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Lee County Illinois Marriages

A Free Genealogy Database of Lee County Illinois Marriages dating from 1839 to 1865


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**This database has been cross-referenced with the 1850 Illinois Census to provide more information**

ALEXANDER, James H. and CRAWFORD, Elizabeth by W.W. Bethea, J.P. 05 Nov 1844

ARNOLD, Cutler and HUFF, Emily, by Alex Hulin, M.G. 16 Oct 1841

1850 Illinois Census, DeKalb Co.,p. 337, Saminack Twp.

ARNOLD, Cutler, 31, Male, Farmer, born Ohio

Emily, 30, Female, born New York

Harry, 13, Male, born Illinois

Leroy, 9, Male, born Illinois

Martha, 7, Female, born Illinois

Theodore, 5, Male, born Illinois

ATKINSON, William and MELUGIN, Mary by John R. Robinson, J.P. 09 Jul 1843

BAILEY, Burton B. and BROWN, Minerva A., by Philo Judson, M.G. 20 Oct 1842

BAKER, Stephen and OUSTERTROUT, Dolly, by Rev. James Johnson 03 Jul 1865

BALDWIN, Frederick M. and TRIPP, Rumah, by Abel Gleason 16 Oct 1842

BANKS, James N. and WEST, Susan V. by John Hogan, M.G. 03 Sep 1844

BARTLETT, Enoch and MICKELE, Mary by O.F. Myres, M.G. 21 Nov 1844

BERRY, Ezra and MELUGIN, Sarah Eleanor, by John K. Robison, J.P. 19 Sep 1841

BOARDMAN, Isaac S. and DIXON, Mary L., by Thomas Powell, M.G. 08 Jul 1840

1850 Illinois Census, Lee Co.,p. 90, Dixon Twp.

BOARDMAN, Isaac S.,Jr., 34, Male, No Occupation, born New York

Mary L., 28, Female, born Illinois

Mary E., 8, Female, born Illinois

John D., 6, Male, born Illinois

William, 4, Male, born Illinois

Isaac S., Sr., 68, Male, born Connecticut

BOGARDUS, Henry W. and CHAPMAN, Jane, by F.R. Dutcher, J.P. 06 Nov 1841

BRADY, Nicholas and HALEY, Ann, by Louis Lightner, D.D. 01 Jul 1865

BRAMAN, John and HOWTON, Martha Jane **No date listed but found chronologically between 26 Aug and 19 Sep, 1840**

BRANDON, Benjamin F. and COURTRIGHT, Margaret, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 08 Oct 1841

1850 Illinois Census, Lee Co.,p. 105, China Twp.

BRANDON, Benjamin F., 38, Male, Farmer, Real Estate $1600, born Pennsylvania

Margaret, 22, Female, born Pennsylvania

Dennison, 6, Male, born Illinois

Milton, 5, Male, born Illinois

George M., 2, Male, born Illinois

William, 6 mos., Male, born Illinois

BREES, Andrew and MERIAN, Angeline by Geo. E. Haskell, J.P. 16 Jul 1843

BRESSON, Delphine and ANTOINE, Clarrissa, by M.J. Clarke, Catholic Priest 25 Jun 1865

BRIANT, Oliver B. and DOUGLASS, Mary T., by John Hetlex, M.G. 06 Apr 1842

BRIDGEMAN, Uriah B. and DOAN, Sarah, by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 19 Sep 1840

1850 Illinois Census, Lee Co.,p. 114, Amboy Twp.

BRIDGEMAN, Uriah, 31, Male, Farmer, Real Estate $600, born New York

Sarah, 32, Female, born Indiana

Henry, 9, Male, born Illinois

BROOKNER, Christopher and RAUCH, Mary Franziska by Philo Judson, M.G. 26 Jan 1843

