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Bureau County Illinois Death Records



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FAGAN Ellen; Township - Westfield; Village - Arlington; Reg. Dist. No. 56; Primary Dist No. 4078. Female; White; Married; Date of Birth: 04 JUN 1849. Age 67 Yrs., 9 Mos., 1 Day. Occupation: Housewife. Birthplace: Bureau Co., Illinois. Father: Thomas SCHENN; Father's Place of Birth: Ireland. Maiden name of Mother: Bridget DOWNEY; Mother's Place of Birth: Ireland. Informant: John FAGAN, Arlington, IL. Date of Death: 05 MAR 1917. Attended from March 4 to 5, 1917. Time of death: 4:20 p.m. Cause of death: Pneumonia. Contributory: Acute cardiac dilation. Place of Burial: St. Mary's Cemetery. Date of Burial: 07 MAR 1917

FAGAN Mary Elizabeth; Township - Ohio; Reg. Dist. No. 56; Primary Dist. No. 6099. Female; White; Widowed; Date of Birth: 17 AUG 1851. Age 70 Yrs., 2 Mos., 29 Days. Occupation: Housewife. Birthplace: Illinois. Father: David SCHEAN; Father's Place of Birth: Ireland. Maiden name of Mother: Mary DEXTER. Mother's place of Birth: Ireland. Informant: E.G. FAGAN, Great Falls, Montana. Date of Death: 16 NOV 1921. Attended from March 1919 to November 14, 1921. Time of death: 11:00 p.m.. Cause of death: Pernicious Anemia. Duration 2 Yrs., 6 mos. Signed J.M. O'MALLEY M.D., Ohio, Illinois; 17 NOV 1921 Telephone 692. Place of Burial. St. Mary's, Lee Co. Date of Burial: 19 NOV 1921. Undertaker: T.J. BURKE, Ohio, Ill.