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Mountain View Cemetery

Riverton, Fremont Co., Wyoming


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Mountain View Cemetery recorded by Cheryl Belding

Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date
Talcott Anson Newell 11 Oct 1890 13-Feb-70
Talcott Loretta Pollock 21-Sep-00 17-Oct-92
Talcott Mary Ellen 28-Sep-00 1-Jun-47
Tamblyn Joseph Hamilton 1914 19-Jul-59
Tangden Erick Einar 24-Apr-01 26-Sep-62
Tangden Helmer 6-Mar-03 8-Mar-76
Tangden Maude Rose 29-Apr-10 1-May-88
Tangman Albert 27 Jan 1895 17-Nov-34
Tanner Mable Almira 21 Oct 1888 25-Aug-70
Tanner Monica Faithe 8-Mar-82 20-May-83
Tanner Paul Stephen 02 Jun 1883 10-Dec-64
Tanner Wesley 27-Nov-14 23-Oct-91
Tanz Dorothy H. 16-Aug-23 16-Dec-99
Tarver Fae Jane 01 Oct 1899 13-Nov-45
Tarver Malcolm Eunis 15-Oct-28 10-Aug-91
Tarver Meriwether Lewis 23-Jan-27 16-May-94
Tarver Robert T. Neal 28 Apr 1888 15-Nov-45
Tasi George G. 13 Feb 1885 29-May-36
Taucher Loretta Jean 15-Sep-34 6-Jun-62
Taylor Arminta L. Tschacher 16-Oct-17 20-Mar-97
Taylor Bert L. 8-Aug-13 27-Dec-89
Taylor Bertha Mae Gamble 28-Aug-03 22-Oct-95
Taylor Charles Gilbert "Chuck" 14-Nov-25 3-Dec-90
Taylor Clarence C. "Shorty" 10 Nov 1896 30-Mar-76
Taylor Delmer Ray 19-May-33 3-Dec-88
Taylor Donna Dines 21 Sep 1875 19-Oct-63
Taylor Donna Rosalie 25-Oct-24 5-Jan-84
Taylor Elma Mary Kennedy 26 Nov 1889 9-Mar-67
Taylor Harley Ellis 13 Mar 1866 13-Dec-56
Taylor Helen Mary Allen 3-May-01 11-Apr-82
Taylor Helen R. 31 Dec 1898 15-Feb-89
Taylor Ina May 18 Apr 1894 2-Sep-70
Taylor Leeroy H. 07 Oct 1895 28-May-60
Taylor Moss Benjamin "Paul" 27 Sep 1892 21-Jan-75
Taylor Murty 23 Mar 1888 26-Jul-71
Taylor Paris Lindsey 11-Sep-05 3-Jun-61
Taylor Robert Dudley 14 Jun 1897 11-Dec-57
Taylor Verne Alton, Jr. 23-Mar-31 12-Sep-80
Templin Hugo Victor 14 Jan 1898 20-Jul-77
Templin Leonard William 13 Aug 1896 8-Jul-61
Templin Nettie Frances 22-Oct-05 20-Oct-93
Terry Floyd Ray 1-Sep-25 30-Dec-82
Terry Marthalla Ann 9-Aug-30 26-Sep-86
Teter Aubrey Burton 31 Jan 1899 15-Apr-36
Teter Charles Edward 15 Aug 1870 6-Sep-47
Teter James Edward 26-Jul-12 18-Nov-59
Thatcher Ethel 7-Aug-22 4-Mar-90
Thayer Jerry Kendall 1-Apr-33 14-Jan-88
Thayer Theresa Jean 6-Oct-81 6-Oct-81
Thayer Twin Boys 23-Sep-70 23-Sep-70
Thomas Luella Bertha 21 Aug 1888 31-Mar-54
Thomas Nobel C. 11 Oct 1878 10-Apr-60
Thomason C. Jack 13-May-24 2-Feb-90
Thompson Anna M. Sutter 20 May 1890 5-Mar-73
Thompson Charles Richard Sr. 13-Aug-38 21-Aug-99
Thompson Daniel Greig 25 Mar 1877 10-Nov-51
Thompson David Russell 11-Feb-55 6-Jul-71
Thompson Dorothy 15-Dec-05 4-Jul-79
Thompson Frances Raber 27 Feb 1899 31-Aug-94
Thompson George L. 15 Jun 1885 19-Jun-52
Thompson James M. 18 Oct 1899 12-Mar-50
Thompson Jeffery Stewart 4-Sep-50 10-Nov-68
Thompson Joseph L. 22 Feb 1898 14-Dec-80
Thompson Lawrence 7-Aug-13 16-Nov-89
Thompson Marvin C. "Tommy" 11 Oct 1893 7-Sep-70
Thor Charles 1856 13-Dec-32
Thrailkill Bernice Elizabeth 21-Aug-02 23-Feb-72
Thrailkill Jay E. 17 Jan 1895 14-Mar-85
Thuringer James Lee 11-Aug-84 14-Dec-84
