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Buffalo County Nebraska Marriages

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1871-1873 Marriages

Indexed by Name of Groom

BARRETT, S.A., 45, White, born in New Hampshire, son of Levi Barrett and Sallie Baldwin; Bride was DIKEMAN, A.A., 41, born in NY; by J.J.W. Place, M.G. 22 Nov 1872

CURRY, OWEN and HAVERTY, Kate by I.M. Ryan 20 Aug 1871

CLIFTON, C.C. and DUNKAN, Mary by C. Putman, J.P. 05 Nov 1871

DICKINSON, Nathaniel, 29, White, born Northfield, Mass., son of N.P. Dickinson and Adelia Williams; Bride was GLEASON, Harriet E., 33, White, born in Malone, NY, daughter of Sherman C. Gleason and Rhoda Goodrich; by J.J.W. Place, M.G. 17 May 1872

GEORGE, N.C., 21, White, born in Danvers, Mass., son of L.D. George and H. Guilford; Bride was ALLEN, Ruth E., 19, White, daughter of J.N. Allen; by D. Allen Crowell, M.G. 23 Dec 1873

HENSLEY, J.P., 35, White, born in Ohio, son of Joseph Hensley and Arinth Collins; Bride was RYAN, Mary A.B., 18, White, born in Ohio, daughter of Henry Ryan and Lucy Gring; by Charles S. Marvin, M.G. 28 Oct 1873

HICK, Robert H., 23, White, born in England, son of Robert Hick and Maria Weddall; Bride was HUBBARD, Eva M., 17, White, born in Ohio, daughter of T.J. Hubbard and Janet J. Fowler; by J.E. Rickey, J.P. 21 Jan 1873

HOGE, George, 29, White, son of Thomas Hoge and Susan Staggers; Bride was SMITH, Mary A., 28, White, daughter of John Smith, both born in Penn.; by William Morse, M.G. 24 Apr 1873

HOUPT, Jacob, 22, White, born in Penn.,, son of Robert Houpt and Mary Anderson; Bride was PORTER, Viola E., 14, White, born in Ohio, daughter of S. Porter and Isabella Clarke; by A. Collins, M.G. 17 Feb 1873

HUBBARD, E.D., 23, White, born in Burton, Ohio, son of T.J. Hubbard and Julia J. Fowler; Bride was TRACY, Frank, 24, White, daughter of Gordon F. Tracy and Cynthia Smith; by J. Marsh, M.G. 25 Dec 1873

JENSEN, Gars, 25, White, born in Denmark, son of Frederick Jensen; Bride was BARCHICT, Mary E., 21, White, born in Wisconsin, daughter of Theodore Barchict; by F.S. True, Probate Judge 16 Aug 1872

KEITH, Joseph H., 25, White, born in Vermont, son of Joseph Keith and H. Harding; Bride was CARTER, Alma E., 18, White, born in Maine, daughter of E.B. Carter and M.E. Micheals; by William Morse, M.G. 07 Dec 1873

MACKEY, John N., 24, White, born in Penn., son of Grimes Mackey and Mary Cassady; Bride was NEWELL, Alice, 18, White, born in Iowa; by J.E. Kelsey, J.P. 04 Aug 1873

MITCHELL, J.H., 33, White, born in Ill., son of W.D. Mitchell and Anna Darter; Bride was BORNICK, Lydia, 22, White, born in Iowa; by L.B. Fiefield 05 Jul 1873

MORSE, H.W., 27, White, born in Vermon, son of A.B. Morse and M.J. Warrien; Bride was THROOP, Ida A., 17, White; by William Morse, M.G. 25 Dec 1872

OWEN, Joseph and OLIVER, Sarah E. 04 Nov 1871

PATTERSON, W.W., 44, White, born in New York., son of William Patterson; Bride was GIDDINGS, Patty M., White, born in Ill.; by A. Collins, M.G. 29 Aug 1872

PRAHL, Frederik Emil, 34, White, born in Denmark, son of Saul C. Prahl and Karen Maria Haahl; Bride was SORENSEN, Christine, 22, White, born in Denmark, daughter of Hans C. and Pauline Sorensen; by F.S. True, Probate Judge 03 Sep 1872

PREW, William R., 24, White, son of Nelson Prew and ??; Bride was GEORGE, E.M., 19, White, daughter of L.D. George; by J. Marsh, M.G. 23 Oct 1873

RYAN, Henry, 48, White, born in Virginia, son of Thomas and Susanna Ryan; Bride was LAMMA, Anna M., 43, White, born in Penn., daughter of John N. Jack and Mary Ann Robinson; by Josiah McKee, J.P. 29 Aug 1873

SILVERMAIL, George H., 27, White, born in Ohio, son of Calvin T. Silvermail and A. Rathbun; Bride was HOWE, Marcia E., 22, White, born in New Hampshire, daughter of George W. Howe and Sarah M. Cass; by J.J.W. Place, M.G. 17 Nov 1872

TAYLOR, Thomas J., 25 and FOX, Elizabeth; by Charles S. Marvin, M.G. 11 Mar 1873

THOMAS, Horatio, 22, White, born in Detroit, Mich., son of R. and Mary; Bride was WASHBURN, Sarah A., 20, White, born in NY, daughter of A. and Sarah; by J.J.W. Place, M.G. 17 Nov 1873

THOMSON, O.E., 25, White, born in England, son of William Thomson and Jane Mathews; Bride was LEW, Clara E., 25, White, born in U.S., daughter of Joseph Lew and ?? Hatch; by Patrick Walst, Probate Judge 06 Aug 1871

TROWBRIDGE, Loren J., 24, White, and MCCORMICK, Annastacia, 22, White; by J.M. Ryan, M.G. 16 Nov 1873

WISE, Richard C., 29, White, born in Ohio, son of C. and Betsy Wise; Bride was WALLACE, Margaret E., 19, White, born in Ohio, daughter of James and Rugh Ann Wallace; by Charles S. Marvin, M.G. 16 Oct 1873