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Mountain View Cemetery

Riverton, Fremont Co., Wyoming


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Mountain View Cemetery recorded by Cheryl Belding

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date
Rachou Alice Viola 1-Nov-05 6-Sep-86
Rachou Emile Pierre Victor 13-Dec-29 22-Dec-29
Rachou John 13 Oct 1892 7-Jun-46
Ragan William F. 9-Dec-04 27-Jan-72
Raimey Whett A. 26 Sep 1884 2-Aug-54
Ramage Wanda F. 09 Feb 1899 24-Oct-84
Ramage William Elliot 12 Nov 1886 5-Aug-58
Rambo Jessica Lynn 21-Feb-88 6-Mar-88
Ramsey Baby   9-Feb-60
Ramsey Charles John 26-Jan-25 15-Jun-69
Ramsey Clarice Jane 1-Sep-03 1-Jun-57
Ramsey Frank 14 Jan 1865 17-Oct-45
Ramsey Michael Lee 4-Aug-30 3-Apr-49
Ramsey Timothy C. 11-Jan-57 11-Jan-57
Randall Ernest Edward 19-May-25 9-Oct-87
Randall Ernest Zack "Bug" 12-Apr-61 14-Oct-94
Randall Harry Jacob 18-Feb-35 11-Nov-96
Randolph Bessie Ruby 7-Dec-04 30-Oct-76
Randolph Floyd Raymond 9-Oct-04 5-May-54
Randolph Margaret Jane 07 Aug 1881 1-Dec-59
Randolph Martha May 11 May 1886 5-Apr-63
Randolph Perry Thomas 15 Oct 1880 14-Jul-53
Randolph Ruben Thompson 13 Mar 1876 24-Feb-43
Rangitsch Kenneth M. 19-Mar-22 17-Mar-97
Rataezyk Lawrence John 2-Sep-12 12-Mar-90
Rataezyk Mabel Hazel 2-Dec-08 3-Dec-91
Rate Bessie M. 04 Jul 1885 3-Sep-69
Rate Charles Collins 13 Aug 1878 9-May-67
Ratliff Alfred F. "Pug" 17-Mar-06 10-Jul-92
Ratliff Guy Stephen 01 Oct 1879 3-Mar-57
Ratliff Margaret Estella Finch 03 Nov 1875 28-Sep-72
Ratliff Mildred Irene 19-Aug-01 27-May-96
Ratliff Rex Raymond 18-May-02 21-Oct-67
Ratliff Scott I., Sr. 26-Nov-09 10-Nov-73
Ray Joe W. 2-May-15 22-Jul-90
Ray Keith Alan 28-Jul-17 24-Sep-99
Ray Walter B. 28 Nov 1860 26-Jun-28
Raymond Lawrence Wallace, Sr. 17-Oct-15 2-Aug-89
Read Ernest Winery 04 Jan 1867 18-Dec-36
Read Katrina Jenny 23-Apr-19 25-Nov-80
Read Leelynd Doyle "Don" 27-Feb-28 15-Jun-83
Read Leona Susan Blanche 31-Aug-22 3-Apr-99
Real Eva Zelda 24-Oct-16 19-Jun-96
Real Floyd Alfred 24-Jun-05 28-Feb-53
Real John Arthur 17-Aug-07 26-Dec-55
Real Lloyd Keith 24-Nov-30 30-Nov-41
Real Willard I. 20-Jun-12 26-Sep-81
Real Willard Ivan, Jr. 24-Jan-47 28-Oct-96
Rector Cecil Benedict 7-Jun-09 6-Mar-95
Rector Orion F. 25 Aug 1898 4-Dec-96
Reddon Jack Allen 17-Nov-10 14-Sep-87
Reddon Victoria S. 3-Oct-15 17-Jan-98
Redfern Annebelle Lucille "Ann" 21-Jan-14 25-May-95
Redfern William B. "Bill" 2-Jul-16 26-Dec-92