Thurman Bradley Kurt 29-Jul-60 10-Nov-85
Tilley Barbara Dale 28-Dec-42 19-Sep-66
Timma Albert 1867 22-Mar-37
Timmons Donald Allan 19-Nov-15 21-Feb-85
Timmons Shirley May 11-Apr-28 14-Jul-99
Todd Cora Cornelia 07 Dec 1884 9-Oct-68
Todd Flaudie Hicks 21-Mar-09 22-Feb-87
Todd Pierce Loran "Pete" 12-Feb-08 31-Oct-85
Todd William Harold "Bill" 14-Feb-11 4-Feb-55
Tofalvy Lillian L. 2-Sep-18 7-Jun-92
Tofflemire John Carl 8-Jun-68 9-Jun-68
Tolle Edward D. or G.   24-Mar-60
Tomberlin Alvin E. 3-Feb-18 26-Oct-99
Toney William Benjamin 11-Oct-05 21-Sep-50
Tonkin Albert Benjamin, Dr. 05 Dec 1879 19-Jan-34
Tonkin Cora B. 19 Jun 1885 4-Aug-63
Tonkin June C. 29-Jun-17 4-Feb-89
Toops Clarence Alvie 15 Feb 1886 1-Jan-58
Toops Della 01 Aug 1887 18-Sep-63
Torpey Dorothy Mabel 23-Apr-06 26-Mar-93
Torpey Philip Byron 19-Jun-05 1-Jan-88
Tourtelotte Verle L. "Bert" 7-Feb-06 22-Apr-74
Townsend Hugh Clyde 4-Dec-14 29-Aug-80
Tracy Alfred Lee "Skeets" 16-Aug-01 13-Aug-72
Tracy Denny 14-Sep-12 25-Apr-68
Tracy Lester Ellis 12-Sep-00 21-Feb-36
Tragde Chris 22-Jan-04 27-Apr-39
Trank Effa Mae 6-Jun-02 24-Dec-93
Trank William Earl 23 Aug 1894 7-Feb-79
Trask Glencora 31 Mar 1869 1-Apr-52
Travis Dirl 13-May-08 10-Sep-29
Travis Marion Kenneth   7-Apr-24
Treadway Linda Marie 17-Nov-48 12-Dec-96
Treat Arliss Fay 4-Jul-10 24-Sep-69
Trego Agnes M. 10-Sep-05 2-Feb-83
Trego Alonzo Marion 15 Jan 1870 26-Jul-37
Trego Alva B. 14-Jun-05 20-May-69
Trego Lottie Blanche 27 Sep 1872 17-Jul-55
Trembley Harry E. 25 Feb 1891 2-Feb-70
Trembley Hughbert Edmond 22-Feb-14 4-Jan-95
Trembley Margaret Alice 3-May-20 4-Dec-26
Trembley Sarah Ann 03 Feb 1894 7-May-81
Trenary May Alice 30 May 1898 27-Sep-87
Trenary Ralph, Sr. 13-Nov-00 16-Feb-83
Trent Beulah O. 20-Jul-12 18-Apr-84
Trent Ronald E. 1-Sep-02 22-Feb-73
Tresler Edith Josephine 25 Dec 1896 4-Oct-55
Tresler George W. 1890 8-Jun-50
Tressler Bobby Bert 10-May-38 21-Aug-41
Tressler Timothy Thomas 1-Aug-40 24-Jun-41
Treybig Clemens N. "Cotton" 18-Feb-23 14-Aug-91
Trompke Stanley Felix 12 Jan 1897 1-Dec-46
Trompke Stanton Leroy   12-Oct-40
Trostle Blanche 30 Aug 1886 1-Apr-83
Trudeau George F. 5-Oct-22 22-Jun-80
Trudeau Louise Marie 7-Jun-68 8-Jun-68
Trujillo Antonio Mario "Tony Lee" 25-Sep-05 15-Dec-73
Trujillo Antonio S. 01 Feb 1863 17-Mar-47
Trujillo Carmelita Sandoval 20 Aug 1892 11-Sep-67
Trujillo Joe   25-Jul-37
Trujillo Oliver 08 Dec 1895 16-Oct-49
Trujillo Tito, Jr. 18-Jul-30 27-Dec-49
Tschacher Albert John 11-Aug-16 9-Nov-77
Tschacher Monte Ray 12-Jan-73 31-Mar-80
Turay Joseph John 23-Jul-19 28-Oct-92
Turay Mary Lillian 6-Sep-20 5-Jun-67
Turnell Marshall W. "Marsh" 26-Mar-17 19-May-99
Turnell Ralph K. 19-Feb-13 16-Aug-49
Turnell Von 15-Aug-52 26-Dec-55
Turner Christopher 16-Jun-72 18-Jun-72
Turner Fred Eugene 22-Jun-19 27-Aug-99
Turner Oliver R. "Bud" 24-Oct-10 31-Mar-97
Turpen Donald Arthur 7-Apr-33 28-Feb-62
Turpen William Arthur 15-Oct-01 3-Apr-70
Tutton Marilyn Agnes 4-Dec-27 28-Feb-97
Tweedy Mary 19 Oct 1899 9-Oct-92
Tweedy William Albert 21-Apr-05 16-Oct-80
Tyler Scott Duane 2-Mar-65 24-Jan-76
Tyrey Luther Lilburn 28 Sep 1899 30-Nov-59