Worthington Cemetery


Worthington Cemetery

Colchester, New London Co., Connecticut


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This is a complete listing from the Headstone Inscriptions of the Worthington Cemetery in Colchester, CT which was original copied by H.W. House 11/15/1934 as part of the Hale Collection. The cemetery is land locked behind house and barn at 337 McDonald Rd. in Colchester, CT. I went there and could not find one stone. Local historian tells me the cows knocked all stones down. The list I copied from was done in 1934, shows that cemetery stones in 1934 were broken and parts missing and some buried which were dug up in 1934.


Note on Location of Worthington Cemetery:
" I have recently found Worthington cemetery in Colchester CT on McDonald Rd. Your marker on your page is close, but slightly north, and west of it. It is due east of the barn, which has solar panels on the roof, by about 75-100 yards. You can make out the overgrown stone wall, which makes a fairly square area around it. The gentleman that owns the property is very welcoming, and has cleared the area where the cemetery is. It is on a small knoll overlooking a small pond. It is behind the barn, and a small house built in 1791, he owns. The stones have all been knocked over, but he has uncovered them. You can read a few of them. We could not locate Col. Elias Worthington’s marker. I am a direct descendant of his, he was Col. of the 25th militia regiment during the revolutionary war."  This information was submitted by Miles Worthington. 

Location of Worthington Cemetery

Cemetery List

Brown Henry - died 3-29-1852 - age 34
Corey Adna A - died 4-8-1844 - age 2 yrs, 1mo, son of Wm. & Abby P
Corey Sarah R Latham - died 10-4-1840 - age 22, wife of William
Edwards Gardner - died 2-22-1848 - age 25
Edwards Henry - died 1-16-1848 - age 19 yrs, 5 mos
Harvey Daniel B - died 1-1819 - age 3 yrs, 5 mos, son of Elias & Ruth
Harvey Elias - died 12-24-1852 - age 78
Harvey Lucinda R - died 11-25-1811 - age 2 yrs, 6 mos, daughter Of Elias & Ruth
Harvey Ruth - died 4-24-1858 - age 68, wife of Elias
Harvey Infant Daughter - died 11-1818 - age 11 mos, stone broken, daughter of Elias & Ruth
Latham Amy - died 5-18-1847 - age 92, wife of Cary
Latham Cary - died 8-23-1823 - age 82
Latham Cary - died 9-28-1813 - age 39
Latham Israil - died 11-14-1813 - age 8yrs, 6 mos, son of Cary & Esther
Perry Esther - died 11-20-1841 - age 65, wife of Rowland & formerly wife of Cary Latham
Perry Marianna - died 9-22-1818 - age 36, wife of Rowland
Perry Rowland - died 11-5-1842 - age 62
Perry Thomas R - died 7-27-1849 - age 26, son of Rowland & Esther
Smith Almira - born 11-23-1795 - died 10-8-1826 - age 30, wife of Joseph
Smith Infant Daughter - died 11-2-1825 - infant daughter of Joseph & Almira
Worthington Albert - died 1-26-? - year worn off
Worthington Artemas - died 1-1812 - son of Artemas & Clarissa
Worthington Artemas - died 4-16-1853 - age 76
Worthington Col. Elias - died 9-23-1811 - age 89, no war marker
Worthington Elizabeth - died 1811 - dtr of Artemas & Clarissa
Worthington Eunice - died 8-16-1846 - age 90, relict of Joel
Worthington Harriet E - died 5-25-1832 - age 20, wife of Nicholas
Worthington Israel N - No dates - remainder of stone completely worn off
Worthington Joel - died 1-29-1817 - age 63