Tennessee Cemeteries

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County Records


LAKE County

Cronanville - Jones / Cronanville Cemetery

Haynes - Davis Cemetery (See also Obion Co.)

Haynes - Haynes / Lake Memorial Cemetery

Madie - Old Madie Cemetery

Mooring Cemetery

Ridgely - Hornridge Cemetery

Ridgely - Johnson / Woods / D'Neal / Wooldridge Graves

Tiptonville - New Haven Cemetery (Section 1)

Tiptonville - New Haven Cemetery (Section 2)

Tiptonville - New Haven Cemetery (Section 3)

Tiptonville - New Haven Cemetery (Section 4)

Tiptonville - New Haven Cemetery (Section 5)

Tiptonville - New Haven Cemetery (Section 6)

Wynnburg - Burrus Chapel Cemetery


Lauderdale Co. Cemeteries


Ethridge - Allen Cemetery

Ethridge - Ethridge Cemetery

Ethridge - John Lay Cemetery

Lawrenceburg - County / Poor Farm Cemetery

Mt. Ararat Cemetery


Boonshill - Wright Cemetery

Brighton - Carter Cemetery

Coldwater - Carter Hills Cemetery

Elora - Elora Cemetery

Elora - Morgan Cemetery

Elora - Robertson Family Cemetery

Fayetteville - Cedar Hills Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Fayetteville - Henderson Cemetery

Fayetteville - Macedonia Cemetery

Fayetteville - Prospect Church Cemetery

Fayetteville - Sandlin Cemetery

Flintville - Flintville Cemetery

Flintville - Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Gum Springs - Gum Springs Cemetery

Hester Cemetery

Howard Cemetery

Kelso - Campbell Cemetery

Kelso - Kelso Cemetery

Pleasant Grove - Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Shady Grove - Shady Grove Cemetery

Yukon - Prosperity Cemetery


Eaton Crossroads - Abbott Cemetery (See also Roane Co.)

Loudon Co. Cemetery Removals (Chambers Graves)

Loudon Co. Cemetery Removals (Kerr Graves)


Carver Cemetery

Donoho / Stubblefield Cemetery

Lafayette - Holeman Family Cemetery

Lafayette - Marshall / Selley Cemetery

Lafayette - Simmons Cemetery

Lafayette - Unnamed Cemetery

Underwood - Underwood Cemetery


Bear Creek Cemetery

Cerro Gordo M.B. Church Cemetery

Deanburg - Parker Cemetery (See also Chester Co.)

Deanburg - Rogers Cemetery (See also Chester Co.)

Ebenezer Cemetery

Liberty Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Medina - Methodist Church Cemetery (See also Gibson Co.)

Mercer - Hays Chapel Cemetery

Mercer - Sunnyside Cemetery

Moore Cemetery (partial)

Oakfield - Oakfield Cemetery

Windy City - DeLoach Cemetery


Haletown - Cabe Cemetery

South Pittsburg - Ellis Family Cemetery


Chapel Hill - George W. Ezell Cemetery

Farmington - Farmington Community Cemetery (Civil War Memorial)

Horton Cemetery

Meadows Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery

Petersburg - Caruthers / Duckworth Cemetery

Petersburg - Talley Cemetery

Sowell Cemetery


Grigg Cemetery

Jones Family Burials

McCains - Perry Family Cemetery

Perry Family Burials


McMinn Co. Burial Records
     A     Ba-Bo    Br-By      Ca-Cl      Co-Cu    Da-De     Di-Dy         E     F     Ga-Gl       Go-Gu    Ha-He    Hi-Hy      I     J     K     La-Le     Li-Ly     Ma-Mc      Me-My    N     O     Pa-Pe                      
     Q     Ra-Ri     Ro-Ry     Sa-Sl     Sm-Sz     Ta-Th     Ti-Ty     U     V     Wa-Wh     Wi-Wy     Y     Z

