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Dinuba Union High School
Delphic Echoes Yearbook
Class of 1938

Dinuba, Tulare Co., California


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Dinuba Union High School Records recorded and submitted by

Information from the 1938 Delphic Echoes Yearbook
Dinuba Union High School, Dinuba, California (Tulare County)


Cadwell, Beulah H. A.B., University of California. English. PE, Dean of Girls.

Chaplin, Ralph. A.B., Chapman College, post-graduate work at U.C. U.S. Hjstory and English.

Collett, Edward B.E., N.Y. School of Fine and Applied Arts; A.B., U.S.C., Graduate Dept of Architecture, Polytechnical School of Engineering (Oakland). Art, Mechanical Drawing, Showcard, Cartooning and Allied Subjects.

Dickson, Inez A. A.B., University of California. Spanish, Latin, English.

Edgerly, Alvin C. A.B. Davis at U.C., Agriculture and Farm Mechanics.

Freeman, Charles H. Graduate of Vocational Teachers’ Division, U.C.L.A. Printing, Journalism, Allied Subjects. Vice Principal.

Fulton, Nina B. B.A., Washington State College; M.A., University of Washington. Librarian and Study Hall.

Graffam, P.E. A.B., Bates College-Lewiston, Maine; Maine College-Physics; U.S.C.-Chemistry and Speech. General Science, Biology.

Hawkins, Edith Jane A.B., University of Illinois; M.A., University of California. English, World History.

Hayden, Chester A.B., Fresno State College. Music

Hellbaum, Walter A.B., M.A., Stanford. Principal

Kaufman, Rosalyn. A.B., U.C., German, French, English.

Krug, Leona. B.S. U.C., Nursing, Hygiene

Luce, Lois E. A.B. U.C., Typing, Bookkeeping, Shorthand.

Mason, Clarence. A.B., Chapman College, post-graduate work at U.S.C. Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, German.

Page, Howard C. B.S. Oregon State College; post-graduate work at U.C. Woodshop, Auto Shop, Cadets, Physics and Algebra..

Sloan, Carolyn M. B.S. Oklahoma State College. Home Economics.

Ulrici, Harold H. A.B., College of Pacific, J.C. Certificate, San Jose State College. U.S. History, Economics, Publish Speaking, German.

Williams, John B. B.S., Utah State Agriculture College. Math, Head Coach, PE.

Board of Trustees:

Greene, J.E. President
Walker, C.J.
Liebau, W.J. Clerk
Sill, Corwin
Vose, Irwin

Graduating Class of 1938
Alvarez, Tony
Arango, Louise
Borchardt, Frances
Borthwick, Beverly
Brereton, Rosemary
Brewer, Jeanne
Brewton, Olga
Chang, Elizabeth
Claus, Lois
Cole, Bob
Corley, Owen
Cruff, Delbert
Delgado, Enick
Dihel, Beverly
Downing, Clifford
Dunn, Bill
Fincher, James
Ford, Oscar
Fowler, Ruth
Galloway, Dorothy
Geis, Sarah
Giddings, Mary Norma
Griggs, Phyllis
Gunther, E
Hagopian, M
Hagopian, Q
Heathman, Fred
Henkel, Thelma
Hofer, Frances
Kim, Florence
Kleinsasser, Harold
Kliewer, Leroy
Leadabrand, Russell
Leedy, Wayne
Liebau, Melvin
Lighty, Byron
Loverin, Benny
Mackersie, Alfred
Meseke, Granville
Mast, Robert
Miller, Ralph
Mortanian, Rev
Muehlhauser, Helmut
Nesmith, Fay
Nishida, George
Odell, Bennie
Oxford, Mary Evelyn
Owens, Charles
Pannell, Doris
Paradine, Mervin
Pattee, Lois Jane
Porton, Jessie
Robison, Darlene
Runjavac, John
Shepard, Nadine
Schultz, Bernice
Shapazian, C
Smith, Wilda
Spaith, Rex
Spomer, Dorothy
Steven, Ed
Straub, Mickey
Takahashi, Howard
Thiesen, Hilda
Thiesen, Milton
Unruh, David
Vogel, Clinton
Weaver, Nora
White, Leslie
Womack, Thurston
Young, Tom
Zanninovich, Nick