Reece David 19-Sep-60 21-Sep-60
Reece Lois Ruth 10-Aug-33 21-Nov-64
Reed Donald Keith 24-Jan-27 8-Jan-94
Reed Edna June 30-Jan-15 8-Dec-86
Reed Valarie Patricia 28-Mar-33 30-Oct-99
Reeves Wright Rowan 7-Oct-12 10-Nov-23
Regan George Merval, Sr. "Jerry" 9-Sep-31 13-Jan-97
Rehm Otto "Wild Bill" 01 Jan 1889 24-Jun-52
Rehtus Frank 30 Jun 1894 1-Jul-78
Reid Annie Livingston 22 Jul 1880 14-Oct-73
Reid William John 05 Nov 1857 29-Apr-32
Reider Conrad 24 Jul 1881 6-Jun-43
Reider Mary F. 04 Jun 1880 16-Sep-56
Reighard Andrea Fae / Rae 28-Oct-64 28-Oct-64
Rein Georg 14 Jan 1877 11-Jul-52
Rein George, Jr. 7-Jun-23 13-Nov-28
Rein Margaret 08 Aug 1891 20-Mar-75
Rein Rosie 4-Oct-24 15-Oct-24
Reis Jack R. 26 May 1894 19-Jan-74
Renner Baby Boy 20-May-50 20-May-50
Renner Theresa   1952
Rennie Amelia Reuber 20 Nov 1898 9-Aug-50
Rerea Jose Catarino 15-Aug-37 23-Sep-38
Reuber Alfred L. 9-Sep-14 17-May-76
Reuber Anna Margaret 05 Aug 1872 2-Jul-59
Reuber Pauline 13-Oct-02 29-May-86
Reuber Wilhelm 16 Oct 1869 22-Apr-58
Reuber William, Jr. 12 Nov 1896 15-Feb-64
Reyes Trinadad 1877 13-Apr-37
Reynolds Dorothy Mae 29-Jan-29 17-Feb-75
Reynolds George Leslie 28-Aug-31 1-Jun-91
Reynolds James Roy 14 Dec 1886 25-Jun-66
Reynolds Jim 1864 12-May-29
Rhoads Laverna Ruth 20-Oct-26 5-Apr-92
Rhodes Abigail Anabelle Gaylor "Abbie" 02 Jun 1875 14-Oct-64
Rhodes Charles Walter 04 Jul 1871 28-Sep-52
Rhodes Evelyn J. 18-Sep-09 29-Apr-87
Rhodes Keith 10-May-03 29-Apr-39
Rhodes Mary Isabelle 02 Sep 1868 24-Jan-38
Rhodes Oliver Edward 11 Apr 1868 16-Jun-29
Rhodes Vernon Keith 5-Jul-25 14-Apr-82
Rhodes Walter V. 18-May-04 27-Aug-81
Rice Donald D. 19-Jun-10 7-Apr-73
Rice John J. "Jack" 27 Oct 1899 1-Jan-71
Rice Leroy Earl 25 Nov 1895 12-Dec-71
Rice Minnie May 4-Dec-04 5-Apr-63
Rich Bobbie Ann 22-Aug-81 22-Aug-81
Richards Earl 1-Jun-15 10-Nov-99
Richards George E. 26-Jul-45 17-May-82
Richards Ruth Stringfield 6-Jun-13 2-May-99
Richardson Carl Loyd 19-Feb-33 20-Jan-66
Richardson Charles Davis 20-Dec-11 3-Feb-89
Richardson Charles L. "Chuck" 22-Jan-65 17-Jul-66
Richardson Gussie Iva 1-May-06 16-Nov-80
Richardson Howard S., Jr. 7-Aug-47 4-Mar-70
Richardson Howard Seymour 15-Dec-05 16-May-86
Richardson John Albert "Big One" 1-Nov-42 30-Aug-48
Richardson Mark 07 Jul 1884 27-Sep-63
Richardson Mary Pearl 07 Oct 1886 6-Apr-41
Richardson Maud Leora 08 Mar 1883 13-Aug-33
Richardson Paul J. "Chuck" 5-Mar-35 11-Apr-63
Richardson Robbie Randall 26-Apr-60 12-Jul-61