Locations of McMinn Co. Cemeteries

McMinn Co. Cemeteries


Bethel Springs - Rose Hill Cemetery

Davidson Family Cemetery

Guys - Barnhill Cemetery

Guys - Meeks Cemetery

Hurst Cemetery

Purdy - Old Purdy Cemetery (1924 Record)

Ramer - Olive Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Selmer - Laughlin Cemetery

Selmer - McCalip Chapel Cemetery

Selmer - Moore's Schoolhouse Cemetery (1924 Record)

Selmer - Sulphur Springs Cemetery

Shiloh - Brooks Cemetery

Thacker Hill Cemetery


Decatur - Oak Grove Cemetery (partial)

Ten Mile - Knight Cemetery (partial)

Ten Mile - Reed Cemetery (partial)

Ten Mile - Roork Family Cemetery


Oakland Methodist Church Cemetery (Pugh Graves)

Vonore - Lindsay Cemetery (Yates Graves)


Montgomery Co. Cemeteries


Deer Lodge - Hawn Cemetery

Deer Lodge - Lavender Cemetery

Oakdale - Piney Baptist Church Cemetery (Farris Graves)

Wartburg - Mossy Grove Cemetery


Haynes - Davis Cemetery (See also Lake Co.)

Union City - Shady Grove / City East / Confederate Cemeteries


Clay Springs Cemetery (Unmarked Grave Burials)

Green Cemetery

Lovejoy - Lovejoy Cemetery


Dowdy Cemetery


Baker's Chapel Cemetery (1853-1927)

Benton Station - Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery

Columbia Annah Cemetery (1841-1937)

Columbus Cemetery (1852-1880)

Conasauga - Conasauga Cemetery (African-American) (Camp Grave - 1881)

Dickey Cemetery (No Dates)

Liberty Cemetery (1856-1940) (partial)

Liberty Baptist Cemetery (partial)


Algood - Algood Cemetery (partial)

Boiling Springs Cemetery (partial)

Brotherton - Lee Cemetery

Carr Cemetery

Cookeville - Davis Cemetery

Cookeville - Letner Cemetery

Cookeville - Messenger Cemetery

Cookeville - Palmer Cemetery

Ditty - Ditty Cemetery

Grimes Cemetery (Hickey Graves)

Joseph Hickey Cemetery (partial)

Matt Hickey Cemetery (partial)

Sandy Hickey Cemetery (partial)

Judd Cemetery (Hickey Graves)

Lovelady Cemetery

New Glade Creek Cemetery (1984 Record) (See also Cumberland Co.)

New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery

Old Glade Creek Cemetery (1984 Record) (See also Cumberland Co.)

Smellage Cemetery (Carr Graves)


Bean Cemetery

Clack Cemetery

Gibson / Parham Cemetery

Laurel Brook - Laurel Brook School Cemetery

McCaleb Graveyard

Newport / Garrison Cemetery

Old Washington - Montgomery Cemetery

Roddy - Roddy Cemetery

Roddy - Ross Cemetery

Spring City - Brady Cemetery

Spring City - Cash / Foust Graveyard

Spring City - Hurst Cemetery

Spring City - Old Friendship Church Cemetery

Spring City - Rhea Springs Cemetery


Blue Springs - Blue Springs Cemetery (1987 Record)

Cedar Grove - Cedar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Eaton Crossroads - Abbott Cemetery (See also Loudon Co.)

