Missouri Cemeteries


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Brown Cemetery

Cravens Grave (1897)

Hackberry Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Savannah - McGlothlin Cemetery


Barry Co. Cemeteries

Eagle Rock - Roach Cemetery

Jenkins - King Cemetery

Virtual Memorial Garden (List of Cremations)

Wheaton - Patton Cemetery (partial)


Yale - Yale African-American Cemetery (See also Crawford Co., Kansas) at Pittsburgh State University


Johnstown - Johnstown Cemetery


Big Buffalo Cemetery

Fairfield - Campbell Cemetery (1856-1912)

Fristoe - Black Cemetery

Fristoe - Fristoe Cemetery

Fristoe - Phegley Cemetery (1861-1916)

Sunnyside Cemetery (partial)

Warsaw - Schaeffer Cemetery

Warsaw - Turkey Creek Cemetery

Yancy / Cloverdale Cemetery


Burfordville - McGuire Cemetery (See also Cape Girardeau Co.)

Clippard Cemetery

Daisy - Campground Cemetery (See also Cape Girardeau Co.)

Drum - Wayne Cemetery

Drum - Winchester Cemetery

Grassy - Lower Grassy / Joe Rea Cemetery

Huxie - Crites Cemetery

Marble Hill - Crader Cemetery

Marble Hill - Formway Family Cemetery

Old Ebenezer Cemetery

Patton - Crossroads United Methodist Church Cemetery

Schlatitz - Hinkle / Crites Cemetery


Ashland - Burnett Family Cemetery

Burnett and Various Family Burials

Englewood - Smith Burying Ground

Far West Cemetery

Hallsville - Red Top Cemetery

Sturgeon - Sturgeon Cemetery

Vaughn Grave (1859)

Walnut Grove Cemetery


Baker Family Burials

Dearborn - Turner Cemetery

Dearborn - Williams Cemetery

Frazier - Cobb Family Cemetery

Platte River - Hebron Cemetery

Taos - Halleck Cemetery

Wallace - Judy Cemetery


BUTLER Co. Cemeteries



Bethel Cemetery

Breckenridge - Rose Hill Cemetery

Cowgill - Cowgill Cemetery

Hopewell Cemetery

Kingston - Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Mirabile - Mirabile Cemetery

Prairie Ridge Church Cemetery


Boydsville - Miller's Creek Cemetery - over 400 Burials dating 1871-1988 - Submitted by Linda Siekman

Caldwell Cemetery

Cedar City - Nichols / Irvine Cemetery

Cedar City - Zumwalt Family Cemetery

Coonce Cemetery

Fairview / Cantrell Cemetery

Hart Hill Cemetery

Holt's Summit - Meng Cemetery

Holt's Summit - Union Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

New Bloomfield - Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery

New Bloomfield - McLain Cemetery

New Bloomfield - Mt. Zion Cemetery

New Bloomfield - Vaughan Family Cemetery

Stokes Cemetery

Wainwright - Standerfer Cemetery

Yount Cemetery


Climax Springs - Green Cemetery

Linn Creek - Old Erie Cemetery

Myretta Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Osage Beach - Conway Cemetery


Burfordville - McGuire Cemetery (See also Bollinger Co.)

Cape Girardeau - Ben Heuer Family Cemetery

Crump - Barks Chapel Cemetery

Crump - Passover Cemetery

Daisy - Campground Cemetery (See also Bollinger Co.)

Dutchtown - German Evangelical Church Cemetery

Gladish Cemetery - 137 Burials dating 1816-1978 Submitted by Darlene Yancey

Gordonville - Bean Cemetery

Jackson - Cracraft Cemetery

Jackson - Howard Cemetery

Jackson - Old Bethel Cemetery

Jackson - Ware Cemetery

Pocahontas - Apple Creek Cemetery

Randles - Allen Cemetery (See also Stoddard Co.)

Shiloh Cemetery - 57 Burials dating 1880-1998 Submitted by Darlene Yancey



Aldrich Valley Cemetery

Brush Arbor - Seats Cemetery (See also Butler Co.)

