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Mountain View Cemetery

Riverton, Fremont Co., Wyoming


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Mountain View Cemetery recorded by Cheryl Belding

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date
Nafzinger Ernest 10 Mar 1872 7-Jul-59
Nafzinger Katherine E. "Katie" 15 Oct 1875 20-Jun-79
Nale Jennie S. Erni 05 Oct 1867 21-Oct-42
Nantt Raymond 30-Jul-25 19-Feb-84
Napier Colleen Bigler 11-Apr-31 4-Jul-78
Napier Max Andrew 15-Nov-28 4-Sep-96
Nashlund Nels 1887 23-Jul-26
Nastrom Nels 11 Dec 1884 26-Feb-73
Nations James Raymond 25-Dec-22 27-Jul-95
Nay Lawrence Edwin 28-Dec-04 23-Jan-70
Neal Myrtle L. 10 May 1899 1-Jul-92
Neal Ralph A. 07 Sep 1893 21-Jun-74
Neal Rudolph C. "Rudy" 14-Oct-01 19-Oct-88
Neal Viola May 21-Sep-08 27-Jun-92
Neal William A. 07 Jul 1897 23-Jan-70
Needham Clarence Emmett, Jr. 14-May-55 13-Sep-90
Neiberger Elizabeth 11-Dec-13 24-Feb-97
Neiberger George "Red" 3-Jan-09 4-Jul-89
Neiberger George, Sr. 23 Dec 1874 13-Feb-57
Neiberger Isabel 13-Jul-36 10-Jun-53
Neiberger John "Jack" 31-May-07 23-Jul-74
Neiberger Margaret 03 Feb 1883 22-Nov-60
Neiberger Mary Margaret 19-Jul-32 24-May-40
Neiberger Opal Toy 23-Oct-03 27-Jul-45
Neiberger Victor 31-Jul-11 19-Jun-65
Neiberger Walter 22-Jan-05 3-May-63
Neighbors Dorothy Orwen 9-Nov-16 4-Jan-89
Neighbors James William 29-May-14 28-Dec-78
Neil Carla J. 3-Sep-52 7-Aug-78
Neil Curtis Wesley 06 Dec 1893 12-Aug-79
Neil John Levi 24-Jan-55 25-Jan-55
Neil Mae Elizabeth Knapp 18 Dec 1894 24-Feb-87
Neil Margaret Eva "Peggy" 4-Jun-07 4-Jul-90
Neil Olin Deyo 4-Jun-22 27-Feb-45
Neil Othie A. 8-Mar-09 11-Dec-88
Neil Valerie Janette Ann 17-Nov-60 15-Mar-61
Neill Barbara R. 1907 16-Jan-70
Neill William S. 1893 2-Jan-63
Neilson Christian J. "Little Chris" 18 Sep 1870 1-Jul-53
Nelsen Blanche Hunter 1-Apr-02 17-Oct-79
Nelson Ardath Bertram N. "Swede" 22-Feb-14 23-Dec-98
Nelson Frederick N. 01 Jan 1892 5-Mar-78
Nelson Galene E. 17-Feb-12 12-Sep-93
Nelson George G. 09 Dec 1895 28-Jul-70
Nelson Hans Alfred   9-Feb-50
Nelson Harold Leonard 29 Apr 1899 12-Oct-67
Nelson Martin Earl, Jr. 18-Nov-53 19-Oct-79
Nelson Martin Earl, Sr. 15-Nov-35 9-Jul-98
Nelson Peter Thomas 22 Mar 1886 16-Jun-45
Nelson Ruth E. 14-Feb-03 4-Feb-71
Nelson Susan M. 19-Dec-77 25-Dec-77
Ness Norman 4-Dec-21 18-Aug-89
Neville Claud 23 Aug 1872 22-Jun-54
Neville Mary Martha 30 Aug 1874 7-Mar-52
Neville Paul R. 29-Oct-12 29-Sep-59
Nevin Helen Barnes 5-Nov-02 24-May-85
Nevin Mary 01 Apr 1861 10-Sep-39
Nevin Merlin Joseph 1-Jul-00 8-Jan-82
Newberry Jared Charles Earl 26-Aug-82 10-Nov-82
Newberry Jayson Joseph 10-Jul-81 10-Jul-81
Newbrough Donald L. 24-Aug-08 18-Feb-79
