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Keeney Cemetery

Colchester, New London Co., Connecticut


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This is a complete listing - small private cemetery However I have no found this cemetery yet which is located on west side of Route 85. Directions state in Back of Collins Keeney place about 2 miles South of center of town.I sourced this information from the Hale Collection 302-7 Keeney Cemetery by H.W. House November 15/1934 and then transcribed by Frank Grimes 11/19/2003

Approximate and General Location of Kenney Cemetery

Cemetery List

Keeney, Fanny - Died Oct 24, 1864
Keeney, Jonathan - Died Aug 24, 1835 - Age 34
Keeney, Naomi - Died Apr 18, 1845 - Age 68, wife of William Kenney
Keeney, William - Died Feb 7, 1847 - Age 79