Eastwood - Eastwood Cemetery

Ellsinore - Boyer Grave (1847)

Ellsinore - Gresham Cemetery

Ellsinore - Harmony Barefoot Cemetery

Ellsinore - Henson Hilltop Cemetery

Ellsinore - Pine Lawn Cemetery

Ellsinore - Raymer Cemetery

Fremont - Freeman Cemetery

Fremont - Fremont Cemetery

Fremont - New Hope Cemetery

Grandin - Grandin Cemetery

Grandin - McRone Cemetery

Midco Cemetery

Van Buren - Brame Cemetery

Van Buren - Bristol Cemetery

Van Buren - Dry Valley Cemetery

Van Buren - Hoskins Cemetery

Van Buren - Kegville Cemetery

Van Buren - Tedder Cemetery

Whites Mill Cemetery


Burford Cemetery

Civil War Veteran Burials

Martin Cemetery (Prouty Graves)

Riddle / Worrell / Williams Graves


CEDAR Co. Cemeteries




Boaz - Frazier Cemetery (partial - Spurlock Grave 1969) Submitted by Paul Spurlock

Highlandville - Highlandville I.O.O.F. Cemetery

Ozark - Stone / Walker / Gardner Cemetery


Old Burying Ground at Prairie Church


Elitzer Cemetery

Excelsior Springs - Holton Cemetery

Excelsior Springs - McCrorey Cemetery

Excelsior Springs - Story / Rupe Graves

Excelsior Springs - Welton Cemetery

Gladstone - Faubion Cemetery

Hartel / Arley South / Crowley Grave / Wilerton-McClelland / Riley Cemeteries

Lawson - Hollingsworth Graves (See also Ray Co.)

Liberty - Fairview / New Hope Cemetery (Chandler Graves)

Paradise - Paradise Cemetery (partial)

Paradise - Paradise Cemetery (Zemmer Graves)


Jefferson City - St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery

Russellville - Defoe / Clibourn Cemetery


Clark's Fork - Klug Family Burial Plot

Walnut Grove Cemetery (partial)


CRAWFORD Co. Cemeteries



Knox - Harper Family Cemetery (See also Polk Co.)


Charity - Charity Community Cemetery

Charity - Thorpe Cemetery

Long Lane - Harmony Cemetery

Long Lane - Liberty Cemetery

Long Lane - Pisgah Cemetery

Mission Ridge Cemetery (Cox Family Graves)

Shady Grove - Graham Cemetery


Jameson - Old Scotland Cemetery

Winston - Winston Cemetery


Christian Chapel Cemetery


Brownbranch - Bethel Cemetery (See also Taney Co.)

Brownbranch - Sherrodd Cemetery (See also Taney Co.)

Brushy Knob Cemetery

Denlow Cemetery

Penner Cemetery

Union Grove / Sanders Cemetery


Campbell - Bethany Cemetery


Berger - Roark / Schaub Cemetery (partial)

Crow Cemetery

Lonedell - Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery (partial)

St. Clair - Oddfellows Cemetery I.O.O.F.

Sullivan - Martin Cemetery (See also Crawford Co.)


Bohl Cemetery

Dotson / Enloe / Smith Graves

Owensville - Immaculate Conception Cemetery

Reinholz / Springmeyer Cemetery

Rosebud - Hartmeister / Mathews Cemetery

Rosebud - Lutheran Church Cemetery

Rosebud - Methodist Church Cemetery

Rosebud - Salem Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery


Alanthus Grove - Jennings Cemetery (Coffey Family Graves)

McFall - McFall Cemetery Surname Index

McFall - Spiers Cemetery Surname List

Moulton / Owl Creek Cemetery Surname List

New Hampton - Jones Chapel / Stafford Chapel Cemetery (See also Harrison Co.)

Pinhook - Mise / Mize Cemetery

Siloam Springs - Groom Cemetery

Stanberry - Cooper Cemetery

Stanberry - High Ridge Cemetery

Stanberry - Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Sweat / Old Fairview Cemetery


Republic - Evergreen Cemetery (partial)

Republic - G.M. Laney Cemetery

Springfield - Hopewell Cemetery at Laura's Genealogy Page


Brimson - Cat Creek / Mt. Pleasant #1 Cemetery (See also Harrison Co.)

