Kansas Cemeteries


Statewide Records

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, circa 1775-2006 **Ancestry.com** Burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries.

County Records


Moran - Gillham Cemetery


Garnett - Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery (partial)

Greeley - St. John's Catholic Cemetery (partial)

Scipio - St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery (partial)


Atchison - St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery


Union Center Cemetery (partial)


Chautauqua Co. Cemetery Inscriptions


Avilla Cemetery (partial) (1887-1936)

Coldwater - Crown Hill Cemetery

Coldwater - Georgia Mae Holbert Grave (1922)

Nescatunga Cemetery

Protection - Protection Cemetery

Wilmore - Powell Township Cemetery


CRAWFORD Co. Cemeteries



Clayton - Clayton Cemetery (See also Norton Co.)


Fellsburg - Fellsburg Cemetery


Longton - Longton Cemetery (partial)

Upola - Grandview Cemetery


Junction City - Upper Humbolt Cemetery (McKinley Grave)


Bush Cemetery

Crisfield - Crisfield Cemetery

Ferguson Cemetery

Freeport - Freeport Cemetery

H & S Cemetery

Harper - Hillsdale Cemetery

Keystone Cemetery

Protestant / Episcopalian Cemetery

Stohrville / Singer Cemetery


Little Cross Creek /Shield's Cemetery


Mooney Creek - Corpus Christi Catholic Cemetery

Nortonville - St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Valley Falls - St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery


Linwood Pioneer Cemetery

Olathe Cemetery - Decorated Graves


Dennis - Harmony Grove Cemetery


Leavenworth County, Kansas Burials, 1954-58, 1963-70 **Ancestry.com** A collection of burial permits from the city in the 1950s and 1960s.

Leavenworth - Starnes Family Cemetery


LYON Co. Cemeteries



Hanover - Pecenka Cemetery (1872-1966) (See also Washington Co.)

Home - Home City Cemetery

Marysville - Marysville City Cemetery (Burials up to 6-2001)

Oketo - North Elm Cemetery


MCPHERSON Co. Cemeteries



Atwater Cemetery

Elsie Chapel Cemetery

Emmanuel Mennonite Cemetery

Five Mile Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery

Kleine Gemeinde Cemetery

Stone School Cemetery

Unnamed Cemetery Inscriptions


Miami Co. Cemetery Inscriptions Index (A-L)

Miami Co. Cemetery Inscriptions Index (M-Z)


Cherryvale - Fairview Cemetery (partial)


Nemaha Co. Cemetery Inscriptions

Albany Cemetery

America City - America City Cemetery

Baileyville - Baileyville Cemetery

Bern - Bern Cemetery

Berwick - Apostolic Christian Cemetery

Capioma - Capioma Cemetery

Centralia - Centralia Cemetery

Coal Creek Cemetery

Corning - St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery

Fidelity - Fidelity Cemetery

Friedens Cemetery

Goff - Goff Cemetery

Granada - Granada Cemetery

Kelly - St. Bede's Catholic Cemetery

Seneca - Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery


Walnut - Walnut Cemetery (See also Crawford Co.)


Clayton - Clayton Cemetery (See also Decatur Co.)


Belvue - Belvue Cemetery

Blaine - Berg Cemetery

Fostoria - Adams Peak Cemetery

Westmoreland - Admantha / Jenkins Cemetery



Riley County, Kansas Funeral Cards, 1960-1995 **Ancestry.com** This database is a collection of some funeral records for services that took place in and around the town of Riley, including name, birth date, birthplace, death date, funeral service date, location of service, burial location,etc.


Andale - St. Joseph Cemetery

Ascension Cemetery

Bentley - Pleasant Valley Cemetery (partial)
A - Coo     Coom - Her     Hia - Pit     Pitt - V     W - Z

Calvary Cemetery (partial)

Cheney - Fairview Cemetery

Colwich - Sacred Heart Cemetery

Eldridge Cemetery (partial)

Furley - Green Valley Cemetery

Goddard - Afton Cemetery

Greenwich Cemetery

Kechi Cemetery

Lorraine Mennonite Cemetery

Lutheran / Whitecotton Cemetery (1888-1923)

Maize - Maize Cemetery (partial)
A - Den     Det - H     J - N     O - Spr     Sta - Z

