Kentucky Cemeteries

Statewide Records

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, circa 1775-2006 **** Burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries.

WWII Graves of Kentucky Soldiers in Lorraine American Cemetery, Saint Evold, France

County Records


Allen Cemetery

Antioch Cemetery

Columbia - Bardin Family Cemetery

Columbia - Campbell Cemetery

Columbia - Jones Chapel Cemetery

Milltown - Parnell Cemetery

Sano - Shepherd Cemetery

Womack Cemetery


Halfway - Cooksey Graveyard

Halifax - Marcum Cemetery (1888-1949)

Halifax - Robinson Graveyard (Howell / Sanders Graves) (1899-1922)

Mt. Union General Baptist Church Cemetery (# 2)

Mt. Union General Baptist Church Cemetery (# 3)

Mt. Union General Baptist Church Cemetery (# 4)

Mt. Union General Baptist Church Cemetery (# 5)

Mt. Union General Baptist Church (Thacker / Spann Cemetery)

Scottsville - Coleman Grave (1814)


Johnson Farm Cemetery (See also Franklin Co.)

Lawrenceburg - George Family Cemetery


Caldwell / Nichols Cemetery

Kevil - Spring Bayou Baptist Church Cemetery (See also McCracken Co.)

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery (Grimes Surname)

Stone Family Cemetery


Beckton - Captain Edmunds Cemetery

Beckton - Edmunds Cemetery

Camp Ground Cemetery

Duvall Cemetery


BATH Co. Cemeteries


BELL Co. Cemeteries


BOONE Co. Cemeteries


BOURBON Co. Cemeteries



Cannonsburg - Paddle Creek Cemetery (partial)

Catlettsburg - Bowling Cemetery

Catlettsburg - Neal Cemetery

Catlettsburg - Perkins Cemetery

Catlettsburg - Porter / Quillen Cemetery

Catlettsburg - Warner Cemetery at Debra Foster Site

Catlettsburg - Wheeler / Layne / Preston Cemetery

Collins / Lawson Cemetery (See also Greenup Co.)

Kavanaugh - Bryan Cemetery (See also Lawrence Co.)


Coyle / Blacketer Cemetery (See also Washington Co.)

Danville - Salt River Church Cemetery

Forkland - Shannon Family Cemetery

Mitchellsburg - May Graves

Old Union Cemetery

Parker / West Cemetery

Perryville - Beswick Family Cemetery

Perryville - Carpenters Cemetery

Perryville - Gabbert Cemetery

Perryville - Gray Cemetery

Perryville - Hilltop Farm Cemetery

Perryville - Old Potts Place Cemetery

Perryville - Tollgate Cemetery


Augusta - Baker Family Burials

Augusta - Meranda Graves

Bracken Co. Unmarked Graves

Germantown - Maple Grove Cemetery

Hook Cemetery

Leatham / Latham Burials

Lenoxburg - Lenoxburg Cemetery (Unmarked Graves)

Neave - Neave / Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery

Oakland Church Cemetery (Unmarked Graves)


Arnett - Cortland Cemetery (See also Owsley Co.)

Athol - Crawford Cemetery (See also Lee Co.)

Bays - Elam & Hunting Creek / Holbrook Cemeteries at BaiCon Genealogy Site

Clayhole - T Point Cemetery

Haddix - Haddix Cemetery

Hardshell - Harvey Cemetery

Laurel Cemetery


Anderson Cemetery

Askins Cemetery

Askins Family Cemetery

Clay Cooper Cemetery

Harned - Blakeman Family Cemetery

Tar Fork - Cave Spring Baptist Church / Rice Cemetery

Vanzant - Clark Cemetery

Weatherford Cemetery


BULLITT Co. Cemeteries



Thomas Carson Family Cemetery

Enos Daugherty Cemetery (partial)

Morgantown - Oak Grove Cemetery

Morgantown - Walnut Grove Cemetery

Mt. Vernon Cemetery

New Liberty Cemetery

Oakridge Cemetery

Shallow Ford Cemetery (partial)

Sugar Grove - Moses Helm Family Cemetery

Sugar Grove - Porter Family Cemetery

Taylor Cemetery


Caldwell Chapel Cemetery (partial)