Brimson - Springer Chapel Cemetery (See also Harrison Co.)

Galt - R.A. Israel Cemetery

Laredo - Smith Cemetery (See also Linn Co.)

Melbourne - Mitchell Cemetery (See also Harrison Co.)


Akron - Akron Cemetery

Bethany - Allen Cemetery

Bethany - Antioch Cemetery

Bethany - Brady / Luellen Cemetery (1887-1920)

Bethany - Burris Cemetery

Bethany - Dale Cemetery

Bethany - Fairview Church Cemetery

Bethany - Gillespie / Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Bethany - Hawk Family Cemetery (1884-1890)

Bethany - Logsdon Cemetery

Bethany - Matkins Cemetery

Bethany - Miriam Cemetery

Bethany - Mitchell Graveyard (1846-1886)

Bethany - Monson Cemetery

Bethany - Morris Chapel Cemetery

Bethany - Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Bethany - Mt. Zion Cemetery

Bethany - Phillebaum Cemetery

Bethany - Prairie Chapel Cemetery

Bethany - Shady Grove Cemetery

Bethany - Sharon Chapel Cemetery

Bethany - Smith Cemetery (1853-1880)

Bethany - White Oak Cemetery

Blythedale - Cedar Hill Cemetery

Blythedale - Downey / Indian Creek Cemetery (1859-1902)

Brimson - Cat Creek / Mt. Pleasant #1 Cemetery (See also Grundy Co.)

Brimson - Springer Chapel Cemetery (See also Grundy Co.)

Cainsville - Bohemian Cemetery

Cainsville - Fairview Cemetery

Cainsville - Glaze Cemetery

Cainsville - Oaklawn Cemetery (See also Mercer Co.)

Cainsville - Zoar Cemetery

Eagleville - Brown Cemetery (1856-1940)

Eagleville - Eagleville Masonic Union Cemetery

Eagleville - Highland Cemetery

Eagleville - McKone Graveyard (1897-1920)

Eagleville - Memorial West / Old Eagleville Cemetery

Gilman City - Christian Union Cemetery

Gilman City - St. John's Cemetery

Goshen - Goshen Cemetery (See also Mercer Co.)

Hatfield - Lincoln Center Cemetery

Hatfield - Weaver Chapel Cemetery

Martinsville - Grace Cemetery (1860-1932)

Martinsville - Magee Cemetery (1859-1964)

Melbourne - Mitchell Cemetery (See also Grundy Co.)

Miller Cemetery

Mt. Moriah - Lloyd / Stoner Cemetery

Mt. Moriah - Mt. Moriah Cemetery

New Hampton - Foster Cemetery - Partial list of 15 stones dating from 1862-1924 Submitted by Karen Birkholm

New Hampton - Jones Chapel / Stafford Chapel Cemetery (See also Gentry Co.)

Princeton - Cain Cemetery (See also Mercer Co.)

Ridgeway - Henry / Ridgeway Cemetery

Ridgeway - Kirkley Chapel Cemetery

Ridgeway - Lilly Cemetery

Ridgeway - Rose Hill Cemetery

Ridgeway - Yankee Ridge Cemetery

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Washington Center - Wesley Chapel Cemetery

Williams / Holy Mountain / Hill / Old Jolly Farm Graveyard (1848-1868)


Antioch / Clinton's African American Cemetery

Bear Creek Cemetery

Bethlehem Cemetery

Blairstown Cemetery

Carrsville Cemetery

Calhoun / Methodist Cemetery

Clinton Memory Garden Cemetery (1963 - Present)

Deepwater - Deepwater Cemetery (1848 - Present)

Billie Dunning Cemetery (Relocated to Englewood Cemetery)

Fields Creek / Fields Church Cemetery (1864 - Present)

Hickory Grove Cemetery (1856 - Present)

Mullin Cemetery (1853 - Present)

Sardis North / Sardis Church / Sardis-Bethlehem Cemetery

Urich - Fewell / Stewart / Blevins / White Oak Cemetery

Urich - Urich Cemetery (1866 - Present)


Hayden Cemetery (1867-1998)


Boonesboro - Boonesboro Cemetery (Kivett / Massie Burials)


Cureall - Cureall Cemetery

Hutton Valley - Walker's Chapel Cemetery

New Liberty Baptist Cemetery

Pottersville - Pottersville Cemetery


Belleview - Terrill Cemetery

Bixby - Mayfield Cemetery

Des Arc - Mountain View Cemetery

Ironton - Masonic Cemetery

Oates - Barton Cemetery (See also Reynolds Co.)

