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Jefferson County Kansas Marriages

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Partial List

ADAMS, John and TIBBOT, Sarah E., both of Johnson Co., at house of Samuel TIBBOT; 19 Dec 1865

AIKEN, John and MICHAEL, Lanny 14 Feb 1867

ALLISON,Orsamas and WARD, Lourena 23 Dec 1866

ARBAUGH, George and WARD, Delphia, both of Sarcoxie Twp., 02 Dec 1866

ARMISTEAD, John and PITMAN, Rebecca Ellen 12 Jun 1864

ARNOLD, J.B., age 19, and EDWARDS, Jannes E., age 18, both of Sarcoxie Twp., married at Oskaloosa 03 Nov 1866

BAINS, Simpson and ALLEN, Martha J., married in Kentucky Twp. 10 Mar 1867

BALES, Aaron of Douglas Co. and BRADFORD, Mrs. Almena of Jefferson Co. 06 Oct 1864

BANFIELD, Holman, age 51 and CRONE, Rachel, age 34; married 24 Aug 1865

BARBER, John W. and HOLDING, Mrs. Penelope 03 May 1864

BARNES, Jacob and FERGUSON, Elizabeth, married at Rock Creek 25 Feb 1866

BARNHART, David and BONHAM, Eliza Jane 25 Dec 1866

BARTIMIS, Peter of Linn Co., and SMITH, Elizabeth G.F. of Jefferson Co. 27 Aug 1865

BATES, Charles and BRADSHAW, Mary Ann "Annie" 03 Apr 1866

BATES, Perry and BATES, America 05 May 1866

BATES, William and MCKELVEY, Nancy Jane 05 Oct 1865

BAUGUESS, Eli P. of Saline Co. and WHEELER, Eveline of Jefferson Co. 15 Aug 1865

BAYES, Samuel and THOMPSON, Hannah, Negroes, 16 Jun 1866

BELL, John and TUCKER, Juliana 22 Oct 1865

BENING, Aaron and TAYLOR, Adaline, Negroes, 17 Jun 1866

BENNET, Jeremiah H. and MACOMBER, Caroline, married at house of J.H. BENNET, Esq. 25 Apr 1865

BERKEMAIER, Antony and AHRENS, Rosa, married at house of Antony HAAS 17 Jan 1864

BEST, Henry F. and SHALL, Mary A. 27 Dec 1866

BILLINGS, John B. and BETTS, Mary M. 27 Dec 1863

BISHOP, J.W., age 29 of Grasshopper Falls, and HOSKINSON, Hannah, age 20 of Oskaloosa 11 Nov 1866

BIXLEY, Samuel and WEST, Mary, both of North Lawrence, Jefferson Co. 29 Nov 1865

BLACKMAN, Elijah G. and BLAND, Lucy 01 Apr 1866

BLEVENS, William R. and ALLAR, Caroline 06 Apr 1865

BLEVINS, Jonathan and WIX, Mrs. Mary, both of Rock Creek Twp. 24 Mar 1865

BORT, Frederic and MILLER, Mrs. Sarah 09 Apr 1865

BOWMER, Jesse and TANNEHILL, Emily, both of Grasshopper Falls 15 Jan 1865

BRONSON, Horace and ZEILOR, Rebecca 28 Sep 1862

BROWN, Harrison H. and JAMES, Louisa 11 Nov 1866

BROWN, Samuel H. and ROOT, Sarah 17 Nov 1861

BRUTON, Addington and MINER, Sarah C. 03 Mar 1864

BUNCH, America and HARRIS, Jane, both of Easton, Leavenworth Co., married at Grasshopper Falls 19 Mar 1865

BUNDY, Milton J. and EDWARDS, Maria, married at house of Levi WHITE 25 Sep 1865

BURNES, Squire, age 26 and MYERS, Eliza A., age 23, married 04 Mar 1866

BURNS, Charles and PUCKETT, Emily 15 Nov 1865

BUSH, Charles and LANGLEY, Mary 05 Feb 1865

BUZBEE, Charles and HOWARD, Elizabeth A., both of Winchester 26 Sep 1865

BUZBEE, John and SMITH, Rose Ann 05 Mar 1866

BYRUM, Alfred G. and FRENCH, Clara A., marriage filed on 06 Jan 1866

CANIVAN, Michael and TAFF, Mira Mina, both of Sarcoxie Twp. 06 Dec 1866

CARPER, Presly of Leavenworth Co. and TURPIN, Alice of Jefferson Co. 22 Aug 1866

CARTER, Edward L. and DUPEE, M.J. married March 1867

CASEBIER, Johnathan C. and CASEBIER, Mrs. Eleanor 23 Jul 1865

CASHATT, John and GRANT, Mary Jane, married at house of bride's father 24 Feb 1867