Fairview - Bethel Cemetery (partial)

Harriman - Roane Memorial Garden Cemetery (Billings / Keylon Graves)

George Jones Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery

Kingston - Kingston Memorial Gardens Cemetery (Keylon Graves)

Kingston - Lewis Cemetery

New Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery

Oral - Oral Cemetery

Paint Rock - Fenders Cemetery

Paint Rock - Paint Rock Cemetery (1987 Record)

Paint Rock - Ponders Cemetery (Yates Graves)

Paint Rock - Tennessee Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Keylon Grave - 1920)

Rockwood - Luminary Cemetery (Keylon Graves)

Rockwood - Oak Grove Cemetery (partial)

Rockwood - Oak Grove Cemetery (Martin / Hickey Graves)

Rockwood - Winton Chapel Cemetery (Keylon Graves)


Head's Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery

Kelley / Warren / Byrum Graves

Oakland - Oakland Church Cemetery (partial)

Ridgetop - Adcock Cemetery

Stroudville - Shepard Cemetery

Wessyngton Slave Cemetery (1839-1918)

White Cemetery (1875-1928)

Winters Cemetery


Eagleville - White Cemetery (1862-1908)

La Vergne - Mason Cemetery

Lascassas - Jones Cemetery

Lyon Cemetery

McLaughlin Family Cemetery

Midland - Wadley Cemetery

Milton - Patterson Cemetery

Murfreesboro - Benevolent Cemetery (African-American)

Murfreesboro - Murfreesboro National Cemetery (Tennessee Regiments)

Sharp Grave (1850)

Smyrna - Holloway Cemetery

Smyrna - Lambert Grave

Smyrna - Nelson / Peebles Cemetery

Smyrna - White / Lowry Cemetery (1854-1973)

Stones River Homes - McFadden / Clark Graves

Walterhill - Johns Family Cemetery


Beech Fork - Nick Creek Cemetery (1879-1997) (See also Campbell Co.)

Isham - King Cemetery (See also McCreary Co., Kentucky)

Oneida - David Boyatt Cemetery (See also McCreary Co., Kentucky)

Scott Co. Cemeteries


Dunlap - Richard Harvey Cemetery

Hoodenpyle Cemeteries


Sevier Co. Cemetery Removals (Chambers Graves)

Sevier Co. Cemetery Removals (Kerr Graves)

Sevier Co. Cemetery Removals (Moon Graves)

Sevier Co. Cemeteries


Bartlett - Pleasant Hill Confederate Soldiers Marker

Bell / Brock / Becton Graves (1838-1864)

Bolton - New Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Capleville - Bethlehem Cemetery

Collierville - New Shelby Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Eads - Brooks Grave (1876)

Eads - Priddy Cemetery

Egypt - Egypt Baptist Church Cemetery (partial)

Ellendale - Bartlett / Ellendale / Pisgah Cemetery

Embury United Methodist Church Cemetery

Lucy - Ward Cemetery (partial)

Memphis - Calvary Cemetery (partial)

Memphis - Elmwood Cemetery (Cooper / Glover Graves)

Memphis - Elmwood Cemetery (partial)

Memphis - Elmwood Cemetery (partial #2)

Memphis - Elmwood Cemetery (partial #3)

Memphis - Elmwood Cemetery (partial #4)

Memphis - First Settlers Cemetery

Memphis - Forest Hill Cemetery (partial)

Memphis - Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Millington - Bethuel Cemetery (Pitts Family)

Millington - Big Creek Church Cemetery (partial)

Mudville - Mudville Cemetery

Redditt Cemetery

Rosemark - Rosemark Cemetery (Miller / Smith Graves)

Benjamin Shivers Cemetery (partial)


Difficult - Canter Cemetery

Pleasant Shade - Holland Cemetery (1922-1997) (See also Jackson Co.)


Big Rock - Taylor Cemetery (1909-1970)

Bomar Hill / Scarborough Cemetery (1845-1939)

Brooks Cemetery (1868-1889) (African-American)

Dover - Biggs / Byrd Cemetery (1912-1928)

Dover - Dilday Cemetery (1838-1924)

Dover - Lane Cemetery

Dover - McWoods Graves (1885-1888)

Dover - Westerman / Stavely Cemeteries (1906-1965)

Fort Henry - Mathes Cemetery (partial)

Mobley Cemetery (1826-1940)

Stewart Co. Cemetery Removals (Chambers Graves)

Wynns Cemetery (1841-1909)