Tuttle / Shrum Cemetery

Upper Indian Creek Cemetery


Blue Springs - Old Lobb Cemetery

Independence - Courtney / Mann Cemetery

Independence - Hill Cemetery

Independence - Oak Ridge Memorial Gardens Cemetery (Schaub / Crump Graves)

Kansas City - Boone / Hays Cemetery

Kansas City - Douglas Cemetery

Kansas City - Forest Hill Cemetery (partial)

Morgan Walker Family Cemetery


La Russell - Harvey Cemetery

Thoms - Sherwood Cemetery


Jefferson Co. Cemeteries at Jefferson Co. Historical Society

Plattin - Charter Baptist Church / Plattin Cemetery

Wideman Cemetery


Cobb Cemetery - at USGenWebArchives - Cemetery Compiled by Pam Wagoner

Columbus - Bethel Cemetery

Kingsville - Gilbert Cemetery

Knob Noster - Hocker Cemetery

Montserrat - Adams Cemetery

Several Johnson Co. Cemeteries

Warrensburg - Adams Memorial Cemetery


Knox Co. Cemeteries


Bingham Cemetery

Brown / Daniel Cemetery

Conway - Arch Forkner Cemetery

Conway - Gabrial Forkner Cemetery

Conway - Graceland Cemetery

Conway - Happy Home Cemetery

Fitzsimmons Cemetery

Kissee Cemetery

Lebanon - Casey / Dougan Cemetery

Lebanon - Ivey Cemetery

Lebanon - Keedy / Thomas Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery (partial)

Lynchburg - Lynchburg Cemetery

Lyons - Hough Cemetery

Lyons - Stewart Cemetery

Nebo - Pine Creek Cemetery

Oakland - Moravian Cemetery

Oakland - Smith Cemetery

Oakland - Whitson Cemetery

Orla - Holman / South Cemetery

Phillipsburg - Old Pisgah Cemetery

Stephens Cemetery

Winnipeg - Winnipeg Cemetery


Oakland - Summers / Helm Cemetery

Odessa - Barker Cemetery

Odessa - Odessa Cemetery (Section 3)


Aurora - Maple Park Cemetery (Faulkner Graves)

Pierce City - Schooling Cemetery

Stotts City - Moore Cemetery (partial)

Stotts City - Stotts Family Cemetery


Benjamin - Henton Cemetery

Canton - Forest Grove Cemetery (England Grave - 1921)

Deer Ridge - Deer Ridge Community Methodist Cemetery (Weidner / Reed Graves)

Dover - Dover Cemetery (partial)

Durham - Durham Cemetery (partial)

Ewing - Masonic & Lutheran Cemetery (partial)

LaBelle - LaBelle Cemetery

Maywood - Maywood Cemetery

Midway - St. Patrick's Irish Ridge Cemetery


Miller Cemetery

Silex - Sitton Cemetery

Sulphur Lick Cemetery (partial)

Sulphur Lick Cemetery (Gilliland Family Graves)

Winfield - Rybolt Cemetery


Benson - Pleasant Grove North Cemetery

Benson - Pleasant Grove South Cemetery

Browning - Dry Ridge / Bennett / Mundell Cemetery

Browning - Prather Cemetery

Browning - White Oak Cemetery (See also Sullivan Co.)

Enterprise - Enterprise Graveyard

Laredo - Smith Cemetery (See also Grundy Co.)

Purdin - Ogle Cemetery

Purdin - Purdin Cemetery

Sedgwick - McCollum Cemetery


Blue Mound - Welsh Cemetery

Chula Cemetery

Curtis Cemetery