Richardson Robert William 5-May-60 4-Dec-68
Richardson Ruth Edna May 22-Nov-08 4-Jan-87
Richardson William Anthony 12 Jul 1877 27-May-41
Richardson William Darrow "Bill" 25-Apr-11 7-Nov-93
Riddell Berneice Nadine 12-Aug-38 5-Jul-85
Ridge Donald A., Jr. 28-Dec-69 29-Aug-98
Ridgeway Cecil Ellsworth "Pete" 23-Jan-16 22-Jan-76
Ridgeway Charles J. 3-Jan-00 11-Oct-75
Ridgeway Eleanor Parker 4-Nov-17 21-Mar-92
Ridgeway Hester Wright 20 Aug 1872 4-Jan-45
Ridgeway Ira Alfred 20 Oct 1859 21-Jul-35
Ridgeway James C. 12-Feb-38 13-Aug-58
Ridgeway Olaf Melvin 4-Oct-01 9-Mar-81
Riegert Anna 31 Oct 1892 13-Jul-64
Riegert David, Jr. 6-Aug-18 2-Jul-62
Riegert David, Sr. 17 Aug 1890 14-Oct-60
Riegert Hazel Gertrude Dungan 15-Feb-07 8-Jan-86
Riegert Helen A. 28-Jun-20 20-Jul-89
Ries Margaret Mary 8-Jun-01 18-Aug-93
Riese Ivan Gerald 19-Dec-09 14-May-81
Riese Marguerite 10-Jun-13 5-Mar-93
Riewe Justin Daryl 16-Sep-70 4-Jul-95
Riggs Carolyn Sue 6-Jun-52 5-Dec-97
Rigler William Menitte 25-May-09 10-Sep-50
Rigozzi Betty Jane Pitts 10-Jan-23 2-Oct-85
Riner Albin B. 23 Oct 1860 5-Mar-47
Riner Georgia Belle 23 May 1861 7-Dec-53
Ring Florence M. 12-Feb-40 10-Mar-76
Ring George Albert 2-Aug-21 7-Mar-76
Ring Michelle Renee 9-Aug-70 7-Mar-76
Ring Myron Joseph 26-Sep-57 7-Mar-76
Ring Nanette Marie 8-Sep-59 18-Mar-76
Ringer Amanda Marie 24-Jul-89 24-Jul-89
Risvold Ina Pearl 1-Feb-04 5-Dec-90
Risvold Lars 29-Oct-03 12-Aug-91
Ritchie Eunice J. 02 Jan 1898 19-Apr-87
Ritchie William 30 Jun 1897 21-Jun-82
Rivers Helen M. 20 Nov 1895 4-Apr-76
Rix Paula Lambert 24-Mar-16 7-Sep-81
Rix Richard Poole 26-Feb-09 9-Aug-65
Robbins Frances M. 17-Mar-09 20-May-81
Robbins Gail D. 4-Jul-07 9-Aug-68
Robbins Gary L. 16-Mar-39 26-Nov-75
Roberts Gary B. 25-Apr-53 2-Apr-78
Roberts Gertrude Elizabeth 19 Jan 1897 23-May-56
Roberts Harry Edward 22 Jan 1892 15-Nov-78
Roberts Harry Herschel 18-Sep-22 12-Feb-82
Roberts Martin 1877 28-Dec-36
Roberts Mary Belle 19-Sep-01 10-Feb-84
Robertson Ellen Anderson 04 Nov 1884 10-Dec-74
Robertson Fred V. 19-Jul-00 13-Jul-68
Robertson Frederick W. 06 Sep 1873 21-Jan-70
Robertson Helen Maxine 20-Jun-24 26-Sep-91
Robertson John Wesley 1865 30-Jul-30
Robinson Charles Delbert 4-Nov-00 11-Sep-36
Robinson Ella Florence 18 Sep 1889 29-Mar-58
Robinson Kenneth Blair 1-Dec-25 23-Mar-71
Robles Antonia 8-Oct-95 8-Oct-95
Rock Cecil J. 15 May 1884 27-Aug-65
Rock Laura B. 7-Jun-02 19-Oct-69
Rockney Elmer Norman 03 Jun 1889 12-Mar-71
Rockney Faye Etta 17 Nov 1896 17-Nov-85