Barry Family Graveyard (1805-1876)

Bethpage - Bethpage Cemetery (1821-1904)

Bethpage - Senter's Chapel Cemetery (African-American)

Bledsoe - Bledsoe Academy Cemetery (1749-1885)

Brackentown - Brackentown Cemetery

Burke Cemetery (partial)

Cedar Grove - Wallace Cemetery (1874-1893)

Creasy Family Cemetery

Dorris Cemetery

Gallatin - Anderson Cemetery (1819-1842)

Gallatin - Baker / Parson Cemetery (Pruett / Cox Graves) (1937 Record)

Gallatin - Beech Church Graveyard (1806-1894)

Gallatin - Bloodworth / Parker Graveyard (1831-1887)

Gallatin - Conger / Brigance Cemetery (1895-1907)

Gallatin - Gourley / Soper Cemetery

Gallatin - Newton Cemetery (1855-1943)

Olivia Gardner Grave

Goad Cemetery (1850-1916)

Hall Town - Old Hall Town Cemetery

Jameson Cemetery (1848-1862)

Joyner Cemetery

Oak Grove - Corinth Cemetery

Oak Grove - Forest Chapel Cemetery

Oak Grove - Old Graves Cemetery (1886-1995)

Oak Grove - Sulfura Cemetery

Oak Grove - Sulphur Fork Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Portland - Bush's Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery

Portland - Old Brush Cemetery (partial)

Providence - Old Providence Baptist Church Cemetery

Sherron Cemetery

Sulphura - Bradley / Sulphura Cemetery (1818-1910)

Tuttle Cemetery

White House - Jones Cemetery

White House - White House Church of Christ Cemetery


Atoka - Chapman Family Cemetery (1896-1914)

Salem - Old Salem Cemetery (partial)


Willow Grove Church Cemetery


Erwin - Jobe Cemetery (partial)

Garland Cemetery

Limestone Cove - Bell Cemetery (partial)

Limestone Cove - Garland Cemetery


Cabbage Cemetery (See also Grainger Co.)

Sharps Chapel - Taylor Grove Cemetery (partial)


New Rocky River Cemetery


Old Capshaw Family Cemetery (1879-1959)

Jaco Family Cemetery (partial)

McMinnville - Durham / Sanders Cemetery (1847-1894)

Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery (See also Grundy Co.)


David P. Hunt Family Cemetery (1890-1921)

Jonesboro - Cherokee Baptist Church Cemetery (1788)

Jonesborough - James Silvers Cemetery

Register / Phillips Cemetery (1855-1867)

Sinking Creek Rd. Cemetery


Capps Cemetery (1849-1891)

Capps Family Cemetery (1836-1905)

Dresden - Old Concord Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Dresden - Hatlers Camp Ground Graveyard

Hatler / Harris Cemetery (1836-1890)

Hatler Family Burials

Hayes Chapel Cemetery

Hyndsver - White Cemetery (1853-1883)

Martin - Wood Cemetery

Matheny Grove Cemetery (partial)

Owen Family Cemetery (1843-1939)

Pleasant Grove / Goodloe Cemetery


Alexander Graveyard (1838-1928)

Baker Cemetery

Baker / Ballew / Blankenship Cemetery

Bethlehem Church Cemetery

Black Oak - Black Oak Cemetery (partial) (1918-1956)

Doyle - Anderson Cemetery (partial) (1866-1926)


Arno - Biggers Cemetery

Franklin - Franklin Confederate Cemetery (Tennessee Section)

Franklin - McGavock Confederate Cemetery

Franklin - Old City Cemetery

Horseshoe Bend / Hardgrave Cemetery (1816-1836)

Leipers Fork - Pond Cemetery

Rest Haven Cemetery

Reynolds Cemetery (1813-1893)

Sasser Grave (1863)

Joseph Henry Scales Family Cemetery (1842-1871)


Wilson Co. Cemeteries

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