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Mountain View Cemetery

Riverton, Fremont Co., Wyoming


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Mountain View Cemetery recorded by Cheryl Belding

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date
Ibach Andrew A. 23 Dec 1875 26-Feb-53
Ibach Baby Girl 29-Sep-48 29-Sep-48
Ibach Dale Max "Bill" 5-Mar-15 13-Aug-97
Ibach Effie Lou Emma Jane 19 Sep 1879 28-Sep-44
Ibach Robyn Keli 29-Jul-69 17-Dec-79
Icenhour June Alta Reed "Junie" 22-Jul-36 15-May-88
Ide June Pearl 1-Jun-33 5-May-35
Inberg Kirk David 14-Jan-63 16-Oct-91
Ingram Doak Ed 13-Oct-57 18-Mar-80
Ingram Harve S. 18 Aug 1868 14-Dec-42
Ingwerson Harley H. 05 Feb 1890 5-Jun-64
Ingwerson Henrietta Emma "Etta" 16 Jan 1898 28-May-81
Ingwerson Juliann E. 2-Feb-88 2-Feb-88
Ingwerson Lee R. 3-Sep-17 10-Feb-91
Ingwerson Lloyd Giles 3-Jul-26 30-Jul-67
Ingwerson Pamela Ann 27-Mar-76 27-Mar-76
Ingwerson Tony Lloyd 10-May-77 29-Dec-77
Inman Alice M. 07 May 1886 27-Oct-68
Inman Baby 25-Jul-58 25-Jul-58
Inman Leon Spencer 10-Mar-02 23-Feb-81
Inman Marlon "Corky" 19-Mar-30 6-Apr-00
Inman Ralph James, Dr. 17 Aug 1884 24-Jan-61
Inscore Angela C. 13-May-64 13-May-64
Irons Eber Charles 03 Feb 1870 8-Jul-36
Irons Mollie C. 18 Nov 1885 12-Feb-71
Irons Ross Eber 2-Apr-08 22-Oct-81
Irwin Cheddie Moncur Staker 17-Jan-06 12-Nov-71
Irwin Marion Tierney 12 Feb 1896 2-Oct-89
Ito Frank T. 16-Oct-21 27-Jul-80
Ito George S. 15 Aug 1869 15-Mar-53
Ito Tsuenyo 25 Nov 1899 29-Aug-64
Iturrian Dorothy June 21-Jun-20 3-Feb-47
Iturrian Violet May 18-May-22 5-Oct-96
Ivy Fay Farrel 19-Apr-07 12-Sep-84
Ivy Thelma Jo 31-Dec-27 12-Nov-91
Izard L. Wallace 26 Sep 1862 27-Nov-44
Jack Cecil Merle 05 Feb 1887 13-Feb-80
Jack Udella 08 Nov 1885 21-Aug-69
Jackman Kenneth Levi "Slim" 20-Oct-10 25-Jan-79
Jackson Charles E.   2-Feb-24
Jackson Florence E. 09 Jul 1896 28-Jan-80
Jackson Gladys B. 7-Dec-00 27-Apr-86
Jackson Hilary Herbert 20 Apr 1898 31-Aug-82
Jackson Lillian M. 26-Nov-34 24-Dec-90
Jackson Robert Dean 11-Nov-25 29-Oct-82
Jackson Ruben Leo 8-Jun-02 22-Jul-48
Jackson Warren Jay 24-Mar-44 1-Nov-97
Jacobsen Isabelle E. Spencer 4-Feb-10 4-Nov-90
Jacobson James Leroy 28-Aug-40 3-Sep-42
Jacoby Anna Hergert 28 Jan 1890 9-Jun-76
Jacoby Anna K. 12-Mar-21 23-Jul-92
Jacoby Baby 25-Jul-40 25-Jul-40
Jacoby Baby Bobby George 23-Jul-42 23-Jul-42
Jacoby Baby Boy 30-Jul-59 30-Jul-59
Jacoby George S. "Spike" 10-Jan-13 23-Aug-90
Jacoby William 09 Sep 1881 15-May-38
Jacques James Louis "Jim" 19-Aug-31 10-May-88
Jacques Mildred May 8-Feb-02 12-Sep-85
Jacques Paul Louis 11 Oct 1896 31-Aug-74
Jaeger Emma Matilda 12 Apr 1899 23-Aug-65
Jaeger Henry H. 22 Dec 1889 1-Jun-61
James Baby Girl 14-Feb-52 16-Feb-52
James Clifford Albert, Sr. 18 Jan 1895 8-Mar-81
