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Frontier County Nebraska Marriages

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1872-1884 Marriages

Indexed by Groom

BERRY, A.C. of Lincoln Co., 36, son of M. Berry and Elizabeth Subes. Bride was BAKER, Lydia of Frontier Co., 19, daughter of Samuel P. Baker and June Woods. Testimony by Jasper P. Twiss, age 26. By Rev. George C. Carothers on Wednesday, 10 Dec 1882. Witnesses: George W. Carothers and wife and Amanda Lockwood.

BURKE, Peter, 23, born in Illinois, son of John and Margaret Burke. Bride was SHURVINGTON, Lizzie E. of Frontier Co., 23, born in Illinois, daughter of Joseph Shurvington and Lucy Timons. By Rev. George C. Carothers at Fox Creek 15 Oct 1882. Witnesses: George Carothers and Fred Schick of Frontier Co., Kate Carothers and Minnin Schick of Frontier and Lincoln Cos.

DAILEY, Edward, 22, born in New York, son of Warren S. Dailiey and Philinda Hemmingway. Bride was SAMS, Mary C., 19, born in Iowa, daughter of James Sams and Anna B. Graff. Testimony by James Sams. By Exom White, J.P. at Stowe PO 29 Aug 1882. Witnesses: James and Annie B. Sams

DEGERING, Harrison A. of Frontier Co., 30 (Also given as age 21), born in Pennsylvania, son of Henry DeGering and Louisa Kolle. Bride was MILLS, Maggie M., of Frontier Co., 17, born in Kansas, daughter of Robt. Mills and Mary Ham. Testimony by Louis DeGering, 30. By Judge Allen 25 Dec 1883. Witnesses: Alvin J. Mecham and Louis DeGering.

LANE, Charles, of Frontier Co., 29, born in Columbia, Wisconsin, son of Henry Lane and Mary Rutherford. Bride was ALLEN, Myra, of Frontier Co., 16, daughter of William Allen and Margaret Wren. By Michael Mousel, J.P. 02 Apr 1881 at residence of Mr. Mousel. Witnesses: William Larue and Viola Allen.

MCMANUS, Asa of Stockville, Nebraska, 31, born in New York, son of Robert and Ruth McManus. Bride was BORDEN, Jennie, of Amboy, Illinois, 36, born in Louisville, KY, daughter of Robert and Jennie Grant. Testimony by Lawrence Carroll. By Judge Allen at Equality PO 17 Mar 1882. Witnesses: Margaret W. Allen and Lawrence Carroll, Sr., both of Equality, NE.

MECHAM, Alvin Jones of Nebraska, 23, born in Missouri, son of Cornelius G. Mecham and Esther Ann Owens. Bride was ALLEN, Maggie Viola of Nebraska, 19, born in Michigan, daughter of William H. Allen and Margaret J. Wren. Age testimony by Esther Ann Mecham. By A. Exom White, J.P. at Afton PO 08 Mar 1882. Witnesses: James Henderson and Sadie A. White. **Note - See marriage under LANE, Charles**

MILLER, Charles A. of Red Willow, 22, born in England, son of Charles S. Miller and Elizabeth Hatkins; Bride was DAVIS, Drusilla E., of Red Willow, 16, born in Kansas, daughter of Isaac and Mary E. Davis. By Samuel F. Watts, Judge, 02 Aug 1873

MORROW, James, of Frontier Co., 27, born in Canada, son of John Morrow and Annie Noblet. Bride was THORNDIKE, Alice C., of Frontier Co., 25, born in Illinois, daughter of George W. Thorndike and Abbey Safes. By W.S. Hampton, Minister of Gospel, at Afton PO, 06 Apr 1881. Witnesses: E.S. Child and Mrs. William Mann, both of Afton.

ROGERS, Russell, of Frontier Co., 31, born in Clark Co., Ohio, son of Samuel Rogers and Almira Kimble. Bride was TUCKER, Sarah, of Frontier Co., 14, born in Iowa, daughter of J.S. Tucker and Elvira Emerson. By Judge W. H. Allen at Tucker residence 23 Apr 1876. Witnesses: J.S. Tucker and Margaret W. Allen

SCHUPBUCH, Christian, 26, born in Ohio, son of Christian Schupbuch and Anna Gehring. Bride was MILLER, Barbara, 19, born in Ohio, daughter of Adam Miller and Mary Armbenst. By Exom White, J.P. at Stowe PO 04 Sep 1882. Witnesses: Adam and Mary Miller

SIEBECKER, Charles, of Frontier Co., 36, born in Prussia, son of William Siebecker and Christina Goff. Bride was EVANS, Margaret, 35, born in Tennessee, daughter of Andrew J. Evans and Susan McMillan. Age testimony by Victoria Morgan of Frontier Co. Married by Judge Allen at the residence of Mrs. Susan Evans 29 Nov 1885. Witnesses: Mrs. Victoria Morgan and Robert Evans.

THRASH, Columbus of Frontier Co., 21, born in Barber Co., West Virginia, son of Richard Thrash and Eliza J. Beam. Bride was WOOD, Alice W., 23, born in Virginia, daughter of James H. and Columbia Wood. By Rev. George C. Carothers at residence of William H. Miles in Frontier Co. 13 May 1883. Witnesses: Mrs. D.C. Ballantine, W.L. McClary, and Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Miles

TUCKER, Chancey (Full name Grover Chancey Tucker) of Nebraska, 35, born in Ohio, son of John S. Tucker and Elvira Emerson. Bride was KEITH, Nancy B., of Nebraska, no age given, born in Indiana, daughter of John F. Keith and Martha J. Forrest. Age testimony by John F. Keith. By Judge Allen at Keith residence 01 Aug 1882. Witnesses: T.W. Tucker and Andrew Shelly. **Note - see marriage entry under ROGERS, Russell**

TUCKER, Thomas W. of Frontier Co. 27, born in Iowa, son of John S. Tucker and Alva Emmerson. Bride was KEITH, Cora E. of Frontier Co., 16, born in Indiana, daughter of John F. Keith and Martha Forrest. By Judge Allen at residence of John F. Keith 21 Feb 1884. Witnesses: J. Mecham and Viola Mecham. **See marriages under TUCKER, Chancey and ROGERS, Russell**

WHITAKER, Frank of Frontier Co., 28, born in England, son of William Whitaker and Mary P. Walsh. Bride was BARKER, Mary Ellen of Frontier Co., 22, born in England, daughter of Dan and Susanah Barker. By Rev. B.M. Allen at Stowe PO 26 Nov 1882. Witnesses: W.H. Whitaker and L. Cathra

WIMER, Isaac, of Frontier Co., 38, born Pennsylvania, son of Isaac Wimer. Bride was WILSON, Catherine, of Frontier Co., 24, born Pennsylvania, daughter of David and Francis WAITS. By Judge Baker at Wimer residence 30 Dec 1879. Witnesses: Olivia and William Baker, both of Curtis, Frontier Co.