Rockney Ira John 15-Feb-01 27-Aug-84
Rodarte Leonarde 10-Jun-02 18-Jun-68
Rodarte Valentine 14 Feb 1893 8-Oct-86
Rodeman Dana Royce 4-Mar-65 24-Jun-87
Roden Mamie Rae 26-May-33 22-Mar-99
Roden Raymond Roosevelt 27-Aug-00 10-Jun-74
Roden Velma Edith 3-Jul-01 25-Feb-74
Rodgers Alta Arneda 21-Jul-13 8-Jul-89
Rodgers Clifford Ray 22-Mar-22 11-Sep-69
Rodgers Doris May 21-Feb-20 11-Feb-98
Rodgers Ella Loretta 11 Jun 1890 30-Apr-63
Rodgers Foster C. 16-Nov-16 28-Dec-74
Rodgers Harry Henry, Sr. 19-Dec-18 17-Nov-95
Rodgers James Franklin 12 Sep 1890 22-Sep-58
Rodgers Roy Raymond 9-Aug-14 5-Jul-89
Rodriquez Aurellio 18 Jun 1895 7-Nov-78
Rodriquez Baby Boy   29-Apr-64
Rodriquez Reuben 25-Nov-60 18-Feb-62
Roemmich Clienton Arthur 22-Jun-61 24-Feb-62
Roemmich Elmer G. 12-Feb-22 7-May-59
Rogers Frances Rebecca 15 Jan 1861 7-Apr-38
Rogers Ginny Lynn 7-Jul-76 9-Jul-76
Rogers James Bruce 17-Apr-59 29-Dec-78
Rogers Leo Eugene 29-Jun-26 11-Oct-91
Rogers Maggie May 02 Mar 1880 17-Jun-49
Rogers Martin David 27-Dec-60 28-Dec-60
Rogers Rodney Lynn 2-Sep-66 11-Apr-67
Rogers Shirley Kay 13-Apr-40 15-Jun-40
Rohn Arthur 21-Nov-14 9-Apr-73
Rohn Brenda Lee 9-Dec-64 21-Jul-66
Roice Carl A. "Bud" 1-Apr-21 24-Mar-96
Roland Gary Lee 19-Sep-47 5-Nov-81
Roland Leona Charlotta 12-Sep-10 3-Mar-93
Roland William Harvey 9-Apr-14 14-Jan-87
Romero Curtis Patrick 5-May-54 7-Jan-80
Romero Diana Rae 22-Jul-48 6-Nov-48
Romero Emilio J. "Bill" 7-Jul-22 16-Jun-86
Romero Heather Renee 24-May-78 11-Jun-78
Romero Joe Dan 27-Oct-34 21-Oct-60
Romero John Kevin 3-Feb-60 4-Feb-60
Romero Lavonne 6-Nov-32 28-Mar-00
Romero Lloyd Blaz 30-May-34 20-Sep-85
Romero Mark Alan 5-Mar-52 19-Oct-77
Romero Rodney L. "Rusty" 10-Apr-59 6-May-96
Romero Rose 27-May-13 7-Oct-81
Romero Sannon Lee 6-Jan-69 6-Jan-69
Romero Tesha Lorraine 17-Nov-80 6-Nov-82
Rookey Annie 05 Feb 1865 16-Dec-41
Rookey Henry E. 11 Apr 1864 18-Jun-52
Root Barry R. 10-Dec-48 31-Jan-95
Root Loyce Doris 5-Oct-38 26-Jan-39
Root Robert Elvinus "Bob" 24-Oct-11 14-Feb-97
Rosburg Damon Orval 22-Sep-13 20-Mar-90
Rosburg Gertrude Katherine 2-Jul-15 12-Mar-00
Rose Aubrey E. 1-Nov-05 18-Nov-72
Rose Myrtle Anna 27-Dec-11 16-Mar-73
Rosenoff Katherine Fabrizius 17 Sep 1895 4-Feb-87
Rosetti Joseph "Joe" 20-Mar-12 18-Jan-93
Rosewarne Ethel Anna 03 Jun 1888 17-Apr-62
Ross Datin Talford "Buff" 8-Jul-23 29-Dec-93
Ross George Granville 31 Jan 1871 7-Oct-39
Ross Gertrude Rose 18 Jun 1898 16-Jul-70