Princeton - Lewis Family Cemetery

Scarberry Cemetery (partial)


CALLOWAY Co. Cemeteries


CAMPBELL Co. Cemeteries



Arlington - Bishop Cemetery

Arlington - Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery

Denton Cemetery

Martinie / Zook Cemetery

Milburn - Milburn Methodist Church Cemetery


Cobb Grave

Garriott Cemetery

Ghent - Ghent Second Baptist Church Cemetery (partial)

Locust - Starkey Cemetery

Mills Family Burials

St. Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery

Sanders - Deatherage Family Cemetery

Sanders - Sanders Cemetery (African-American)

White's Run Church Cemetery


Burchett Cemetery (partial)

Carter - Oakland Cemetery (partial)

Grahn - Kiser / Gilliam Cemetery

Grahn - Newell Cemetery

Grahn - Valandingham Cemetery

Grayson - King Cemetery

Grayson - Leadingham Cemetery

Hall Cemetery

Kiser Cemetery

Olive Hill - Gearhart / Carpenter Cemetery

Olive Hill - Parker Cemetery

Olive Hill - Shumate / Elam Cemetery

Soldier - Mocabee Cemetery

Soldier - Mocabee Family Cemetery

Tick Cemetery


Caney Fork Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Gilpin - Ellison Cemetery

Lawhorn Hill - Lawhorn Hill Cemetery

Liberty - Allen Cemetery

Liberty - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Marple / Allen Cemetery

Mt. Olive - Durham Cemetery

Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Pennington / Sandusky Cemetery

Phil - Williams Cemetery

Teddy - 910 Full Gospel Church Cemetery

Wilkerson Cemetery

Yosemite - Durham Cemetery

Yosemite - Green River Christian Church Cemetery


Burt Cemetery

Chapel Hill Cemetery

Fairview - Morton Family Cemetery (See also Todd Co.)

Gee Cemetery

Hayes Cemetery

Hopkinsville - Greenmoore / Moore Cemetery

Hopkinsville - Messamore Cemetery

Hopkinsville - McReynolds Family Cemetery

Steele Cemetery


Curry Grave

Winchester - Cunningham Family Cemetery

Winchester - Daughtee Cemetery

Winchester - Ervin Cemetery

Winchester - Winchester Cemetery History

Winchester - Winchester Cemetery (partial)


CLAY Co. Cemeteries



Albany - Hopkins Cemetery


Brantley Cemetery (1850-1915)

Cruce Cemetery

Dycusburg - Brasher / Eberle Cemetery (1872-1915)

Marion - Baker Church Cemetery

Marion - Baker Church Cemetery (Pt. 2)

Marion - Mapleview Cemetery (partial)

Underdown Cemetery

Weston - Weston Cemetery


Karn's Grove Cemetery (partial)

Moore Cemetery

Spice Knob - Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery


Bee Spring - Hubsfield Apostolic Church Cemetery

Brownsville - Brownsville Cemetery

Brownsville - The Johnson Cemetery - 62 Burials from 1897-2004 Submitted by Norma Johnson Stewart

Brownsville - Oak Hill Cemetery - Approx. 300 Burials from 1878-2003 Submitted by Norma Johnson Stewart

Edmonson Co. Cemeteries at KY GenWeb

Hawks Cemetery

Holly Springs Cemetery

Jock United Baptist Church & John Brooks Cemeteries

Kersey Family Cemetery

Little Hope Cemetery

Mammoth Cave - Jack Meredith Cemetery

Mammoth Cave - Johnny Pete Meredith Cemetery

Mammoth Cave - Nolin United Baptist Church Cemetery

Poteet Cemetery #2

Priddy Cemetery

Stockholm United Baptist Church Cemetery

Thompson Family Cemetery

Union Light Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery


Ault - Houston / Flannery Cemetery - 4 Burials 1929-1953 Submitted by Jenny Frazier

Bruin - Oney Cemetery

Gimlet - Tabor Cemetery

Harve Gray Cemetery

Howard Cemetery

Isonville - Ison / Fraley Cemetery

Mauk Family Cemetery

Newfoundland - Simmons Cemetery

Wagoner / Roberts Cemetery


ESTILL Co. Cemeteries



Clintonville - Dawson Graveyard (See also Bourbon Co.)