CASS, T.M. and THURMAN, Mary Jane, both of Jefferson Twp. 01 Feb 1865

CATHER, John and PROPHITT, Kitty Ann 04 Oct 1863

CATT, William and WILSON, Nancy Jane 10 Nov 1864

CAVENAUGH, Jeremiah and MCCLURE, Naomi 22 Jun 1862

CELOR, John and STUKESBERY, Letha Jane 17 Mar 1864

CHAMBERS, Frank and HICKS, Harriett J. 15 Mar 1865

CHILSON, John G. and HON, Elizabeth E., married at Grasshopper Falls 02 Sep 1866

CLARK, George and CLARK Casie, acknowledgment of marriage 09 May 1866

CLARK, J.E. and DANIELS, Hulday M., married at house of bride's mother 17 Dec 1863

CLARK, Levi and MILLS, Ellen 24 Feb 1866

CLARK, Samuel, age 48 and RICH, Medina, age 32, borth of Oskaloosa Twp. 07 Mar 1865

CLINE, Amon and HARE, Martha 05 Apr 1863

CLINE, William and WOLF, Lucy 18 May 1862

COCK, Andrew and MCKNIGHT, Berthenah H. 26 Jul 1864

COLE, George N. and MILNE, Elizabeth, both of Shawnee Co. 01 Apr 1866

COLLINS, Zacheus and DRAKE, Phebe E. 31 Mar 1867

COMBS, Gilbert and WARD, Rinda 08 Oct 1864

CONWELL, Ezra J., age 26 of Oskaloosa and DICKINSON, Louisa K., age 19 of White Cloud, Doniphan Co., married at Oskaloosa 22 Dec 1864

CONWELL, James and PORTER, Margaret 11 Mar 1862

CONWELL, John W. of Oskaloosa and FITZSIMONS, Levina 10 Feb 1867

CORBIN, Burton and ROUSE, Martha L. 15 Aug 1864

COWAN, John W. and SMITH, Alice 20 Feb 1867

COY, Henry A. and EVANS, Maria, married in Oskaloosa 19 Mar 1867

CREEK, Isaiah and FISHER, Nancy A. 18 Jan 1866

CREEK, Milton and SAMPLES, Rutha 19 Jun 1861

CREEK, Milton and POOL, Elizabeth 21 Sep 1865

CRITCHER, Charles D., age 45 of Leavenworth Co. and HAZLEWOOD, Sophia of Jefferson Co. 29 Dec 1864

CRONE, John A., age 24 and CASEBIER, Elizabeth, age 25, married at house of George W. GRAYSON 26 Jun 1866

CRONE, John and LOGSDON, Rebecka 27 Aug 1863

CROSBY, William and PRENTICE, Maria Hellen 20 Nov 1864

CROSIER, William R. and LECKEY, Mary D. 06 Feb 1866

CROSSMAN, C. and BIDDLE, Mary E. 23 Apr 1865

CROWEL, John and BROWN, Nancy, married at house of Jacob BROWN in Ozawkie Twp. 13 Apr 1862

CRUMP, George and PUCKET, Eliza 20 Sep 1862

CURTIS, Orin A. of Shawnee Co. and FUNK, Rachel of Jefferson Co. 27 Jul 1863

CUSHING, James M. and SALLEE, Isabel C. 22 Jul 1866

CUSHINGBURY, James and CUSHINGBURY, Phillis, Negroes, 16 Jun 1866

DANIELS, Benjamin, age 67 of Oskaloosa and KEMP, Rebecca, age 43 of Fairfield 09 Oct 1864

DANIELS, Stephen P. and FOWLER, Jane 02 Feb 1865

DARK, S.S. and BOND, Elizabeth 24 Dec 1865

DAVIESS, Levi and FULLER, Nancy 28 Dec 1865

DAVIS, Andrew and WOODS, Susanna 25 Jan 1866

DAVIS, David of Platte Co., Missouri and COPPINGER, Margaret, married at house of bride's father 14 Feb 1867

DAVIS, Oliver of Missouri and HENLY, Ann of Jefferson Co.

DAWSON, John and DAWSON, Martha, acknowledgment of marriage 01 May 1866

DEMING, Horace C., age 31, and NEWELL, Mary M., age 21, both of Oskaloosa 09 Sep 1866

DERRET, Matthew and WASHINGTON, Carlinia, Negroes, 25 Dec 1865

DIX, William M. and MCKIBBEN, Elizabeth 31 Jul 1866

DOBBINS, Jackson and WALKER, Anna, marriage filed 06 Jan 1866

DONTERVILLE, Max and RADOR, Sarah 25 Jun 1863

DOWNIE, Robert and HENLEY, Sarah Jane 06 Dec 1866

DOWNING, Joshua and PARIS, Susan 17 May 1863

DRAKE, William Alexander and THOMPSON, Elizabeth Catharine 12 Dec 1864

DUNN, Burney, age 21 of Miami Co. and CARTER, Harriet L., age 18 of Jefferson Co., married at house of bride's father 24 Aug 1865

