Oklahoma Cemeteries


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Cherry Tree - Cherry Tree Cemetery (partial)

Ketcher / Catcher Cemetery

Piney - Piney Cemetery

Spade Mountain - Spade Mountain Cemetery

Stilwell - Ewing Chapel Cemetery (partial) (Gregory Grave - 1942)

Stilwell - Ewing Chapel Cemetery (partial) (Gregory Graves)

Stilwell - Morris Cemetery

Stilwell - New Hope Cemetery (partial) (Morgan Grave - 1941)

Wauhillau - Caney Cemetery (partial)

Westville - Corntassel Cemetery

Whitmire - Whitmire Cemetery


Cherokee - Cherokee Cemetery (Brewer / Clark Graves)

Cherokee - Cherokee Cemetery (Krienke / Brune Graves)

Eagle Chief Cemetery (Abel Grave - 1901)


Atoka - "B" Street Graves

Atoka - Balls Chapel Cemetery

Atoka - Boggy Depot Cemetery

Atoka - Perkins Cemetery

Bentley - Bentley Indian Cemetery

Bera Cemetery

Caney - Caney Cemetery

Confederate Memorial / Harkin Family Cemetery

Daisy - Isaac A. Billy Cemetery

Doyle / Old Indian Cemetery

Limestone Gap - LaFlore / Limestone Gap Cemetery

Lone Star Cemetery

Salem Church Cemetery (Harkin Graves)

Sexton Cemetery

Stringtown -Armstrong Cemetery

Stringtown - Ward Cemetery

Wesley - Wesley Cemetery

Westview Cemetery (Harkin Graves)


Slapout - Madison Cemetery


BECKHAM Co. Cemeteries



Okeene - Collins Cemetery (McKinley Grave)


Fort Washita - Fort Washita Family Cemetery (See also Johnston Co.)


Cement - Wood Memorial / Pleasant Hill Union Cemetery (See also Grady Co.)

Minco - Friendship / Davidson / Arcadia Cemetery (See also Grady Co.)

Minco - German Lutheran Cemetery (See also Grady Co.)

Oakhill Cemetery (See also Grady Co.)


Calumet - Calumet Cemetery

El Reno - El Reno Cemetery

Fort Reno Cemetery

Mathewson Cemetery

Mustang - Mustang Cemetery

Palmer Cemetery

Yukon - Forehand Cemetery

Yukon - Yukon Cemetery (partial)


CARTER Co. Cemeteries



Moodys - Moodys Cemetery (Part 2)

Peggs - New Home Cemetery

Tahlequah - Barber Cemetery

Tahlequah - Boudinot Cemetery

Tahlequah - Caney Cemetery

Tahlequah - Lost City Cemetery

Tahlequah - Manus Cemetery

Tahlequah - Tahlequah Cemetery (partial)


Boswell - Boswell Cemetery (Flowers / Hufford Graves)

Hugo - Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Block 2)

Hugo - Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Block 5)

Hugo - Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Block 6)

Hugo - Mt. Olivet Cemetery Map

Mayhew - Mayhew Cemetery

Shoals - Shoals Cemetery

Shoat Springs Cemetery


Box - Box Cemetery

Corbett - Denton Cemetery

Denver - Denver Cemetery

Norman - Blackburn Cemetery

Norman - Falls Cemetery

Norman - Norman Odd Fellows I.O.O.F. Lodge #7 Cemetery

Oklahoma City - Schwartz Cemetery

Oklahoma City - U.G. / Kear Memorial Cemetery

Sunset Memorial Cemetery (partial)


Cairo - Cairo Cemetery

Centrahoma Cemetery (partial)

Coalgate - Coalgate Cemetery (partial)

Coalgate - Globe Cemetery

Coalgate - Nixon Cemetery - 102 Indexed Burials from 1902-1996 Submitted by J. Richards

Coalgate - Pine Cemetery

Coalgate - Woodman Cemetery - 94 Indexed Burials from 1893-1996 Submitted by J. Richards

Parker - McCarty Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Tupelo - Byrd's Prairie Cemetery


Letitia - Letitia Cemetery

Meers - Meers Cemetery

Mt. Sterling Cemetery

Rush Springs - Simpson Cemetery (See also Grady Co.)