Lexington - Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery (Stanfield Graves) (1972-1993)


Asbury Farm Cemetery

Eden's Chapel Graveyard

Elizaville - Elizaville Cemetery

Grange City - Fairview Cemetery (See also Bath Co.)

Hayden / Adams Cemetery

Hunt Family Cemetery

Jackson Family Burials

Johnson Cemetery

Pleasureville - Pleasureville Cemetery


FLOYD Co. Cemeteries



Bailey Cemetery (See also Henry Co.)

Frankfort - Church / Lewis / Hudson Cemetery

Johnson Farm Cemetery (See also Anderson Co.)

Lebanon Cemetery (partial)

Polsgrove - Waits Graveyard


GALLATIN Co. Cemeteries



Archelus Anderson Cemetery

Bryantsville - Fork of Dix River Baptist Church Cemetery

Buckeye - Pleasant Run Church Cemetery (African-American)

Various Garrard Co. Burials

Various Garrard Co. Burials # 2


Kannady / Kennedy Cemetery

Lebanon Presbyterian Cemetery

Rouse / Henderson Cemetery


GRAVES Co. Cemeteries



Beatty Cemetery

Kelly Cemetery

McCandless Cemetery


GREEN Co. Cemeteries


GREENUP Co. Cemeteries


HANCOCK Co. Cemeteries



Elizabethtown - St. James Catholic Cemetery

Fort Knox - Chappell Ridge Cemetery (See also Bullitt Co. & Hardin Co.)

Fort Knox - Fort Knox Cemeteries (See also Bullitt Co. & Hardin Co. )

Fort Knox - Fort Knox Cemetery Burials (A-G) (See also Bullitt Co. & Hardin Co.)

Fort Knox - Fort Knox Cemetery Burials (H-N) (See also Bullitt Co. & Hardin Co.)

Fort Knox - Fort Knox Cemetery Burials (O-Z) (See also Bullitt Co. & Hardin Co.)

Sonora - Gray Cemetery

Upton / Brashear Family Cemetery (partial)

Various Hardin Co. Burials (ROBINSON / DINWIDDIE Surnames)

West Point - Fort Duffield Memorial Cemetery


Blanton Cemetery (partial)

Coxton - Ball Cemetery

Creech - Creech Cemetery (See also Bell Co.)

Dizney - Dizney Church of God Cemetery

Evarts - Evarts Cemetery

Evarts - Evarts Memorial Gardens Cemetery (A-H)

Evarts - Evarts Memorial Gardens Cemetery (I-Z)

Fee Graveyard

Golden Ash - Black Joe Cemetery

Musick Graves

Smith - Britton Cemetery

Smith - Wilson Cemetery

Verda - Burkhart Cemetery

Verda - Burkhart Cemetery # 2

Verda - Dean Cemetery

Verda - Jones Cemetery


Berry - Pythian Grove Cemetery (Sesser Surname)

Connersville - Fields Family Cemetery

Hedger Cemetery

McKenney Cemetery

Old Burial Ground at Raven Creek


Kessinger - Polston / Poston Cemetery

Kessinger - Wilkerson Temple Methodist Church Cemetery

Northtown - Northtown United Baptist Church Cemetery


Cairo - Alderson Family Cemetery

Cash Creek Cemetery

Ridgewood Cemetery (partial)

Robards - Gish Cemetery

Robards - Pleasant Valley Cemetery


Bailey Cemetery (See also Franklin Co.)

Gest - Eddins Graveyard

Orville - Smith / Hardin Cemetery

Smithfield - Smithfield Cemetery (Pt. 1)

Smithfield - Smithfield Cemetery (Pt. 2)

Smithfield - Smithfield Cemetery (Pt. 3)

Smithfield - Smithfield Cemetery (Pt. 4)

Smithfield - Watkins Cemetery

Thompson / Coppersmith Cemetery


Beulah - Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Fulgham - Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Cemetery

Fulgham - Via Cemetery

Mason Cemetery

Rennick Family Cemetery

Ringo Cemetery

Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery

Spring Hill - Spring Hill Baptist Church Cemetery


Madisonville - Pleasant View Cemetery (partial)


Alcorn - Alcorn Cemetery (See also Estill Co.)

Cox Cemetery

East Bernstadt - Thomas Cemetery (See also Laurel Co.)