BROWN, Abram and WHITNEY, Correlia by A.F. Ayers, M.G. 15 May 1844

1850 Illinois Census, Lee Co.,p. 94, Family # 153; Dixon Twp.

BROWN, Abram, 32, Male, Farmer, Real Estate $5000, born Canada

Corelia, 32, Female, born New York

Virginia H., 3, Female, born Illinois

Olga, 1, Female, born Illinois

MINER, Daniel A., 23, Male, Real Estate $1000, born New York

STREATER, Hannah, 18, Female, born Pennsylvania

BROWN, John and COTTON, Eliza, by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 23 Jun 1840

1850 Illinois Census, Lee Co.,p. 87, Dixon Twp.

BROWN, John, 40, Male, Mason, Real Estate $600, born Vermont

Eliza, 31, Female, born England

Jane, 9, Female, born Illinois

Emily R., 7, Female, born Illinois

Sarah, 5, Female, Born Illinois

Mary, 7 mos., Female, Born Illinois

BUCHAN, John C. and WATTS, Ann E., by Otis Dunbar, M.G. 18 Jun 1865

BUCKMAN, Henry S. and SPERRY, Mary H.A. by Joseph Gardiner, M.G. 14 Jul 1844

CAMPBELL, James and ROBINS, Anna C., by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 04 Jul 1840

1850 Illinois Census, Lee Co.,p. 87, Dixon Twp.

CAMPBELL, James, 36, Male, Merchant, Real Estate $2500, born Pennsylvania

Anna C., 30, Female, born New York

Julia, 8, Female, born Illinois

Ophilia, 6, Female, born Illinois

Sarah, 5, Female, Born Illinois

Mary, 7 mos., Female, Born Illinois

CAPPUNELL, Daniel and MONHOUSE, Dorcas by Charles T. Chase, J.P. 16 Nov 1843

CARPENTER, Leander and HAUKERSON, Mary, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 06 Jun 1842

1850 Illinois Census, Whiteside Co.,p. 429, Dist. 37; Family #1559

CARPENTER, Leander, 27, Male, Miller, Real Estate $2500, born Pennsylvania

Mary, 26, Female, born Pennsylvania

William, 7, Male, born Illinois

Mary A., 3 mos., Female, born Illinois

CASHMER, Samuel and HAND, Hattie, by Simeon Cole, J.P. 02 Jul 1865

CHAMBERLIN, Eber B. and CHAMBERLIN, Louisa by John Hogan, M.G. 10 Mar 1844

1850 Illinois Census, Kane Co.,p. 28, Elgin Twp.; Family #484

CHAMBERLIN, Eber B., 25, Male, Blacksmith, Real Estate $1000, born New York

Louisa, 25, Female, born New York

Alice, 4, Female, born Illinois

Oliver, 2, Male, born Illinois

CHAPMAN, Mendock M. and HUTTON, Jane by Wm. W. Buck 14 Dec 1843

CLEARLAND, Henry W. and SMITH, Rowena by James De Pui, M.G. 23 Oct 1839

COE, Henry A. and MOON, Elmina, by Thomas Powell, M.G. 30 Jun 1841

COLVER, Porter and HAWLEY, Laura, by John Hogan, M.G. 22 Nov 1841

CROPSEY, Josiah M. and PETERSON, Mary, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 10 Sep 1842

CROSBY, Edward and MICKLE, Elizabeth by Frederick R. Dutcher, J.P. 13 Aug 1843

CROSBY, Harvey and SPAULDING, Cyntha E., by Harvey Morgan, Probate J.P. 25 Jun 1840

CURTIS, Moses L. and ROGERS, Huldah R. by Otis A. Eddy, Probate J.P. 14 Apr 1844

CUTSHAW, Joshua B. and CROSBY, Deantha B., by Frederick R. Dutcher, J.P. 27 Feb 1840

DAVIS, Lewis and ILLINGSWORTH, Ann, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 21 Jan 1841

