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Part V - Abraham and Susan Morehead

Now that the family structure of the Morehead family has been outlined back to 1880, census research continues in 1870 Ohio.  This would be before George was born, but knowing his parents names will enable us to locate the family. 

In a search of Ohio Census Index, no identifiable records could be connected to the family. 

A family was found living in 1870 in Lee, Carroll Co. Ohio, close to where Abraham and Susan should be.  This family was Abraham Morehead, age 53 with wife Mary E. and several children, including a child named Abraham, aged 5.  Our Abraham Morehead should be abt. 31 yrs old, so neither of these Abrahams match, as well as the wife's name is different.  In addition, this family is found in the 1880 census, separate from our Abraham Morehead family.  This rules this family out as the family we are searching for; however, they are noted as a possible relation that can be connected in future research.  Because the family was not located in the 1870 census, research continues in the 1860 census.  The following record was located:

1860 U.S. Federal Census, Ohio, Carroll Co., Brown Twp. p. 72, lines 13-20.  Post Office:  Minerva and Oneida

Andrew MOREHEAD - age 57 - male - Farmer - born in Virginia -

Lydia - age 55 - female - Married - Keeping House - born in New York

Abraham - male - age 21 - Farm Hand - born in Ohio

Andrew - male - age 19 - Farm Hand - born in Ohio

John - male - age 17 - Farm Hand - born in Ohio

Levi - male - age 17 - Farm Hand -  born in Ohio

Cinderilla - female - age 15 - born in Ohio

George W. ROBINS  - male - age 6  - Domestic - born in Ohio

Other information contained in this 1860 record:  Andrew Morehead's real estate is valued at $2500; his personal estate is valued at $575.  Abraham Morehead has a personal estate valued at $75.  For comparison, in 2011 dollars, Andrew Morehead's real estate would be abt. $66,500, and his personal estate would be $15,295.  Abraham's $75 estate would be about $1995 in 2011 dollars. 

Also, all family members under age 21 are listed having attended school during the year

**This record finds young Abraham in 1860 as a 21 year old.  The heads of the family are Andrew and Lydia Morehead, possibly his parents.  The 1860 census does not denote exact relationships, so we cannot say for sure they are his parents; however, in the 1880 census, he did report that his father was born in Virginia, and Andrew Morehead is listed as born in Virginia.

We also see that the very early Morehead family came from Virginia.  Abraham would have been born circa 1840 in Ohio and before that the family may be located in  Virginia. 

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