James Doris E. 1-Nov-30 4-Oct-95
James Lillian May 7-Apr-04 2-Apr-69
James Nancy Caroline 08 Oct 1873 16-Nov-39
James Sharon Schaper 4-Mar-37 5-Jan-92
James Victoria 3-Aug-14 3-Jan-93
Jares Marguerite Helen 19-Jun-28 15-Aug-43
Jarvis Julalia Jane 15 May 1897 2-Mar-70
Jarvis Wilfred A. 21 Mar 1888 23-Oct-71
Jasch Clarence J. "Shorty" 5-Mar-19 8-May-99
Jay Eda Augusta 29 Nov 1885 27-Jan-78
Jay George Louis "Lou" 12 Apr 1879 28-Nov-79
Jefferies Egbert C. 23 Aug 1861 15-Mar-42
Jefferson Louise Salena 13 Mar 1887 5-Jun-81
Jeffery Virgil Eugene 8-Aug-36 19-Oct-70
Jeffres Charles Earl 16-Jul-16 14-Feb-00
Jeffres Earl Jacob "Shorty" 25 Oct 1884 25-Mar-72
Jeffres Mary L. 24 Apr 1896 28-Oct-84
Jennings Anna Louise 07 May 1899 27-Jun-83
Jennings Blanche May 1-Jul-01 25-Feb-60
Jennings Charles V. 20 Mar 1896 15-Sep-65
Jennings Ralph Lee 22-Apr-31 11-Apr-70
Jennings Russell 20 Dec 1899 15-Jul-90
Jensen Bessie Ellen 17-Nov-21 8-Jun-97
Jensen Chris 05 May 1897 26-Mar-71
Jensen Elvine Marie 19 Jan 1898 1-Sep-77
Jensen Marion Chris 22-Jun-26 20-Sep-70
Jensen Paul 31 Oct 1889 12-Mar-82
Jepson Leroy Wesley 26-Jun-01 13-Dec-46
Jepson Paul D. 3-Apr-09 30-May-80
Jessen Martin Wayne 14-Mar-57 3-Jun-80
Jewell Angel Rochelle 7-Jul-61 22-Jul-61
Jewell Michael Grant 8-Feb-49 15-Nov-88
Jewett Bertha Barbara Goetzmann 11 Apr 1878 23-Feb-61
Jewett James Judge, Jr. 26-Mar-13 13-Jun-52
Jewett James Judge, Sr. "J. J." 27 Oct 1876 14-Jan-48
Jewett Viona Madge Mcgrew 28-Dec-05 15-Feb-93
Jimenez Thomas Perea 1905 11-Jul-48
Jivelekas Julie Ann 26-Dec-82 14-May-83
Johannes Henry 12-Feb-08 29-Oct-89
Johansen Betty Jane 9-Sep-23 19-Jan-92
Johnson Albert J. "Ted" 29-Mar-09 22-Jun-73
Johnson Albert Judson 14 Nov 1877 22-Feb-43
Johnson Anna Marie 8-May-17 16-Jul-29
Johnson Axel 20 Apr 1884 8-Jul-39
Johnson Ben Sherman 4-Feb-18 1-May-98
Johnson Bertha May 01 May 1896 29-Aug-72
Johnson Charles   1-Apr-29
Johnson Charles P. 25-Oct-03 20-Feb-81
Johnson Clyde Hubert 1-Mar-21 7-Apr-38
Johnson Dean Lee 4-Apr-29 27-Jan-97
Johnson Donald Glenn 16-Sep-35 27-Oct-94
Johnson Duward Hugh "Dude" 21-Dec-38 31-Jul-98
Johnson Edward Johanes 30-Aug-08 30-Aug-94
Johnson Ella Garin 09 Jul 1886 1-Aug-80
Johnson Ella Jane 22 Oct 1862 30-Oct-39
Johnson Ella M. 25 Dec 1880 1-Jan-66
Johnson Eric Franklin "Frank" 5-Sep-55 3-Oct-74
Johnson Fidela A. 12 Mar 1856 22-Dec-29
Johnson Florence Estella 15-Aug-10 12-Dec-86
Johnson Frank 31 Mar 1878 16-Apr-44
Johnson Fred 19 Dec 1886 29-Aug-42
Johnson Gary Levan 29-Apr-53 29-Nov-78
Johnson George W. 13-May-20 1-Apr-81
Johnson George William 07 Feb 1893 19-Nov-41
Johnson Glen C. "Shorty" 29 Sep 1885 3-Apr-57
Johnson Glen Kenneth "Bud" 19-Apr-08 12-Aug-89
Johnson Harold K. 31-Oct-06 31-Aug-83
Johnson Henry M. 10 Aug 1884 2-Oct-76
Johnson Ione Viola 4-Jul-11 31-May-79
