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Dinuba Union High School
Delphic Echoes Yearbook
Class of 1945

Dinuba, Tulare Co., California


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Dinuba Union High School Records recorded and submitted by

Information from the 1945 Delphic Echoes Yearbook
Dinuba Union High School, Dinuba, California (Tulare County)

Board of Education & Faculty:
Hellbaum, Walter-Principal
Liebau, W.J.-chairman
Vose, Irwin-Clerk
Haycraft, M.S.
Graham, G.A.
Gilmour, George R.
Burum, Mary E.-secretary

McCracken, Faith-Library & Study Hall
Mason, Clarence-General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Aeronautics
Johnston, Elva-Biology
Linn, Marguerite-Mathematics
Collett, Edward-Mathematics, Art
Maynard, Llewellyn-Shorthand, Bookkeeping, English, Math
Mason, Harriet-English, Math
Cadwell, Beulah-English & History
Hawkins, Edith Jane-History, English, Attendance
Dickson, Inez-English
Price, Jean-English, Public Speaking, Glee Club
Creveling DeWitt-Spanish & Cadets
Erbele, Carolyn-Typing
Sloan, Carolyn-Clothing
Vanderhoof, Elizabeth-Foods
Freeman, Charles-Vice Principal, Printing, Woodwork, Journalism
Brau, Clifford- Instrumental Music
Krug, Leona-School Nurse, Physiology, Home Nursing
Salmon, Lenore-Girls’ Physical Education
Heisner, Robert-Boys’ Physical Education
Gerow, John-Auto Mechanics

Senior Class:
Akers, Frank
Allen, Helen Jean
Andrews, Lewis
Anderson, Joanne
Babcock, Virginia
Baker, Gladys
Barry, Geraldine
Bartlett, Mary Lee
Beckstead, Don
Blumer, Edith
Bowen, Eldon
Brockman, Beverly
Burt, Betty J.
Canady, Herbert
Chakerian, Gladys Mae - In Memoriam November 22, 1928 - May 4, 1945
Chase, Barbara
Cholakian, Kay
Cisneros, Carmen
Costello, Mary
Day, La Vonne
Dean, Faun
Dean, Joyce
Derderian, Rose
Dial, Betty Jane
Dyck, Tiena
Ford, Esther
Fraser, Delbert
Fullerton, Betty
Furman, Duane
Gillen, Lee Ann
Gill, Marjorie
Gilmour, Virginia Lee
Goeringer, Abe
Grass, Dorothy
Hale, Harold
Harland, Mary
Hellbaum, Don
Hickey, Ruth
Hill, Kate
Hunnicutt, Marjorie
Huston, Marlyn
Ingle, Jimmy
Isaak, George
Jones, Betty Lou
King, Ruby
Kliewer, Eugene
Landess, Bill
Laufenberger, Ray
Leadabrand, Ray
Lee, Robert
Leider, Alice
Line, Naomi
Linzmeier, Dorothy
Martin, Ray
Martin, Roy
Martinez, Lily
Martzen, Eleanor
Martzen, Joe
Mayeda, Hideko
Miller, Shirley
Murrel, Lila
Nagata, Lillian (Lilyan)
Noble, Margaret
Park, Mary Ellen
Peloyan, Glady
Phillips, Roberts
Richardso, Willie
Roque, Francis
Schultz, Lucille
Schwab, Stephen
Scruggs, Grances
Smith, Estelle
Stephens, Orval
Tartarian, Ann
Taylor, Pearl
Thiessen, La Vada
Tidwell, Lo Wayne
Vetter, Mary Margaret
Vose, Clarice
Washburn, Lonny
Weaver, Bob
Weinberger, Bob
Westmoreland, Holly
Willems, Rosella
Woods, Merle
Wooley, Doris Jean
Zeroun, Charles