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Sander's Cemetery

Molalla, Clackamas Co., Oregon

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Sander's Cemetery Records submitted by

Molalla, Clackamas County, Oregon
Sanders Cemetery
Names of All Who Rest Here:
Sweifel, John - aged 42 yrs 8 mos 14 days  - Dec 30, 1895
*Sanders, Hannah Elizabeth   Aug 25, 1833 - Feb 13, 1887
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord -  Dau of A. & H.E.
*Sanders, May Elizabeth - Nov 11, 1868 - Sep 9, 1886
Dau of A. & A.L. -  
Departed of this life to her home beyond the sky washed in the blood of the lamb
Sturges, Elizabeth - Asleep in Jesus   Oct 23, 1805 - Apr 30, 1890
Sturges, Asa B. - May 30, 1798 - July 4, 1884
Wright, Mary - May 14, 1846 - Feb. 20, 1890
Wright, Wilas W.  1814 - 1883
McGraw, G.A.  Nov. 28, (1840?) - May 29, 1888
Wright, Mary Ann  Wife of S.W.  1823 - 1913
*Sanders, Mary H.    Feb 26, 1826 - Oct. 16, 1901
 Gone Home   Dau of Ash & Hannah
Mulligan, Baby Irene  aged 14 days    July 7, 1900
Dau of As. & I.S. Mulligan - (remains were moved here)
*Sanders, Asa  aged 73 yrs 8 mos 7 days  b. 1823 - Feb. 4, 1897
*Sanders, Abby L.  age 39 yrs 9 mos  8 days   July 22, 1918
 (Question on age, should be we think 89)
Wright, Mary Ann wife of Silas  1823 - 1913
Wright, Silas W.  1814 - 1883
Beeson, Jack Elroy  - aged 2 yrs 3 mos 8 days  Nov. 16, 1879
Beeson, Birdie  - Dau of J.L.  Nov. 10, 1879
Howard, Charles - age 82  - Oct. 14, 1933
Howard, Charles T.  July 28, 1841 - Oct. 14, 1923
Zweiful, Chris

The following people are buried here, but the cemetery has no records of them
This information was taken from the family records of Rebecca Walker.
Copied from the Clackamas County Library in Oregon City.

Russell, William
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, Child ( at least one grave)



First off we found the original map was wrong. Locations of graves are not were the map, we located at the said they were.

Out of 30 buried at Sanders we have only be able to locate 14 headstones

and we have been trying to use our dousing rods to locate some of the rest.

Plus noting any sink spots and marking possible locations of graves.

We also located a list of 24 names of people buried there of the 30.

Places researched was the public library, historical society, internet, newspapers, books.



Molalla Ave


Shaded Areas still need work

Grove of Trees

Grove of Trees


Jack 2yrs, 3 m, 8d, & Birdie 4yrs, 6m, 9d. Beeson

J. S.Dugan


2 children who died a week apart.

X Civil War Vet

XG.A. Mc Graw


X Abbie, X Asa,

X Baby Irene 14 days

X John Zweiful

Mary Ann, Silas, Mary A.E.

Sanders Family

12/30/1895 42y,8mo,14days

Wright Family

Original Gate

Other family members

Gravel Lane goes back here, but private.