DICKINSON, Alanson and HARROLD, Mary Ann, by Cyrus Chamberlin, J.P. 26 Aug 1840

DICKINSON, Chas. M. and ROBINSON, Polly by Norman Warriner 01 Jun 1844

DODSON, Joel R. and HAWLEY, Huldah, by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 28 May 1840

DORNAN, Mark and REICRAFT, Alice by F.R. Dutcher, J.P. 01 May 1843

DOTY, Elisha and JONES, Catherine, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 23 Jun 1842

DUDLEY, Jeremiah and HUTTON, Susan Ann by John Hogan, M.G. 17 Oct 1844

EDDY, Otis A. and EDSON, Harriet C. by John Hogan, M.G. 14 Oct 1844

FISH, Henry and BARNES, Launette *No date listed, but found between Feb and May 1840*

FOSTER, Jeremiah and AXDLE, Polly, by David Welty, J.P. 27 Jan 1841

FRY, John and CLINETOP, Mary, by S. Stocking 20 Jan 1842

GALE, Milo and TALMAN, Eveline by WHITNEY, Nathan, J.P. 03 Mar 1844

GAYLORD, Elisha and MOORE, Olive by F.R. Dutcher, J.P. 05 Mar 1844

GOODELL, Andrew P. and HAWKINS, Alice B., by H. Healy, Jr., M.G. 20 May 1841

GRAY, Abial F. and FENDER, Ann by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 18 Jan 1844

GRIDLEY, R.W. and WHEAT, J., by S.W. Phelps, M.G. 20 Jun 1865

HAMILTON, Jude W. and ANTHONY, Susan E., by Daniel Rorkwith, M.G. 08 Nov 1842

HARRINGTON, Chester and CHAMBERLIN, Zarina, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 14 Nov 1843

HASKELL, George E. and CHADWICK, Abigal L., by Erastus DeWolf, M.G. 13 Jun 1841

HAWLEY, Albert and CHAMBERLIN, Ann by Loomis Benjamin, M.G. 09 Oct 1844

HEDLOCK, Hiram and MERWIN, Augustine by Rev. John Hogen, M.G. 10 Jul 1843

HOBROOK, S. George and SEAWARK, Martilla, by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 24 Dec 1840

HOLBROOK, Enos and FELLOWS, Rachel, by L.S. Walker, M.G. 02 Jun 1842

HOLCRAFT, Adam and SHAW, Sarah by Henry Healy, M.G. 26 Jan 1840

HOOK, Aaron Jr. and SPENCER, Matilda by Chester S. Badger, J.P. 10 May 1840

HOPKINS, Robert and MEITCHEL, Betsey by Rufus Parks, M.G. 14 Sep 1844

HOPPS, William and SMITH, Martha by Charles Morris, M.G. 05 Oct 1839

HORNER, William and MCDERMOTT, Jane, by J. Doty 27 Jun 1865

HUBBARD, Charles F. and GRAHAM, Helen by H. Morgan, Probate J.P. 29 Apr 1843

HUBBARD, Elias and SHAW, Sarah by G.P. Haskell, J.P. 31 May 1843

HUBBARD, Thomas S. and KEPLER, Catharine by Charles T. Chase, J.P. 30 Mar 1844

HUNASTEN, Henry H. and MASON, Lavina by Rev. Philo Judson, M.G. 03 Jul 1843

JOHNSON, Jonas M. and MASON, Calista by Washington Wilcox, M.G. 10 Apr 1844

JOHNSON, S. Waters and CARLEY, Ann E., by Thomas Powell, M.G. 04 Jul 1840

JUDD, William and MELUGIN, Elizabeth by Samuel Julian, M.G. 03 Dec 1844

KEYS, Marshall M. and MCDONALDS, Barbara, by Anson B. Church, M.G. 28 Nov 1840

KIMBLE, Horris and CROSBY, Lowis by Thomas Tourtillett, M.G. 14 Mar 1843

KNOB, Leborius and WAGNER, Elizabeth, by W.W. DeWolf, County Judge 24 Jun 1865

LANE, William H. and BLISS, Auriel by Geo. E. Haskell, J.P. 30 Jul 1843

LATHROP, Curtis G. and BERRY, Purlina, by W. Wrigley, M.G. 09 Nov 1841

LAWRENCE, John and ROGERS, Eliza, by Philo Judson, M.G. 23 Nov 1842

LITTLE, Andrew and ROP, Charity **No date listed, but found chronologically between 08 Jul and 26 Aug, 1840**