Lainhart Cemetery

Lakes Cemetery

Lakes / Isaacs Cemetery

Carter Lakes Cemetery

Green B. Lakes Cemetery

McKee - Fox Cemetery

McQueen Cemetery

Sparks Cemetery

Thomas Cemetery

Wilds Cemetery

Wind Cave - Wind Cave Cemetery


JEFFERSON Co. Cemeteries


JESSAMINE Co. Cemeteries



Auxier - Auxier Cemetery (See also Floyd Co.)

Nickell / Davis / Pack Cemetery (See also Lawrence Co.)

Paintsville - Mayo Cemetery (See also Lawrence Co.) (partial)

Paintsville - Paintsville Cemeteries (partial)

Paintsville - Price Cemetery

Paintsville - Ward Cemetery

Preston / Green Family Cemetery

Redbush - Stapleton Family Cemetery

Williamsport - Pack Cemetery


Carlisle Cemetery

Covington - Linden Grove Cemetery (C - D)

Covington - Linden Grove Cemetery (E - F)

Ft. Mitchell - St. Mary's Cemetery (Pt. 1)

Ft. Mitchell - St. Mary's Cemetery (Pt. 2)

Northcutt Cemetery


Larkslane - Sparkman Cemetery

Larkslane - Triplett Cemetery

Redfox - Redfox Cemetery


KNOX Co. Cemeteries


LAUREL Co. Cemeteries


LAWRENCE Co. Cemeteries



Athol - Crawford Cemetery (See also Breathitt Co.)

Beattyville - Samuel Beatty Graveyard

Beattyville - Beattyville Cemetery (partial)

Beattyville - Palmer Cemetery

Beattyville - Riverview Cemetery

Heidelberg - Addison Cemetery

New Zion Cemetery

Primrose - Davis Cemetery (partial)

St. Helens - St. Helens Cemetery (partial)

Unnamed Cemetery (See also Owsley Co.)

Zoe - Gentry Cemetery


Solomon Burkhart Cemetery

Eli Couch Cemetery (See also Perry Co.)

Hyden - Couch Cemetery (See also Perry Co.)

Taylor Sizemore Cemetery


Letcher Co. Burial Index


Crab Orchard - Crab Orchard Baptist Church Cemetery

Drakes Creek Cemetery

Walnut Flat - Davis Family Cemetery


Grand Rivers - Nickell Cemetery (See also Lyon Co.)


Collier's Spring Graveyard - Cumbie Grave (1936) Submitted by Page Dew - See also Todd Co.

Lewisburg - Arnold / New Hope Church Cemetery

Russellville - Berea Christian Church Cemetery (A-I)

Russellville - Berea Christian Church Cemetery (J-S)

Russellville - Berea Christian Church Cemetery (T-Z)

Russellville - Dunn Family Cemetery

Russellville - Herndon Cemetery

Small Family Cemetery (See also Todd Co.)


Barnett "Negro" Cemetery

Bethlehem / River View Cemetery

Delaney Washington Hall Family Cemetery

Grand Rivers - Nickell Cemetery (See also Livingston Co.)

Lamasco - Gray Family Cemetery

Lamasco - Herbert Stone Grave

Lee / Dodds Cemetery

Pinnegar Cemetery

St. Stephen's Catholic Cemetery

Sardis Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Soden Family Cemetery

Stone "Negro" Cemetery


Bluegrass Army Depot Removed Graves

Boggs Cemetery

Doylesville - Doylesville Cemetery

Dreyfus - Dreyfus Church of Christ Cemetery

Dreyfus - Riddell Family Cemetery

Hall Cemetery

Hilltop Cemetery

Holly Cemetery

Needmore Cemetery

Richmond - Cumberland View Cemetery

Richmond - Richmond Cemetery (partial)

Rogers / Daniels Cemetery

Shearer Cemetery

Speedwell - Ellison Family Cemetery

Speedwell - Tipton Grave

Stone Family Burial Ground

Union City - Ford Cemetery

Walkup Cemetery



William Patrick Cemetery - 28 Burials from 1875-2001 Submitted by Matt Anderson

Rudd Cemetery - 21 Burials from 1886-2003 Submitted by Matt Anderson (also listed as Taulbee Cemetery)