Johnson Irven Thomas 04 Dec 1888 22-Jun-33
Johnson Jean D. Lacy 12-May-00 26-Mar-78
Johnson John A.   26-May-38
Johnson John B. 10 Feb 1863 20-Jan-43
Johnson John Lester 29-Aug-38 13-Oct-38
Johnson Larry Dean   1943
Johnson Margaret Jeanne 21-Sep-41 10-Jan-88
Johnson Margaret M. "Peggy" 15-Feb-17 12-Dec-81
Johnson Marjorie June 9-Jun-13 9-Apr-24
Johnson Martin Julius 27 Feb 1883 7-Jan-58
Johnson Mary Margaret 4-Oct-24 9-Mar-93
Johnson Mildred Opal 2-Nov-10 28-Jul-94
Johnson Orlande O. 10-Apr-11 26-Apr-58
Johnson Paul Douglas 23-Sep-47 10-Jul-76
Johnson Per Helmer 10-Aug-04 24-Dec-83
Johnson Samuel Kenneth 4-Mar-54 20-May-94
Johnson Sherman Lester 8-Jul-12 2-Feb-76
Johnson Stacy Charles 11-Jan-30 6-Aug-83
Johnson William L. 17 Aug 1889 18-Jan-70
Johnston David Leroy 10-Mar-46 29-Mar-75
Johnston Jennie May 6-May-23 20-Oct-92
Johnston Maurice D., Jr. 30-Nov-21 23-Jan-90
Jolly Andrew Steven "Andy" 28-Oct-59 13-Nov-76
Jolly Carolyn Grace 19-Aug-33 1-Dec-73
Jolly George Lafait 01 Feb 1899 31-May-69
Jones Allulu Sanders 19 Mar 1892 24-Jul-82
Jones Arthur Earl 12 Aug 1888 21-Feb-67
Jones Baby 17-Feb-99 17-Feb-99
Jones Bertha May 28-Apr-18 21-Apr-50
Jones Cecil William 18-Dec-24 30-Jul-97
Jones Charles "Charlie" 16 Nov 1888 29-May-35
Jones Conrad C. "Chuck" 7-Dec-35 6-May-90
Jones Courtney H. 31-May-55 12-Apr-86
Jones David Allen 17-Apr-42 30-Jan-70
Jones Dorothy Helen 24-May-27 11-Apr-73
Jones Earl Jason 27-Sep-33 10-Dec-97
Jones Edward o'Neil "Eddie" 24-Jan-28 29-Oct-94
Jones Eldon Arnold 16-Aug-11 31-Oct-82
Jones Emma Marie 28-Feb-04 9-Apr-69
Jones Esther B. Owings 21 Mar 1884 26-Oct-74
Jones Florence Kirkpatrick 26 Aug 1888 13-Nov-82
Jones Hayden H. 9-Jan-04 18-Jun-73
Jones Helen Marie 19-Aug-27 15-Feb-80
Jones Helena Elise "Babe" 6-Feb-24 1-Dec-96
Jones Heloise Z. 14-Jul-09 17-Jun-83
Jones Hubert Clark 9-Oct-05 3-Oct-68
Jones Irene Margaret 8-Aug-20 3-Apr-88
Jones James M. "Jimmie" 25-Jul-42 19-Apr-52
Jones Joyce Ann 8-Feb-60 8-Feb-60
Jones Letty Lorraine 3-Apr-40 21-Sep-53
Jones Lloyd Allan "Al" 12-Feb-34 26-Sep-96
Jones Lloyd Loraine 20-Apr-09 12-Aug-80
Jones Mary M. 10-Sep-16 30-Jan-94
Jones Nellie Rorilla 25 Apr 1889 2-Apr-54
Jones Robert Thomas 9-Nov-14 27-Jul-93
Jones William Conrad 6-Sep-00 3-Nov-81
Jordan Clara A. Shannon 28 Apr 1867 10-Jan-39
Jordan Oscar Timothy 19 Oct 1864 7-Sep-45
Jordinelli Tony 19 Jun 1877 29-May-60
Jordon Dustin Les 1-Jul-70 5-May-71
Jorgensen Mary Ann 1-Oct-32 11-Jun-78
Joslin Chester Allen 18 Nov 1891 1-Dec-49
Joslin Derik Glyn 4-Nov-67 4-Jun-89
Jost George William 16 Nov 1876 25-Jan-46
Judkins Laura Charlotte Skinner 17 Oct 1872 16-Jan-57
Judkins Lincoln 07 Dec 1894 3-Feb-64
Juliano Gugliemina 01 Jan 1892 25-Mar-72
Jury Frank E.   11-Jul-33
Justice Marion Leroy 13-Feb-35 18-Oct-80