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Hickory Springs Cemetery

Tift Co., Georgia

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Hickory Springs Cemetery Submitted by

Partial Listing

Yown, Clyde V. B-5-20-1912 D-5-9-1972 (next to wife)
Yown, Sadie Neesmith B-9-5-1913 D-12-28-1996

Yown, Myrtle Mae B-3-8-1907 D-11-20-1998 (next to husband)
Hobby, Clark B-1892 D-1970 (was a PVT U.S. Army WW I )
Inf.daughter of S.S & R.S.Youn
Youn, Mandy E. B-8-5-1903 D-1-11-1904

Yown, Simon S. B-9-27-1869 D-6-8-1929 (next to wife )
Rooks, Rachel B-9-16-1876 D-9-14-1958

Yawn, James Simon B-10-13-1928 D-1-24-1995

Inf.Son of Dan & Hattie Yown

Yown,Jessie Daniel B-3-23-1901 D-2-4-1965 (next to wife)
Lasiter,Hattie B-9-24-1903 D-9-13-1957

Yown,Clorence P. B-9-9-1919 D-12-18-1969
Yown, Willard Noah B-8-27-1923 D-12-24-1961

Morse,B.F. B-12-13-1858 D-9-25-1925 (next to wife)
Morse,Sallie J. B-3-20-1866 D10-20-1899
Inf.Son of B.F.& Sallie Morse
Morse,Tommy Jackson B&D 9-12-1899

There are 2 stones for Jessie Youn
Youn,Jessie B-1-28-1838 D-11-21-1910 & Yohn,Jesse CO.C.60 Ga.Inf.C.S.A.
Youn,Elizabeth B-4-29-1837 D-4-28-1918

In a Family Plot is
Rooks,Billy Ray B-8-15-1929 D-3-19-1931
Rooks,Clyde C.PVT U.S.Army W.W.II B-8-4-1914 D-11-1-1976
Rooks,George J. B-1-23-1884 D-8-5-1950
Rooks,May G. B-3-31-1890 D-3-20-1969

Sumner,Chesley William B-2-28-1903 D-6-8-1982 (next to wife)
Lesulur,Willie Mae B-7-3-1910 D-1-6-2002
Inf.Daught.of Chesley &Willie B&D 6-14-1931
Inf.Daught.of Chesley & Willie B-10-10-1941 D-10-11-1941
Inf.Son of Herbert L.Sumner 1935

Sumner,Walter L. B-4-4-1887 D-6-30-1942 (next to wife)
Cravey,Minnie B-12-20-1886 D-2-26-1958
Ford,Edna Sumner B-4-10-1915 D-No Dates

Youn,Annie B-5-24-1868 D-7-23-1957 (next to husband)
Branch,mike L. B-6-22-1858 D-6-28-1908

Willis,George W. b-2-10-1847 D-2-25-1932 Co.A 8 Ga.Cav.CSA (next to wife)
Lovett,nancy B-12-28-1845 D-8-6-1899

Sons of W.O.& Bettie Willis
Willis,W.R. B-5-25-1906 D-1-31-1907
Willis,Son B-10-20-1902 D-11-25-1902
Willis.William O. B-1-23-1808 D-8-4-1852 (dates were hard to read)
Bettie B-7-30-1874 D-6-28-1907

Willis,B.G. B-10-14-1832 D-1-30-1919 (next to wife)
Mary J. B-10-12-1831 D-8-17-1907

Yawn,J.Hennon B-2-2-1926 D-3-24-1976 (next to wife)
Frances F. B-12-1-1927 D- No Dates

Rooks,Charles Falcon B-12-22-1926 D-1-19-2003 (next to wife)
Rose Sharon B-5-12-1934 d-No dates