Ross Housten E. "Hugh" 16-Jun-02 1-May-74
Ross Howard E.   1952
Ross Jessie Marie Colorez 29-Apr-29 15-Dec-87
Ross Joseph Wayne 7-Jan-52 6-May-72
Ross Lucy Mae 26-May-16 28-May-96
Ross William Byron "Barney" 02 Nov 1874 9-Apr-31
Rossman Ruben 3-Jan-18 7-Feb-98
Rotellini Frank Anthony 4-May-66 6-May-66
Rothschiller Tara Renae 14-May-81 14-May-81
Rothschiller Tayna Lynn 14-May-81 14-May-81
Round Catheine Emmaline 17-Jan-19 5-Mar-87
Round Eve J. 28 Nov 1887 25-Jun-39
Round Florence Anna 15 Jun 1889 21-Nov-95
Round Floyd Roy 23 Sep 1889 1-Jan-55
Round Georgia Marie 2-Jan-04 8-Jan-90
Round James Andrew 09 Dec 1879 5-Feb-62
Round Judith Ann 16-Jun-46 16-Jun-46
Round Michael "Ted" 27-Dec-57 27-Nov-93
Round Ralph B. 5-Jul-13 11-Dec-77
Round Theodore Almond 20-Jul-01 2-Jun-86
Rousey Margaret   Unknown
Rousseau Florence Edna 16 Dec 1895 22-Dec-86
Rousseau John Joseph, Dr. 14-Oct-18 14-Nov-98
Rowe Elmer Ellsworth 17 Nov 1865 28-Jun-52
Rowe Mary Elizabeth 04 Nov 1870 28-Jan-48
Rowley Perry Marvin 24-May-42 17-Dec-96
Rowse Hazel May 23 Aug 1889 14-Jun-44
Rowse Reuben J., Sr. "Ben" 23 Jan 1883 29-Aug-64
Roy Dennis Lee 22-May-44 20-Mar-66
Roy Helen Elna 5-Sep-16 7-May-95
Ruberts Nellie E. 05 Aug 1878 1-Feb-65
Rudolph Sylvan Wayne, Sr. 6-Sep-18 22-Dec-87
Rumery Florence A.   18-Jul-64
Rumery James Robert 6-Jul-46 27-Jul-87
Rumery Luther Neal 06 Dec 1891 15-Nov-50
Rumery Robert James 4-May-20 29-Jul-77
Runge Jimmy Lawrence 26-Aug-52 26-Aug-52
Runner Donald Melvin 12-Dec-58 31-May-77
Runner Dwight Warren 6-May-27 20-Oct-77
Runyan Edmund Douglas 28-Apr-12 5-Mar-54
Runyan Frances Pearl 03 Oct 1884 7-Sep-45
Runyan Ira Goerge 26 Mar 1881 5-May-52
Runyan Milo I. "Mike" 10-Apr-10 25-Jan-94
Rupe Esther Irene 28-Oct-30 9-Aug-54
Rusler Genevieve 31-Aug-09 5-Jul-91
Rusler Harold Allen 24-Sep-04 25-Apr-91
Russell Berniece Emily 21-Oct-12 21-Nov-83
Russell Beverly Joyce 20-May-45 15-Aug-99
Russell John Henry, Sr. 5-Apr-10 19-Aug-98
Russell Lee Jackson 30-Oct-09 29-May-52
Russell Leo Virgil 16-Oct-17 8-May-92
Russell Nichole Michelle 23-Feb-81 23-Feb-81
Russell Oscar 25 Oct 1893 9-Jul-61
Russell Tressia Mae 31 Aug 1896 19-Jul-56
Russum Elizabeth Baker 11-Nov-09 17-Jul-89
Rutledge Frank 04 Dec 1897 18-Apr-37
Ryan Bertha P. 17 Jun 1870 28-Apr-47
Ryan Edward Harrison 30 Apr 1858 11-Aug-39
Ryan Michael Dennis 11 Apr 1867 13-Sep-40
Ryan Michael (Twin) 5-Oct-48 5-Oct-48
Rydberg Arthur Bernhard 14-Jun-04 2-Jul-85
Rydberg Miriam T. 11-May-04 19-Sep-63