Arizona Cemeteries

Statewide Records

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, circa 1775-2006 **** Burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries.

County Records


Alpine - Alpine Cemetery

Nutriso Cemetery

St. Johns - St. Johns Cemetery


Adams / Johnson Mine Cemetery

Apache - Apache Cemetery (1910-1993)

Benson Cemetery

Benson - Benson City Cemetery

Benson - Old Benson Cemetery

 Bowie - Desert Rest Cemetery - 4 Brown Family Burials dated 1960-1969 Submitted by TC Brown

Bowie - Desert Rest Cemetery

Cascabel - Gamez Cemetery

Cochise Memorial Park

Cottonwood Cemetery (1911-1973)

Dos Cabezas - Dos Cabezas Pioneer Cemetery

Dos Cabezas - Neighborhood Cemetery

Dos Cabezas - Pinery Canyon Gravesites

Dos Cabezas - Riggs Family Cemetery

Douglas - Calvary Memorial Park Cemetery (A-K)

Douglas - Calvary Memorial Park Cemetery (L-Z)

Douglas - Douglas Cemetery
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Douglas - Douglas Jewish Cemetery (1912-1963)

Douglas - Hilltop Cemetery

Douglas - Rucker Cemetery

Douglas - Wells Cemetery

Dragoon - Dragoon Cemetery

Elfrida - Whitewater / Elfrida Cemetery (1887-1975)

Fort Bowie - Fort Bowie Cemetery

Fort Huachuca - Fort Huachuca Cemetery

Gleeson - Gleeson Cemetery

Kansas Settlement Gin Cemetery

Lone Star Mine Cemetery (1884-1901)

Lowell - Lowell Evergreen Cemetery (A-K)

Lowell - Lowell Evergreen Cemetery (L-Z)

McNeal - McNeal Cemetery

Miracle Valley - Miracle Valley Cemetery (1959-1995)

Naco - Old Naco Cemetery (1909-1927)

Paradise - Paradise Cemetery (1904-1998)

Pearce - Pearce Cemetery

Pirtleville - Pirtleville Cemetery (1909-1975)

Pirtleville - Sacred Heart Cemetery (1927-1989)

Pomerene Cemetery

Portal - Rodeo Cemetery (1908-1995) (See also Hidalgo Co., New Mexico)

Reed Cemetery (1896-1980)

Russelville Cemetery (1911-1983)

San Simon - San Simon Cemetery

St. David - St. David Cemetery

San Bernardino Valley - San Bernardino Ranch / Slaughter Ranch Cemetery

Sierra Vista - Cochise Memory Gardens Cemetery

Sulphur Springs Valley - Sulphur Springs Community Cemetery (1917-2000)

Sunizona - Light Historical Cemetery (1916-2000)

Sunnyside - Sunnyside Cemetery (1901-1945)

Tombstone - Tombstone Cemetery

Various Small Cochise Co. Cemeteries

Willcox - Benson / Willcox Historical Cemetery

Willcox - Willcox Southwest on Southern Pacific Railroad Cemetery (1911-1958)


Flagstaff - Citizens Cemetery (Woodmen of the World Burials)

Grand Canyon Cemetery

Sedona - Red Rock Cemetery

Williams - Williams Cemetery


Gisela - Gisela Cemetery

Globe Cemetery (A-C)

Globe Cemetery (D-G)

Globe Cemetery (H-L)

Globe Cemetery (M-Q)

Globe Cemetery (R-Z)

Pine - Pine Cemetery


Pima Cemetery

Pima Cemetery Index

Safford - Graham Cemetery

Safford - Hubbard Cemetery

Safford - Lebannon Cemetery

Safford - Lebannon Cemetery Index

Safford - Rest Haven Cemetery - Pt. 1

Safford - Rest Haven Cemetery - Pt. 2

Safford - Safford Union Cemetery

Thatcher - Thatcher Cemetery


Clifton - Clifton / Ward Canyon Cemetery

Clifton - Ward Cemetery (1905-1994)

Franklin - Franklin Cemetery


Bouse - Bouse Cemetery

Quartzsite - Quartzsite Cemetery

Wendon - Wendon Cemetery


Aguila - Eagle Eye Cemetery

Carefree - Cave Creek Cemetery

Double Butte Cemetery (partial) (1884-1920)

Litchfield Park - Arizona Pioneer Cemetery

Mesa City Cemetery

Morristown - Morristown Cemetery

Phoenix - Greenwood Memorial Cemetery (Atkin Grave)

Phoenix - Greenwood Memorial Cemetery (Woodmen of the World Burials)

Wickenburg - Garcia Cemetery

Wittmann - Wittmann Cemetery


Beaver Dams Cemetery (1910-1979)

Cane Beds Cemetery

Cerbat - Cerbat Cemetery (Jones Graves) (1892-1902)

Chloride - Chloride Cemetery

Chloride - Chloride Cemetery (Addendum) (1906-1978)

Goldroad Cemetery (1906-1916)

Hackberry - Hackberry Cemetery (1877-1977)

Hackberry - Hackberry Cemetery (1887-2000)

Kingman - Mountain View Cemetery

Kingman - Mountain View Cemetery (Woodmen of the World Burials)

Kingman - Pioneer Cemetery

Littlefield - Littlefield Cemetery (1894-1981)

Mineral Park Cemetery (1877-1916)

Mt. Trumbull - Mt. Trumbull Cemetery (1919-1997)

Oatman - Oatman Cemetery (1912-1929)

Wikieup - Sandy Cemetery (1892-1941)

Yucca - Yucca Cemetery


Burton - Burton Cemetery (1927-2001)

Clay Springs - Clay Springs Cemetery (1927-2000)

Fort Apache Burial Register

Lakeside Cemetery

Pinedale - Pinedale Cemetery

Woodmen of the World Burials


South Lawn Cemetery

Tucson - Binghampton L.D.S. Cemetery

Tucson - Holy Hope Catholic Cemetery


Mammoth - Old Mammoth Cemetery


Elgin - Black Oak Cemetery (partial)

Patagonia - Patagonia Cemetery


Ashfork - Ashfork Cemetery

Black Canyon City - Black Canyon City Memorial Cemetery

Camp Verde - Middle Verde Rd. Cemetery

Clarkdale - Valley View Cemetery

Clear Creek - Clear Creek Cemetery

Congress - Congress Cemetery

Congress - Old Congress, A Pioneer Cemetery 1887  

Prescott - Citizens Cemetery (Woodmen of the World Burials) (1897-1918)

Skull Valley - Skull Valley Cemetery

Stanton - Stanton, Octave And Weaver Cemeteries

Williamson Valley - Las Vegas Ranch Cemetery

Woodmen of the World Burials

Yarnell - Genung Memorial Park Cemetery / Peeples Valley Pioneer Cemetery