LORD, John and ACCATON, Ann E., by A. Gaston, M.G. 13 May 1841

LOVELAND, Richard B. and CLUTES, Susanah S. by Rev. B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 24 May 1843

MALONE, Charles and MALEY, Hannah, by M.J. Clarke, Catholic Priest 12 Jul 1865

MARBLE, Butler E. and CRAWFORD, Matilda, by Harvey Morgan, Probate J.P. 25 May 1840

MARTIN, Jacob and CURTIS, Margrett S. by L.C. Gilbert, M.G. 29 Apr 1844

MARTIN, Simeon T. and MONTGOMERY, Catharine by John Morrill, M.G. 26 Mar 1844

MATHEWS, Alpheus J. and BETHEA, Abiline by H. Morgan, Probate J.P. 11 Nov 1839

MCDONALD, Thomas H. and PERKINS, Palsey by John Dexter, J.P. 25 Apr 1844

MCGRAW, Edward and VEDENBURG, Charlotte by Louis Parodi, M.G. 10 Nov 1844

MCKENNEY, Daniel and LOVELAND, Mary by C. Chamberlin, J.P. 25 Nov 1839

MCKENNEY, Daniel B. and WHITNEY, Eliza Ann, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 21 Sep 1842

MCKENNEY, James and WHITNEY, Harriet by Cyrus Chamberlin, J.P. 01 Jan 1840

MCMOORE, Andrew and ENDERTON, Jane by L.C. Gilbert, M.G. 16 Feb 1843

MELUGIN, Samuel and MCELYES, Aramenta by John K. Robison, J.P. 20 Apr 1843

MERCER, William and KNOX, Polly, by P.I. Strong, M.G. 15 Oct 1840

MERRILL, Obediah and CHAMBERLIN, Pluma, by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 15 Mar 1840

MILLER, Jonas B. and PHILKINS, Rhoda by S.D. McDowall, J.P. 24 Dec 1839

MONTGOMERY, Robert R. and POWERS, Nancy, by A. Gaston, M.G. 22 Feb 1841

MOORE, Henry and CHURCH, Jane E. by Joseph Gardner, M.G. 14 Mar 1844

NASH, John B. and JOHNSTON, Elizabeth, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 26 Dec 1841

NEAL, John and BERRY, Frances by John K. Robison, J.P. 22 Mar 1843

NEWMAN, Jesse and RICHARDSON, Lucy Ann by Frederick R. Dutcher, J.P. 14 Dec 1843

NEWMAN, John W. and HAUKERSON, Mercy Ann, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 06 Jun 1842

NEWMAN, Silas and RUDEIS, Mary E., by David Welty, J.P. 23 Apr 1842

OSBORN, Alonzo L. and MILLER, Abagail by John Hetzler, M.G. 01 Dec 1844

PALMER, Eli J. and WARNER, Carisa S. by L.C. Gilbert, M.G. 02 Mar 1843

PARKS, Joseph C. and BANTA, Susan, by John Hogan, M.G. 29 Jun 1841

PELTHIER, Charles and SAWYER, Mary by John K. Robinson, J.P. 21 Jan 1844

PETERSON, John and LARSON, Julia, by C.J. Peterson, Pastor of Norwegian Lutheran Church 24 Jun 1865