Calvary - Holy Name of Mary Cemetery

Gravel Switch - Cook / Girdler Cemetery

Gravel Switch - Roller Cemetery

Gravel Switch - Tharp Family Cemetery

Hourigan Family Cemetery

Lebanon - Bethel Union / Lizard Point Cemetery

Old Bethel Union Cemetery


MARSHALL Co. Cemeteries



Beauty - Carter Cemetery

Goble Cemetery

Maynard and Collier Cemetery

Milo - Preston Cemetery (partial)

Preece - Preece Cemetery

Tomahawk - Crisp Family / Davisport / Rockhouse Cemetery

Tomahawk - Porter Family Cemetery


Mason County, Kentucky, Cemetery Records, Volume I **** This database has more than 1450 entries and includes: Shannon Cemetery (this does not include the new part across the road.) - Lewisburg Cemetery (located behind the church, south of Lewisburg, KY) - Mays Lick Cemetery (this is only a partial listing of the old stones in the Mays Lick Cemetery located in Mays Lick, KY)

Downing Cemetery

Minerva - Chiles Family Cemetery

Stonelick Cemetery


Campbell / Elrod Cemetery

Grahamville - Boldry Cemetery

Grahamville - Carneal / English / Hudson / Martin Cemetery

Grahamville - Graham Cemetery

Grahamville - Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery

Kevil - Spring Bayou Baptist Church Cemetery (See also Ballard Co.)

Paducah - Oak Grove Cemetery (Williams Graves)

Scott Cemetery


MCCREARY Co. Cemeteries



Beech Grove - Mackey Cemetery

Calhoun - Houston / Gibson Family Cemetery

Moseley Family Cemetery

Pleasant Hope Cemetery (partial)

Poplar Grove - Poplar Grove / Faith Cemetery

Poplar Grove - Ross Cemetery

Rumsey - Moore Cemetery


Battletown - Bald Knob Cemetery

Battletown - Bennett / Bogard & Greer / Boone & Withers Cemeteries

Battletown - Hunch Up Cemetery

Battletown - Staples Cemetery

Brandenburg - Benham Cemetery

Brandenburg - Johnson Cemetery

Brandenburg - Shrewsbury Cemetery

Ekron - Thomas Cemetery

Fort Knox - Fort Knox Burials (See also Bullitt & Hardin Cos.)

Garnettsville Cemetery (partial)

Payneville - Adkisson / Abell & Stith Cemeteries

Wolf Creek - Etherton Cemetery


Cave Run Cemetery Relocation

Lewis Cemetery

Means - William Wills Cemetery


METCALFE Co. Cemeteries



Ford Family Cemetery

Tompkinsville - Belcher Family Cemetery

Tompkinsville - Ebenezer Cemetery

Tompkinsville - Page Cemetery


Jeffersonville - Lovely / Old Salem Cemetery

Jeffersonville - Matt Willoughby Cemetery

West Cemetery


Cave Run Cemetery Relocation

Florress - Dawson Cemetery

Index - Henry Cemetery (1841-1984)

Relief - Paint Valley Church / Brown Cemetery

Riggsby Cemetery (1944-2003)

Stacy Fork - Oliver Haney Cemetery

West Liberty - Salyers Cemetery (partial)

West Liberty - Spaws Creek / Bill Elam Cemetery

Yocum - James M. Amyx Cemetery (1888-1908)

Zag - Lindsey Cox Cemetery


MUHLENBERG Co. Cemeteries



Bardstown - Hill / Troutman Cemetery

Boston - Leonard Troutman Cemetery

Deatsville - New Salem Baptist Cemetery (See also Bullitt Co.)

Fairfield - Little Union Baptist Church Cemetery (See also Spencer Co.)


Carlisle - Carlisle Cemetery (Hopkins Burials)

Saltwell Cemetery (partial)

Sharpsburg - Lott Hayden Graveyard (See also Bath Co.)


OHIO Co. Cemeteries



Clifton Cemetery

Hesler - Haydon Cemetery

Mussel Shoals Cemetery (East)

Mussel Shoals Cemetery (West)

New Columbus - Parr Cemetery

New Liberty - Coates Cemetery

New Liberty - New Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery

Owenton - Doty Cemetery

Owenton - Hancock Cemetery

Pleasant Home - Pleasant Home Cemetery


OWSLEY Co. Cemeteries



Alexandria - Wesley Chapel Methodist Cemetery (See also Campbell Co.)

