Alcorn / Tilton / Banta Cemetery

Alcorn / Tilton / Banta Cemetery

Indianapolis, Marion Co. Indiana


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Map Location of Alcorn / Tilton / Banta Cemetery

Alcorn / Tilton / Banta Cemetery - Corner of Bluff Rd. and Banta. Take I-65 south to 31 south to Banta. Turn right and follow to Bluff Rd. Cemetery is on left on hill. Hard to see. I also have photographed the stones and if there is one you would like to see, please feel free to e-mail me. Trish.

Cemetery List

Alcorn Henry - died 14 Jun 1873 - age 87 yrs, 1 mo., 6 days - s/s = Frances, Henry J., and Nancy Alcorn
Alcorn Frances - died 08 Jan 1832 - wife of Henry Alcorn, age 32 yrs
Alcorn Henry J - died Nov 1835 - son of Henry & Frances Alcorn - age 11 yrs
Alcorn Nancy A - died 03 Jul 1861 - wife of Henry Alcorn - age 68 yrs
Alcorn Susan M. - born 15 Aug 1859 - died 01 Nov 1873 - daughter of HEN-- (stone broken)

1 Empty Marker

Tilton, Elijah - died 12 Feb 1879 - son of J--- Tilton (Looks like Jake) - age 25 yrs., 6 mos., ? days - (worn stone)

Tilton Joseph T - died 27 May 1881 - age 73 yrs., 9 mos, 27 days

4 concrete slabs - no names or dates

1 tall monument - no names or dates - All stones including Tilton are surrounding a tree

Numerous sunken spots - no markers