Newbrough Jessie Jean Buller 29-Apr-11 7-Sep-67
Newbrough Ruth 22-Aug-14 3-Sep-60
Newby George Edward 09 Aug 1880 26-Nov-67
Newby Jerry Lee 24-Dec-50 9-Sep-70
Newby Vera Lee 12 Dec 1887 3-Nov-75
Newell Dennis Christopher 31-Oct-31 31-May-88
Newell Evelyn Chavez 7-Dec-29 3-Dec-99
Newkirk Robert Parker "Bob" 2-Apr-25 10-Aug-96
Newman Edson 03 Aug 1870 6-Apr-48
Newman Mary Alice 21 Jul 1868 27-Jun-51
Newton Mary 28-Aug-13 21-Apr-96
Newton Rolla Oscar "Newt" 14-Nov-07 10-Dec-99
Nichols Charles 5-Dec-05 10-Feb-80
Nichols Charles B. 21-Sep-29 11-Sep-81
Nichols Clarice 4-Aug-00 28-Mar-64
Nichols Courtney Louis, Jr. 18-Apr-07 8-Oct-39
Nichols James Bruce 30-Aug-00 15-Aug-87
Nichols Marie I. 18 Oct 1899 8-Mar-80
Nicholson Caroline Hoyle 05 Mar 1858 26-Dec-55
Nicholson George Arthur 06 Jan 1885 4-Apr-36
Nicholson Mary S. 18 Sep 1893 28-May-84
Nicholson Oscar W. 04 Feb 1876 1-Nov-55
Nichtern Harry Sylvester 19-Aug-11 4-Jun-63
Nickerson Alberta Mae 5-Dec-29 11-Apr-54
Nicol Cora Marie 04 Sep 1896 2-Apr-52
Nicol Earl Edward 27 May 1894 7-May-65
Nicol Frederick L., Sr. 31-Mar-20 21-Sep-95
Nicol Lea Carol 8-Apr-24 31-May-24
Nicol Nancy Joan 24-Jan-47 7-Oct-73
Niethammer David Fremont 29-Oct-79 11-Jan-90
Niles Leslie Lavern 14-Oct-23 12-Apr-87
Noah Harriet E. Neighbors 2-Dec-10 20-Feb-91
Noah Robert Fred, Dr. 14-Sep-09 5-Feb-94
Noble Chauncey Daniel, Jr. 1-Oct-23 15-Nov-84
Noble Robert Lee 5-Jan-49 5-Jan-49
Nolan Daniel Michael 12-Jul-01 21-Oct-69
Nolan Nora B. 09 Feb 1878 22-Oct-61
Nolan Ruby Maxine Bruner 1-Aug-20 11-Jun-86
Noonan James Franklin 4-Dec-21 28-Jul-74
Norby Estella 1896 1936
Norby James V. 28-Sep-29 1-May-67
Norby Oscar Albert 26 May 1891 7-Sep-82
Nord Leonard Amos "Lennie" 25 Oct 1882 30-Jul-36
Nordeen Gerald 2-May-63 16-Jul-96
Nordman Henry Albert "Shorty" 15 Apr 1892 27-Nov-57
Nordwall Jason James 22-Jun-76 3-Sep-76
Nordwall Jesse Jay 13-Aug-78 29-Sep-78
Norman Shelly 14-Sep-52 18-Mar-81
Norris Gracie Emma 29-Dec-20 27-May-68
Norris Jesse Franklin, Sr. "Frank" 17-Jun-03 10-May-76
Norris M. M. Jerry 30-Jun-14 8-Dec-94
Norris Marjorie Lee Alley 18-May-17 23-Oct-97
Norris Roger Allen 25-May-45 5-Apr-68
Norris Viola Barbara 27-Mar-13 13-Mar-81
Nostrum Jennie Mae 8-Dec-15 3-Jan-00
Nostrum Oardie A. 10-Nov-14 15-Nov-96
Novotny Ernest Robert "Ernie" 29-Apr-18 16-Dec-73
Novotny Fred Lee 2-Jan-59 9-Sep-98
Novotny Robert E., Sr. 26 Nov 1893 19-Dec-53
Novotny Robert L. 6-Jul-21 4-Apr-94
Novotny William John, Sr. "Bill" 27-Mar-23 17-Nov-94
Nowlin Phyllis Evelyn 20-Aug-26 1-Dec-92
Nuhn Baby   8-Aug-67
Nurss Norma Gene 28-Oct-47 28-Dec-47
Nyberg James Douglas "Jim" 12-Jun-42 19-Jun-96
Nygard Eric 04 Mar 1895 16-Sep-60
Nystrom John, Sr. 07 Mar 1897 18-Feb-75