Delaware Cemeteries

Statewide Records

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, circa 1775-2006 **** Burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries.

County Records


Blackiston - Blackiston Methodist Church Cemetery

Clayton - Dulaney's Methodist Churchyard

Dover - Silver Lake Cemetery (African - American) (partial)

Farmington - Ralston Family Cemetery

Little Creek - Old Quaker Cemetery

Sandtown - Sandtown Cemetery

Smyrna - Oddfellows Cemetery (partial)


Odessa - Odessa Church Cemetery

Middletown - Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery

Red Lion - Pigeon Run Cemetery

Wilmington - Silverbrook Cemetery (partial)


Badley Family Cemetery

Bailey / Phillips Cemetery

Bell Cemetery

Broad Creek - Mt. Zion Church Cemetery

Collins Family Cemetery

Columbia - Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church Cemetery (See also Wicomico Co., Maryland)

Cool Spring - Cool Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Cooper Cemetery

Cooper Farm Graveyard

Daugherty Farm Graveyard

Delmar - Calaway Family Cemetery (See also Wicomico Co., Maryland)

Delmar - Oliphant Family Cemetery (See also Wicomico Co., Maryland)

Delmar - Phillips Family Cemetery (See also Wicomico Co., Maryland)

Georgetown - Cemetery across from Armory

Georgetown - Goslee Family Cemetery (1834-1864)

Georgetown - Hebron Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery

Georgetown - Joshua Pepper Memorial Cemetery (1815-1920)

Georgetown - St. John's Methodist Church Cemetery

Gum Crossroads - Conaway Family Cemetery (1867-1880)

Gumboro - Carey's Camp Graveyard

Gumboro - Gordy Farm Cemetery

Gumboro - Jones Cemetery (1864-1978)

Hearn Cemetery (partial)

Hearn / Lesgate Graveyard

Hearns Crossroads - Sullivan Family Cemetery (1896-1911)

Hill Cemetery (1855-1959)

King Cemetery

Knowles Crossroads - Conaway Cemetery (1866-1880's)

Knowles Family Cemetery

Krewatch Farm Cemetery

Laurel - Bacon Family Cemetery (1857-1926)

Laurel - Collins Family Cemetery

Laurel - Owens Cemetery

Laurel - Walson Family Cemetery

Middleford- Collins Family Cemetery (1881-1917)

Lewes - St. Peter's Episcopal Churchyard

Lewes - White's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Lowes Crossroads - Matthews Cemetery

Ocean View - Mariner's Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Phillips Family Cemetery

Ralphs - Ralphs Hill Cemetery

Records Family Cemetery

Reed Cemetery

Seaford - Allen / Vickers Graves

Seaford - Old Methodist Cemetery

Slaughter Neck Cemetery

Walker Tombstones

Waller Family Cemetery

Woodland - Church by the River Cemetery

Woodland - Woodland Cemetery