Prince Edward Island Canada


Province Records

Many of the following cemeteries at The Island Register page and Churches and Cemeteries of the Martimes page:

Bay Fortune United Church Cemetery 26 Graves from 1926-1992 Submitted by Edward Josey

Beach Point Cemetery 132 Graves from 1827-1988 Submitted by Edward Josey

Belfast - Polly Cemetery (partial)

Brudenell Cemetery (partial)

Caledonia Cemetery 23 Graves from 1890-1989 Submitted by Edward Josey

Charlottetown - Highfield Cemetery

Charlottetown - People's Cemetery (partial)

Charlottetown - St. Peter's Road Cemetery (partial)

Cherry Valley - Cherry Valley Memorial Cemetery (partial)

Cherry Valley - Christ Anglican Church Cemetery (partial)

Clifton United Church Cemetery (partial)

Crossroads Christian Church Cemetery (partial)

Dundas United Church Cemetery - 10 Graves from 1898-1969 Submitted by Edward Josey

Old Dundas Cemetery - 5 Graves from 1898-1934 Submitted by Edward Josey

Dunstaffnage - Central United Cemetery

Ft. Augustus - St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery Interments (Unmarked Graves) (1864-1922)

Georgetown - Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery (partial)

Georgetown - St. David's United Church Cemetery (partial)

Georgetown - St. James Catholic Church Cemetery (partial)

Hazelbrook - United Baptist Church Cemetery (partial)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 1)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 2)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 3)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 4)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 5)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 6)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 7)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 8)

Little Sands Cemetery (Part 9)

Long Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Part 1)

Long Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Part 2)

Lot 16 United Church Cemetery (partial)

Lower Montague Cemetery - 18 Graves from 1893-1993 Submitted by Edward Josey

Lower Montague Community Cemetery (partial)

Marshfield - Marshfield Pioneer / 5 Mile Burial Ground

Meadowbank - Hyde / Crosby Cemetery (partial)

Miscouche - St Jean-Baptiste de Belle Alliance Cemetery (partial)

Montague Community Park Cemetery (partial)

Montague - St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery (partial)

Mount Herbert Cemetery (partial)

Murray Harbour Community Cemetery (partial)

Murray Harbor New Cemetery - 490 Graves from 1919-2004 Submitted by Edward Josey

Murray Harbor Old Cemetery - 809 Graves from 1843-1989 Submitted by Edward Josey

Murray Harbor North New Cemetery - 255 Graves from 1902-1993 Submitted by Edward Josey

Murray Harbor North Old Cemetery - 386 Graves from 1839-1992 Submitted by Edward Josey

Murray River Cemetery - 869 Graves from 1898-1994 Submitted by Edward Josey

Murray River Community Cemetery (partial)

Murray River Pioneer Cemetery - 93 Graves from 1854-1962 Submitted by Edward Josey

Pownal - United Church Cemetery (partial)

Prince Edward Islanders buried in North Vancouver British Columbia City Cemetery

Sturgeon - St. Paul's Catholic Church Cemetery (partial)

Various Egmont Bay Burials at Marge Reid page

Vernon Bridge - St. Andrews United Church Cemetery (partial)

Vernon River - St. Joachim's Catholic Cemetery (partial)

Wood Islands Cemetery (Part 1)

Wood Islands Cemetery (Part 2)

Wood Islands Cemetery (Part 3)

Wood Islands Pioneer Cemetery (1819-1910)