Mount Hope Cemetery

Park Cemetery

St. Mark - St. Mark Cemetery

Valley Center - Maple Grove / Hoss Cemetery

Valley Center Cemetery

Wichita - Resurrection Cemetery (partial)
A - Geh     Gei - L     M - San     Sand - Z


Bow Creek Cemetery


Stanton Co. Master Index (A-F)

Stanton Co. Master Index (G-L)

Stanton Co. Master Index (M-S)

Stanton Co. Master Index (T-Z)


Barnes - Brudge Family Graves (1862-1880)

Barnes - Chepstow Cemetery (1874-1964)

Barnes - Evergreen Cemetery (1870-1922)

Barnes - Maplewood Cemetery

Barnes - Maplewood Cemetery (2002-2004 Burials)

Barnes - Mound Cemetery (1867-1971)

Barnes - St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery (1887-1970)

Barnes - Spring Valley Cemetery (1891-1914)

Blocker / Hickory Grove Cemetery

Brantford - Brantford Cemetery (1879-1970)

Brantford - Pleasant Hill Cemetery (1874-1912)

Brantford - Ruscoe Cemetery (1871-1971)

Brantford - Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery

Clara - St. Bernard Cemetery (1857-1971)

Clifton - Clifton City / I.O.O.F. Cemetery

Clifton - Parallel Corner Cemetery (1873-1971)

Clifton - St. Mary Catholic Cemetery

Enosdale - Dale Friends Cemetery (1884-1970)

Greenleaf - Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery (2002-2004 Burials)

Greenleaf - Greenleaf City Cemetery (2002-2004 Burials)

Greenleaf - Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery

Greenleaf - Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (2002-2003 Burials)

Greenleaf - Spradling / Round Mount Cemetery (1870-1969)

Haddam - Ferguson Cemetery (1871-1880)

Haddam - Larabee Cemetery (1870-1942)

Haddam - Oliver Cemetery (1860-1890)

Haddam - Patterson Cemetery (1866-1920)

Haddam - Pleasant View Cemetery (1871-1913)

Hanover - Hanover City Cemetery

Hanover - Pecenka Cemetery (1872-1966) (See also Marshall Co.)

Hanover - Pine Hill Cemetery (1870-1965)

Hanover - St. John Catholic Cemetery

Hanover - Spenceville Cemetery (1865-1972)

Hanover - Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

Hollenberg - Hollenberg City Cemetery

Hollenberg - Joy Creek Cemetery (1871-1971)

Hollenberg - Prall Cemetery (1865-1943)

Lanham - Private Cemetery (1889-1917)

Linn - Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery (1883-2001)

Linn - Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery (2002-2004 Burials)

Linn - Linn City Cemetery (2002-2004 Burials)

Linn - St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery (1884-1971)

Linn - St. John Lutheran Cemetery (1880-1985)

Linn - Spiers Memorial Arch Cemetery

Linn - Zion Lutheran Cemetery (2002-2004 Burials)

Mahaska - Greenfield / Allen Cemetery (1877-1965)

Mahaska - Hopewell Cemetery (1886)

Mahaska - Mahaska City Cemetery

Morrowville - Morrowville City Cemetery

Morrowville - St. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery (1878-1992)

Palmer - Pete's Creek Cemetery (1867-1937)

Palmer - St. Louis Catholic Cemetery (1869-1947)

Shoop Cemetery (1870-1906)

Vining - Vining Cemetery

Washington - Beeson Coleman Township Cemetery (1877-1889)

Washington - Brethren Cemetery (1873-1993)

Washington - Brethren Cemetery (2002)

Washington - Emmons Cemetery (1869-1968)

Washington - Emmons Cemetery (2002)

Washington - Fairfield Cemetery (1871-1967)

Washington - Gaskill / State Lake Cemetery (1874-1935)

Washington - Leigh / Clayton Graves (1861-1899)

Washington - Reiter Cemetery (1875-1968)

Washington - St. Paul Cemetery (1903-2000)

Washington - St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery (2002)

Washington - Swedish Baptist Cemetery (1904-1970)

Washington - Washington City Cemetery

Washington County Lone Graves (1870-1875)


Coyville - Trimmell Cemetery


Carlisle Cemetery

Kalida Cemetery District

Yates Center Cemetery