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Marks Cemetery

Marks, Quitman Co., Mississippi

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Marks Cemetery Records submitted by

The first street after McDonald's is Lamar Avenue. Turn west on Lamar Avenue. Take Lamar Avenue until it
dead-ends at Seventh Street. Turn north onto Seventh Street. The entrance to the cemetery is at Seventh
Street and Walthall Avenue.

Mr. Leopold Marks is the founder of the city of Marks, Quitman County, Mississippi (approximately 1885). Mr. Marks' son,
Henry, owned the land where the cemetery is located. Henry donated the land to the township of
Marks and the cemetery was owned and operated by the township of Marks, and later by the city of
Marks. The cemetery was used for the first time about 1913. In 1996, the First Marks Cemetery Association was formed.
The cemetery is now owned and operated by First Marks Cemetery Association. It is a self perpetuating cemetery and
all donations to First Marks Cemetery Association are tax deductible. First Marks Cemetery Association has made
many improvements to the cemetery since 1996 including improved drainage, a fence, and repair of headstones,
and removal of trees. There are some unmarked graves in the cemetery.

The care and maintenance of the cemetery is made possible through donations to:
First Marks Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 332
Marks, MS 38646

The cemetery is owned by First Marks Cemetery Association. Each fifth Sunday First Baptist Church of Marks,
Marks United Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church have a united worship service. The offering on this
day is donated to First Marks Cemetery Association. Each church takes a turn hosting the event.

I have divided the cemetery into sections. The section numbers are mine, not the cemetery. I divided the
cemetery into sections because it was too large to get done all in one day.
I will send each section as I get it done.

Located in Marks, Quitman County, Mississippi

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Section 3 Section 4
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