Sterling - Sterling Cemetery


Devol - Devol Cemetery (See also Tillman Co.)

Randlett - Fairview Cemetery (partial)

Randlett - Fairview Cemetery (partial #2)

Temple - Temple Cemetery (partial)


Vinita - Fairview Cemetery (partial)


Hosey Cemetery


Bethel Mennonite Cheyenne Indian Cemetery

Clinton - Murphy / Maley Cemetery


Buzzard Cemetery (partial)

Chandler Cemetery

Cornett / Wooden / Wayt Cemetery

Fields Cemetery

Grove - Pollan Cemetery

Jay - Duffield Memorial Cemetery

Kansas - Kansas Cemetery (A-C)

Kansas - Kansas Cemetery (D-G)

Kansas - Kansas Cemetery (H-K)

Kansas - Kansas Cemetery (L-O)

Kansas - Kansas Cemetery (P-S)

Kansas - Kansas Cemetery (T-Z)

Mt. Herman Cemetery (partial)

Olympus Cemetery (partial)

Polson Cemetery

Ward Cemetery

Zena - Zena Cemetery (partial)

Zena - Zena Cemetery (partial #2)


Dewey Co. Burial Index


Ellis Co. Cemeteries

Gage - Gage Memorial Cemetery (A-J)

Gage - Gage Memorial Cemetery (K-Z)


Covington - Bethel Cemetery

Enid - Enid Cemetery (Davis Graves)

Various Garfield Co. Burials (1897-1999)

Waukomis - I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Slusher Graves)


Butterly Cemetery (See also Murray Co.)

Davis - Oak Ridge Cemetery (See also Murray Co.)

Elmore City - Elmore City Cemetery

Elmore City - Yeary / Vaughn Funeral Home Records (1948-1958) (Book 1)

Elmore City - Yeary / Vaughn Funeral Home Records (1948-1958) (Book 2)

Elmore City - Yeary / Vaughn Funeral Home Records (1948-1958) (Book 3)

Elmore City - Yeary / Vaughn Funeral Home Records (1948-1958) (Book 4)

Elmore City - Yeary / Vaughn Funeral Home Records (1948-1958) (Book 5)

Hennepin - Hennepin Cemetery (See also Murray Co.)

Howell Cemetery (See also Murray Co.)

Maysville - Randolph Cemetery (partial)

McGee - McGee Cemetery (Kendrick Grave - 1934)

Pauls Valley - Diggs Funeral Home Records (1964-1984)

Stratford - Clabber Flats Cemetery

Stratford - Lewis Cemetery

Wynnewood - Wynnewood View Cemetery (See also Murray Co.)


GRADY Co. Cemeteries



Wakita - Wakita Cemetery (Guthrie Graves)


Corinth Cemetery

Mangum - Riverside Cemetery


Gould - Liberty Cemetery

Gould - Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Hollis - Bitter Creek Cemetery

