church and cemetery are on the right. The church is now Calvary Baptist Church, an
Independent Baptist Church. The church and cemetery were at one time an outreach ministry of the
Presbyterian Church in Marks, Quitman County, Mississippi.

There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery. There are also many graves that have markers
that cannot be read.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Born Died Married Inscription My Comments
Adcock Elisha J. 5-24-1848 12-11-1911   Know that my redeemer liveth  
Adcock Mary E. 6-9-1857 1-14-1914   Wonderful Mother  
Anthony Patricia Golden 6-7-1957 9-12-1977   In Loving Memory of her children  
Austin Billy Steve 2-10-1957 5-28-1977   In Loving Memory  
Austin Lawrence   6-4-1896 12-22-1968     Double Headstone
Austin Emmer   8-27-1900 1-14-1974     Double Headstone
Avant Jerry C. 1936 1979      
Bramlett Kathy Dianne 11-14-1957 12-22-1957      
Bross Minnie   1-1890 12-1928      
Cook Carroll   3-8-1933 11-7-1956   No greater love hath any man  
Cook Marion B. 10-16-1896 7-20-1964   Mississippi Pvt Co. B 39 BN US Guards WWI  
Cook Mahala Ann 5-12-1861 10-3-1950      
Cook Dutch   6-24-1893 7-8-1965   Remember me  
Cox Jemimia C. 3-24-1854 5-16-1932   Mother of Mollie Newsom. In Loving Memory  
Cranford Margaret E. 1-4-1935 7-18-1936   Asleep in Jesus  
Crosby Venis Wood 12-4-1916 10-2-1983      
Dolden John   2-7-1920 2-17-1953     The inscription seems to say, "of Mr. Mrs. W.J. Dolden Love". This inscription is hard to read.
Eubanks, II Billy Wayne 10-24-1976 10-26-1976   Baby. Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.  
Ferguson Nancy Ann 9-9-1855 9-19-1948   Rock of Ages  
Furniss Howard Harold 1-22-1920 11-8-1922   Budded on earth to bloom in heaven  
Golden Mamie Charlene 5-19-1932 1-3-1984   Our mother  
Golden William Herman 5-30-1929 5-15-1997      
Gregg Lizzie B. 11-3-1900 3-17-1946      
Gregg Jack D. 7-19-1890 4-28-1969   Mississippi CPL 10 Co. Rct Depot WWI  
Hamm Clifton   6-30-1911 6-20-1978   Father  
Hancock Bertha E. 4-24-1907 8-1-1971   At rest  
Hardy Claude G.       May you rest in peace.  
Hayes Azor M.       Corp. Co. 1, 5 U.S. Vol. Inf. Sp. Am. War  
Hayes Azalea Stapp 1893 1931      
Hitchcock R. C. 11-19-1884 11-29-1977   Ps. 23  
Hitchcox Opal   1-27-1922 7-28-1971   Mother. Wife of Charley Hitchcox. Mother of Wayne and Winston.  
Hobbs Dolly   3-10-1880 12-18-1947   In God we trust  
Kellumn Joe William 3-7-1886 5-15-1929     Woodmen of the World Memorial
King Vernon Monroe 10-8-1963 1-20-1970   Suffer little children to come unto me.  
King Billy R. 2-5-1938 5-28-1967   Gone, but not forgotten  
Martin Eunice Lee 5-5-1930 7-28-1931   Asleep in Jesus  
Mizell J. C. 12-31-1939 12-1-1967      
Mizell Jimmy Collins 12-7-1952 11-23-1971   Asleep in Jesus  
Moss Jina Ray 1885 1923   Beloved mother of B.K., H.L. and Illa  
Oates J. E.          
Poynor William T.       Son of Jessie & David  
Poyner Jessie Mae 5-7-1927 6-30-2001   Our mother lies in heaven  
Poyner David C. 12-19-1926 3-27-1960   In my Father's house are many mansions  
Province Robert William 12-30-1946 1-7-1947      
Pruett James C. 5-24-1977 5-24-1977   Asleep in Jesus Triple Headstone
Pruett John L. 5-24-1977 5-24-1977   Asleep in Jesus Triple Headstone
Pruett Jonathan W. 2-4-1976 6-18-1977   Gone to be an angel. Triple Headstone
Raymond Birdget Lanell 1-13-1981 1-13-1981   Our baby  
Rea Sue   3-23-1878 11-21-1970   Asleep in Jesus  
Rea Warren W. 2-23-1899 10-3-1917   Just when we learned to love him most God called him back to Heaven  
Rea G. W. 11-20-1858 4-27-1917   A friend to his country and a believer in Christ  
Rea Martha V. 8-8-1868 12-19-1963      
Rea Donnie C. 2-16-1892 2-7-1971   At rest  
Rea Dolphin M. 9-30-1896 8-2-1975   At rest  
Roper Jewell D. 5-8-1938 11-25-1986   God's greatest gift returned to God--our mother.  
Sexton     12-17-1967 12-17-1967   Infant son of Charles & Helen Sexton  
Sexton Mary Helen 3-15-1949 6-20-1968   Gone, but not forgotten  
Shields R. Beatrice 3-2-1928 11-13-1981      
Smith Jerrie Lynn 11-1-1961 3-14-1962      
Stallings Catherine I. 3-8-1924 4-4-1926      
Swindle J. T. 4-6-1936 6-27-1937      
Todd John Riley 9-7-1907 8-31-1968   Father  
White Nettie Mildred 4-16-1922 12-6-1961   Mother, Now resting with Jesus  
Whitman E. T. 8-30-1862 11-5-1934   At rest  
Whitten Elijah Bibb 5-25-1875 9-2-1905      
Wilson R. L. 1-17-1875 1-2-1912   He was faithful to every duty  
Wilson Louis U. 12-8-1899 12-29-1924   Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven  
Wood Odie Lee 6-1-1912 5-19-1955      
Wood Janie Lee 3-11-1936 4-23-1938      
Wortham Thomas R. 4-19-1957 9-5-1973