Vernon Parish Louisiana

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Anacoco - Cold Springs Cemetery

Anacoco - Dickerson Cemetery

Anacoco - Farris Cemetery

Anacoco - Good Hope Cemetery

Anacoco - McInnis / Bonnett Chapel Cemetery

Anacoco - Mitchell Cemetery

Anacoco - Old Anacoco Baptist Church Cemetery

Burr Ferry - Beechgrove Congregation Methodist Cemetery

Burr Ferry - Burr Cemetery

Burr Ferry - Burr Ferry United Pentecostal Cemetery

Burr Ferry - Old Burr Cemetery

Burr Ferry - Plunkaway Cemetery

Burr Ferry - Stephens Family Cemetery

Caney - Canaan Cemetery

Caney - Pine Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Caney - Stephens Family Cemetery

Caney - Smith Cemetery

Cravens - Drakes Fork Cemetery

Cravens - Gravel Hill Cemetery

Cravens - Lone Star Cemetery

Cravens - Providence Baptist Church Cemetery

Cravens - Wisby Memorial Cemetery

Elizabeth - West Cemetery (See also Allen Parish)

Evans - Almadane Cemetery (African-American)

Evans - Evans Community Cemetery

Evans - Miller Cemetery

Fort Polk - Burns Cemetery

Fort Polk - Davis Cemetery

Fort Polk - Haymon/Watson Cemetery

Fort Polk - Holly Springs Cemetery

Fort Polk - Hunt Cemetery

Fort Polk - Merritt Cemetery

Fort Polk - Mill Creek Cemetery

Fort Polk - Self Cemetery

Fort Polk - Sirmon Cemetery

Fort Polk - Smith Cemetery

Fort Polk - Smith/Maddox Cemetery

Fort Polk - Unnamed Cemetery (Sarver / Phillips Graves)

Fort Polk - Woods Cemetery

Fort Polk - Zion Hill Cemetery

Fullerton - Smoky Ridge Cemetery

Hicks - Haymon Cemetery

Hicks - Laurel Hill Cemetery

Hicks - Mayo Cemetery

Hicks - McAllen / Smith Cemetery

Hicks - Monk Hill / Roberts Cemetery

Hicks - Scott Cemetery

Hicks - Shackleford Cemetery

Hicks - William White Burial

Hornbeck - Beckcom Cemetery

Hornbeck - Oak Grove / Union Cemetery

Hornbeck - Self Cemetery

Hornbeck - Whittaker Cemetery

Hutton - Allen Cemetery

Knight - Hinson / Knight Cemetery

Kurthwood - Melton Cemetery

Kurthwood - Sunny Hill Cemetery

LaCamp - LaCamp Church of God Cemetery

LaCamp - LaCamp Pentecostal Cemetery

LaCamp - Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Leesville - Castor Cemetery

Leesville - East Leesville Pentecostal Cemetery

Leesville - Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery

Leesville - Forest Lawn Cemetery

Leesville - Franklin Cemetery

Leesville - Gardens of Memories Cemetery (African-American)

Leesville - Holly Grove Cemetery

Leesville - Kay Family Cemetery

Leesville - Lamberth Cemetery

Leesville - Leesville Cemetery

Leesville - Liberty Cemetery

Leesville - May/Weeks Cemetery

Leesville - Mt. Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery

Leesville - Oak Forest Community Cemetery

Leesville - Old Hunt Cemetery

Leesville - Old Leesville Cemetery

Leesville - Scoggins Cemetery

Leesville - Silver Creek Cemetery

Leesville - Smart Chapel Cemetery

Leesville - Stephens Cemetery

Leesville - West Cemetery

New Llano - Craft Cemetery

New Llano - McManus Cemetery

New Llano - Miller Cemetery

New Llano - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

New Llano - O'Bannion / Gill Cemetery

New Llano - Ollieville Cemetery

New Llano - Stephens Cemetery

New Llano - Trull Family Cemetery

New Llano - Wilson Cemetery

Pickering - Cryer Cemetery

Pickering - Neame Cemetery

Pitkin - Blue Branch Cemetery

Pitkin - Johnson/Bailey Cemetery

Pitkin - Marlow Cemetery

Pitkin - Mt. Moriah Church Cemetery

Pitkin - Occupy #2 Cemetery

Pitkin - Upper Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Rosepine - Cyress Creek Cemetery

Rosepine - Lewis / New Cypress Cemetery

Rosepine - Old Cypress Cemetery

Sandy Hill - Pine Island Cemetery

Simpson - Bellview Burial (Daws Grave) (African-American)

Simpson - Comrade Cemetery (See also Rapides Parish)

Simpson - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Simpson - Welcome Cemetery

Slagle - Antioch Cemetery

Slagle - Collins Cemetery

Slagle - Cooley Cemetery

Slagle - Glass Window Cemetery

Slagle - Holton Cemetery

Slagle - Smith/Brewer Cemetery

Slagle - Spanish Cemetery

Slagle - Wales / Union Grove Cemetery

Slagle - Walnut Hill Cemetery
      **Walnut Hill Cemetery Addendum** - Under the listing for Lydia C. Johnson the annotation states
incorrectly that her father was William West and that her mother was
Lucretia Smart. Her parents were, in fact, Madison West (s/o William
and Lydia West) and Martha Lucretia Neal (d/o Mitchell Neal and Nancy
Madison West and Martha Lucretia Neal are buried in the West Cemetery.
William and Lydia West are buried in the Collins Cemetery. Nancy
Henderson Neal is buried in the Smart Chapel Cemetery. Mitchell Neal
is buried in the Dark Neal Cemetery near Cotile, LA. - Submitted by John Johnson

Sugartown - Akins Cemetery (See also Allen Parish & Beauregard Parish)

Sugartown - Pine Grove Cemetery (See also Beauregard Parish)