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Marks Cemetery

Marks, Quitman Co., Mississippi


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Marks Cemetery Records submitted by

Section #7 Recorded Saturday November 4, 2006
This section contains a memorial to veterans. Section 7 runs north and south and is separated from section #6 by a gravel road.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Born Died Married Inscription My Comments
Alexander Barbara Ann Golden Dunn 12-13-1949 10-13-2004   Her children rise up and call her blessed  
Allen Warren   6-10-1919 11-28-1978   TEC 4 US Army WWII  
Allen W. L. "Boots" 6-10-1919 11-28-1978   Loved and missed dearly Double Headstone
Allen Juanita Tutor 2-7-1920 8-1-1959   Wife of W.L. Allen Double Headstone
Bradham Edgar D. 1939 1950   At Rest  
Buckner Robert Nelson 10-9-1932 6-23-1934   Our Loved One  
Byars Joe Randolph 6-10-1925 9-29-2004      
Cannon Sarah Louise Furr 10-16-1895 11-5-1994   "Lucy"  
Carson Lillian Graham 1-9-1987 12-10-2005   Daughter of Robert A. Carson, Jr. and Sally Fowler Carson  
Cordel Sherry Pettit 12-7-1962 11-13-1998   Look for me at Jesus feet. Daughter of Bobbie & Dossie Pettit. Sister of Ricky, Steve, Duane, Cathy, Mike, Kaye. We miss you. Wife of Terry. Mother of Glen.  
Cummins Lillie   6-4-1895 7-10-1925      
Douglas Gertrude   3-5-1914 2-5-2002   Pvt. US Army WWII  
Furr Venn A. 12-7-1866 2-1-1952      
Furr Margaret Martin 12-2-1882 8-10-1963   Wife of V.A. Furr  
Furr, Jr. W. Currie 9-24-1914 12-4-1976      
Furr Sarah Ingram 3-6-1919 2-8-1998      
Furr Walter Currie 9-6-1886 8-29-1954      
Furr Beatrice R. 1-26-1891 10-10-1984      
Gentry Annie P. 1909 1971      
Gentry Joseph Wallace 1903 1958      
Golden Rachel Neal Pruett 10-30-1908 4-23-1995   Have Faith In God. Our Beloved Mother.  
Golden Adam Washington 4-25-1905 1-24-1964   Our Beloved Father  
Harrington Bonnie S. 7-15-1939 3-7-2001      
Henry Mary Sue Kell 6-16-1920 10-16-2001 7-4-1941 In loving memory of our dear parents. A Prayer for those we love. Almighty God, we entrust all who are dear to us to Thy never-failing care and love, for this life and the life to come; knowing that thou art doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Double Headstone
Henry Goly Rice 8-2-1917 7-16-2001 7-4-1941 LCDR US Naval Air Corps WWII Double Headstone
Hitchcock Maude Vines 4-2-1970 5-8-1963   Proverbs 31  
Long, D.V.M. Leslie E. 7-13-1895 1-8-1952      
Lundy Mary Blanche Snipes 1918 2001 9-28-1940    
McCain Elmer A. 6-27-1906 12-11-1988   Gone but not forgotten  
McMahon Maxine Selby 10-7-1923 10-6-2003   In God's Care. In Loving Memory.  
Mangrum, Jr. James Arthur G. 4-26-1941 4-4-1998   SN US Navy Vietnam. Beloved Husband and Father. Blessed are Husband and Wife in Heaven.  
Mitchell Vicki Michelle 10-1-1969 10-6-1969   Our daughter  
Perkins William Nelson 12-18-1884 6-5-1956   At Rest Double Headstone
Perkins Lillie Green 4-24-1890 4-21-1924   At Rest Double Headstone
Pruett Winfred Lee 9-29-1928 3-20-1999   At Rest  
Pruett Samuel L. 6-9-1932 11-27-1962   In memory of our beloved "Bud"  
Redwine Billy Joe 1938 1998      
Roseberry James Henry 5-23-1910 1-14-1971      
Segars Charles Monroe 2-3-1926 1-25-1990      
Selby Sandra H. 10-11-1943 9-1-2003 1-27-1962   Double Headstone
Selby Sammy   7-23-1939 1-14-1999 1-27-1962   Double Headstone
Selby Timothy Scott 7-7-1963 8-29-1998   Husband of Angie. Father of Colton and Claiborne.  
Selby Lynn Murphy 'Pete' 9-23-1941 6-15-1996   Our love goes with you and our souls await to join you.  
Selby Kerry Allen 12-17-1963 4-23-1978   Our beloved son. Forever in our hearts.  
Smith David W. 6-18-1944 6-5-1998      
Spencer, Jr. Billy Joe 12-2-1965 12-8-1965      
Stafford Will   12-25-1888 11-22-1952      
Stafford J. W. 3-2-1865 1-11-1953   Gone but not forgotten  
Walker Henri Ella Martin 5-20-1888 5-22-1976   Wife of Ralph H.  
Ward Roger Truett 9-28-1913 7-15-2001 8-27-1939    
Ward Patye Curry 5-2-1916 7-29-1984 8-27-1939    
West F. G. 7-25-1928 7-25-1994   His children are blessed after him. Proverbs 20:7 Double Headstone
West Hester Elizabeth "Ellen" 5-14-1934 10-23-1990   Her children arise up and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28 Double Headstone
Willis James Hubert 12-1-1963 4-9-1965   Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.  
Willis Harry Ray 6-18-1949 5-15-2002   Beloved Husband and Father  
Worley Charlotte Coker 6-10-1925 7-4-1995 1-27-1946 In Loving Memory