PHILLIPS, Shepard and TRIPP, Hannah by Samuel C. Julian, M.G. 25 Jan 1844

PLUMMER, John and THUMMELL, Augusta by L.C. Gilbert, M.G. 18 Mar 1843

PLUMMER, Thomas and THUMMEL, Emma by H. Morgan, Probate J.P. 09 Feb 1840

PORTER, Aaron L. and WARNER, Sarah Ann, by A. Gaston, M.G. 25 Jun 1840

POWER, James H. and TRAITOR, Martha, by H. Morgan, Probate J.P. 08 Sep 1840

REED, Ambrose and NORIS, Elizabeth A. by George D. Reed, J.P. 01 Dec 1844

REED, Ezekiel and SEABY, Mary by L.C. Gilbert, M.G. 20 Mar 1843

RICE, Robert and SHEAN, Susan, by R.W. Dickason, J.P. 29 Jun 1865

RICHARDSON, Martin and MICKELL, Emily by F.R. Dutcher, J.P. 16 Dec 1843

ROBINSON, William C. and HANSON, Harriett M. by Nathan Whitney, J.P. 24 Sep 1844

ROGERS, Walter L. and FELLOWS, Hannah by Philo Judson, M.G. 29 Feb 1844

SALOR, Hugh and THOMAS, Hannah, by Charles T. Chase, J.P. 25 Dec 1841

SARTORIUS, Henry and BROWN, Wilhemina by Seth H. Whitmore, J.P. 28 Sep 1843

SAWYER, Lysander C. and SHUMWAY, Charlotte, by George E. Haskell, J.P. 28 Sep 1840

SCOTT, John and RINGOLD, Charity *No date listed but found between 13 Aug 1843 and 28 Sep 1843*

SEAMAN, Willet and GILBRAITH, Emeline by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 12 Dec 1844

SMITH, Alanson and ALWAY, Susan, by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 04 Nov 1840

SMITH, David and CARR, Elizabeth Jane, by John K. Robison, J.P. 07 Jun 1840

SMITH, Erastus and ROSS, Jane by John K. Robinson, J.P. 06 Oct 1844

SMITH, Jethro and MICKEL, Betsey, by F.R. Dutcher, J.P. 01 Jan 1842

STARKES, Edward W. and CAMP, Hemeda by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 19 Nov 1844

STEVENS, Daniel C. and COGGINS, Elizabeth A., by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 04 Jul 1840

STONE, Jacob G. and EELE, Lydia Ann by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 11 Aug 1844

STONE, Samuel and POWERS, Eliza, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 03 Nov 1842

THOMAS, Evans and WHITMORE, Harriet M. by Loomis Benjamin, M.G. 10 Nov 1844

THOMPSON, William and BAILEY, Mary Jane **No date listed, but found chronologically between 23 Jun and 10 Sep 1842**

THUMBITIGIN, Noah and SMYLE, Sarah, by J.L. Tuttle 01 Jul 1863

THURSTON, Nelson and MCCLURE, Jane, by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 08 Dec 1841

TILTON, William W. and HUBBARD, Eliza Ann by John Morrill, M.G. 03 Nov 1844

TOWON, Hosea R. and GOBLE, Jane Ann by Norman Warriner, M.G. 17 Dec 1844

TOWNSEND, Benjamin and TURTILLOTT, Elizabeth by Thomas Turtillott, M.G. 07 Dec 1843

WESLEY, William Y. and COOPER, Louisa Ann by Seth H. Whitmore, J.P. 12 Nov 1852

WETZLER, Gustavus and DOMBACK, Louisa by Smith Gilbraith, J.P. 10 Oct 1839

WHITMORE, Seth H. and NASH, Mabel by B.B. Carpenter, M.G. 29 Sep 1844

WILLIAMSON, George and EDSON, Anna, by Rev. G.L.S. Stuff, M.G. 04 Jul 1865

WOODS, James and THUMMEL, Henrietta, by H. Morgan, Probate J.P. 18 Jan 1841

WRIGHT, Martin and BARNY, Charlotte M., by Luke Hitchcock, M.G. 18 Jun 1840