Hollis - Dryden Cemetery

Hollis - O M Cemetery

Hollis - Hal Smith Cemetery

Hollis - Tea Cross Cemetery

Hollis - Westview / #2 Cemetery

Louis - Louis / Bethel Cemetery

Madge - Madge / Independence Cemetery

McKnight - McKnight Cemetery

Vinson - Cave Creek Cemetery


HASKELL Co. Cemeteries



Bohannon Cemetery

Calvin - Crossroad Cemetery

Calvin - Hilltop Cemetery

Citra - Citra Cemetery

Gerty - Panther Creek Cemetery

Holdenville - Buckner Memorial Cemetery

Holdenville - Glory / Bilbee Cemetery

Holdenville - Holdenville Cemetery

Holdenville - McBryde / Peebles Cemetery

Holdenville - McCosar / Buck Cemetery

Holdenville - Robison Cemetery

Holdenville - Stubblefield Cemetery

Horntown - McMahan Cemetery

Jacobs Cemetery

Lamar - Lamar Cemetery

Non - Non Cemetery

Wetumka - South Community Cemetery

Wetumka - Wetumka Indian Baptist Church Cemetery

Yeager - Fairview Cemetery

Yeager - Yeager Cemetery

Yeager - Yeager Cemetery (Harris Graves)


Choctaw Nation - Armstrong Cemetery (See also Atoka Co.)

Choctaw Nation - Balls Chapel Cemetery (See also Atoka Co.)

Choctaw Nation - Bentley Cemetery (See also Atoka Co.)

Choctaw Nation - Bentley Indian Cemetery (See also Atoka Co.)

Osage Nation - Captain Cemetery (See also Osage Co.)

Osage Nation - Hominy Indian Village Cemetery (See also Osage Co.)


Baker Family Burials

Duke - Prairie Hill Cemetery

Duke - Rock Cemetery

Eldorado - Odema Cemetery

Elmer - Elmer Cemetery

Victory - Victory Cemetery


Jefferson Co. Burial Surname Index


JOHNSTON Co. Cemeteries



Ponca City - Ponca City I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Cranford / Johnson / Simmons Graves)

Resthaven Cemetery (Johnson Graves)


Kingfisher Co. Cemeteries


Latimer Co. Burial Index (A)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (B)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (C)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (D)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (E-F)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (G-H)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (I-L)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (M)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (N-P)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (Q-R)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (S)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (T-V)

Latimer Co. Burial Index (W-Z)

Weaver Grave (1947)

Wilburton - Williams Grave (2000)


Fanshawe - Hicks Chapel Cemetery

Ludlow - Ludlow Cemetery

Ludlow - Spring Hill Cemetery

Milton - Albert Folsom Cemetery

Octavia - Octavia Cemetery

Panther - Old Panther Cemetery (See also Haskell Co.)

Poteau - Oakland Cemetery (partial)


Bethlehem / Bethel Cemetery

Clearview Cemetery

Dudley - Dudley Cemetery

Flynn - Flynn Cemetery (See also Oklahoma Co.)

George Cemetery

Harrah - Ferrell Cemetery (See also Oklahoma Co.)

Oak Grove / Burris Cemetery

Pollick Cemetery

Smith / Messer Cemetery

Stroud - Black Cemetery


Aylear Cemetery

Beulah Land Cemetery

Bocox Cemetery

Brooks Cemetery

Camp Russell Cemetery

Cooper Cemetery

Coyle - Coyle Cemetery

Coyle - Iowa City / First Coyle / Indian Cemetery

Dodd / Old Dodd Cemetery

Evansville Cemetery

Favor Cemetery (Jenkins / Williams Graves)

Guthrie - Summit View Cemetery (partial)

Harmony Cemetery

Jordan Cemetery

Lutheran North Cemetery

Lutheran South Cemetery

Marshall - Big Oak / Marshall Cemetery

Melvin / Bussard Cemetery

Rising Sun / Sunrise Cemetery

St. Joseph Cemetery

Taylor Cemetery

Tedford Cemetery (Royer / Vanarsdell / Yates Graves)

Tohee Cemetery

Zion / Mt. Zion Cemetery


Burneyville - Burneyville Cemetery (Skaggs Graves)

Cemeteries in Love County Oklahoma

Index to Cemetery Numbers

Burial Index (A-C)

Burial Index (D-G)

Burial Index (H-K)

Burial Index (L-O)

Burial Index (P-S)

Burial Index (T-Z)

Thackerville - Old Thackerville Cemetery

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