Falmouth - Concord Cemetery 

Peach Grove - Peach Grove Cemetery (1979 Record) (See also Campbell Co.)


PERRY Co. Cemeteries


PIKE Co. Cemeteries



Logan Cemetery

Reed Graveyard


Nancy - Mill Springs National Cemetery

Nancy - Zollicoffer Confederate Cemetery


Camron / Cameron Family Burials

Ogden Cemetery

Whalen / Whaley Family Burials


Orlando - Briarfield Cemetery

Skaggs Creek Cemetery

Wildie - Maret's Cemetery


Rowan Co. Burial Index

Cave Run Cemetery Relocation


RUSSELL Co. Cemeteries

Cary Cemetery (See also Muhlenberg Co.)

Small Family Cemetery (See also Logan Co.)




Davis - Beard Cemetery (partial)

Downing / Roberts Cemetery

Kitchen Family Cemetery


Mt. Eden - Hedden / Snider Cemetery (See also Spencer Co.)


Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery (partial)

Fairfield - Little Union Baptist Church Cemetery (See also Nelson Co.)

Hedges Cemetery

Mt. Eden - Hedden / Snider Cemetery (See also Shelby Co.)

Taylorsville - Old Taylorsville Cemetery

Taylorsville - Pioneer Cemetery (History)

Taylorsville - Valley Cemetery (partial)

Taylorsville - West / Pruitt Graves


Brown Family Cemetery (partial)

Campbellsville - Carter Family Cemetery

Campbellsville - John Chandler Cemetery

Campbellsville - Phillips / Garvin Cemetery

Campbellsville - Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
A-P      Q-Z

Collins Family Cemetery

Durrett Family Burials

Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (partial)


TODD Co. Cemeteries


TRIGG Co. Cemeteries



Benson / Dillon Cemetery

Boxville - Boxville Cemetery (partial)

Caseyville - Casey Cemetery

Caseyville - Caseyville Cemetery (partial)

Grangertown - Grangertown Church Cemetery (partial)

Hazel - Hazel Bend Cemetery

Morganfield - Cowan Cemetery

Morganfield - Morganfield I.O.O.F. Cemetery (partial)

New Salem Cemetery (partial)

Old Bethel Cemetery (partial)

Pride - Pride / Bordley Cemetery (partial)

Pythian Ridge Cemetery (partial)

St. Agnes Cemetery (partial)

St. Ann's Cemetery (partial)

St. Peter's Cemetery (partial)

Sturgis - Presbyterian Cemetery (partial)

Uniontown - City Cemetery (partial)


Howell / Dodd / Robinson Cemeteries (partial)

Kepler - Owens Cemetery 

Rich Pond - Charles Arbuckle Skiles Cemetery

Rich Pond - William H. Skiles Cemetery

Three Forks - Goodnight Family Graveyard

Three Forks - Ground Family Graveyard

Three Springs - Trinity Presbyterian Cemetery


Coyle / Blacketer Cemetery (See also Boyle Co.)


Hicks Cemetery


Dixon - McClendon / Chandler Cemetery

Dixon - Trice Cemetery

Rock Spring - Rock Spring Cemetery (partial)

Trice / Strum Cemetery

Webster Co. Cemetery Surname Index


Corbin - Monhollen Cemetery (See also Laurel Co.)

Croley Cemetery (See also Bell Co.)

Jellico - Perkins Cemetery (Petree Burial)

Mountain Ash - Reed Cemetery

Redbird - Asher Cemetery (See also Bell Co.)

Rockholds - Slusher Cemetery


Campton - King / Spencer Cemetery

Campton - Wells / Rose Cemetery

Tar Ridge Cemetery

Torrent - Adams Cemetery

Zachariah - Lewellyn Bush Cemetery


James McConnell Family Cemetery

Midway - Midway Cemetery

Nonesuch - Beverly Allen Graveyard

Pisgah - Pisgah Presbyterian Church Cemetery (partial)

Versailles - Slatten / Carter / Thompson Cemetery

Versailles - Versailles Cemetery