DUPUY, Adam and BIVINS, Margaret 31 May 1863

ELSON, Henry and BIRD, Malinda F. 13 Nov 1861

EMILY, Frederic and ESSON, Mary J., married in Sarcoxie Twp. 01 Jan 1867

EVANS, Eli, age 25 of Oskaloosa and COY, Josephine Rose, age 19 of Leavenworth Co. 09 Jan 1866

EVANS, Lemuel, age 19 less one month, and TRAPP, Sarah Emeline, age 15, both of Oskaloosa 17 Nov 1861

EWBANK, George and SMITH, Lucinda 04 Aug 1861

FAGER, Abraham and RHOADS, Betsey 19 Apr 1866

FARNHAM, Moulton G. of Topeka and FOSTER, Jennie M., married at house of Woodin FOSTER near Lecompton in Jefferson Co. 07 Nov 1861

FARRAR, Samuel and ALEXANDER, Elizabeth A. "Clarissa" 09 Aug 1861

FAUBIAN, John W. and MEREDITH, Julia A. 25 Nov 1866

FELLIS, James and MINER, Locky M., both of Grasshopper Falls Twp. 17 Apr 1862

FERGERSON, Henry of Douglas Co. and LEGER, Orlena L. 19 Jun 1864

FERRILL, Isaac and MARSH, Elizabeth 18 Dec 1864

FIDLER, Robert and LASATOR, Mary Ann, both of Oskaloosa 14 Sep 1865

FINGERLY, John and ROOT, Nancy, married at house of Samuel BROWN in Ozawkie Twp. 13 Apr 1862

FINNICUM, M.S. and MERCER, Sarah of Winchester 10 Oct 1861

FISHER, James and DUNN, Lucelia, married in Dec 1864, marriage filed for record 10 Feb 1865

FISHER, Richard and PHILLIPS, Elisa 15 Oct 1863

FITZGERALD, John and LEAVERTON, Emeline 17 Oct 1865

FITZSIMONS, Joseph, age 40 and FINICUM, Mary P., age 27, both of Oskaloosa 07 Feb 1864

FLETCHER, James and SARBER, Hester 26 Feb 1865

FORD, James and BROWN, Mariah E., both of Sarcoxie Twp. 23 Aug 1866

FORD, John and HENLY, Louisa 13 Jan 1867

FRANKLIN, Stephen and BROWN, Martha, Negroes, 16 Jun 1866

FRAZIER, Braxton and ARBUCKLE, Mary Ann, Negroes, 16 Aug 1866

FREEDLE, David and WOODS, Sarah E. 23 Apr 1865

FULLER, Johnson and COOLY, Mary, both of Jackson Co. 07 Oct 1863

FUNK, John M. and PITTMAN, Mary 18 Jan 1866

GARRETT, Bracken M. and COCK, Susannah 21 Aug 1864

GARRETT, Matthew F. and HENDRICKSON, Melvina 08 Jun 1862

GATHER, Henry H. and COONROD, Lydia E. 09 Jun 1864

GILL, James H. of Shawnee Co. and GAMBLE, Lydda Jane of Jefferson Co., married at Oskaloosa 05 Jan 1865

GILSTRAP, James and BALDWIN, Sarah Ann 03 Mar 1867

GILSTRAP, Joseph and ADAMS, Serena, married at Oskaloosa 21 Feb 1864

GISH, peter and NININGER, Susan 13 Sep 1864

GLASSEL, John C. and PARNELL, Mary A., both of Grasshopper Falls Twp. 29 Mar 1866

GOSEJACOB, John Henry and KARNS, Mariah Elizabeth 09 Jun 1863

GOULD, William of Franklin Co. and SECREST, Rebecca of Sarcoxie Twp., Jefferson Co. 24 Mar 1865

GRAGG, Benjamin H. and GREGORY, Amanda E. 12 Dec 1865

GRAYSON, George and CRONE, Nancy 07 Dec 1861

GRAYSON, George W. and ROWE, Mary, married at house of W.N. ALLEN, Esq. 03 Mar 1864

GREGORY, M.H. and CHANDLER, Leander M. 25 Jan 1866

GREGORY, William and GOINGS, Malissa A. 04 Feb 1866

GRIFFIN, Allen and HICKS, Ellen 08 Oct 1866

GRIFFITH, Nathan and THOMPSON, Mary D. 15 Apr 1866

HACKER, Owen and ARMSTRONG, Alice 15 Jan 1867

HAMLETON, John and TOWNSEND, Mary Ann 14 Jan 1866

HANLON -----, and MIOTT, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1864

HANONS, Russel C. and SCAGGS, Rebecca 03 Feb 1867

HARRIS, Scipio and WHITE, Mary 27 May 1866

HARRIS, William and DENTON, Millie Jane 05 Jul 1866