Irish Marriages and Births

Marriage and Birth Records

ANDERSON, John and Miss SEMPILL, 1791

ANDERSON, Rev. James and SEABRIGHT, Miss 1806

BAILIE, Robert and Miss SEEDE, 1771

BERESFORD, Lord George and SCUTZ, H. 1808

BOYLE, Rhd., and SWETE, Miss 1797

CALLAGHAN, Malachy and SULLIVAN, Miss 1808

CARCY, James and SUPPLE, Barbara 1777

CHAPLIN, Rev. William and SUTTON, J.F. 1799

COLPOYS, John and SEARLE, Miss 1788

CONNOLLY, Mary Jane - born 22 Apr 1867 to Simon CONNELLY and Mary MCCAFFREY in Leitrim, Newtown Butler District - County Fermangh

CONNOLLY, Simon and MCCAFFREY, Mary - married 08 Jan 1866 at Roman Catholic Chapel - Newtown Butler District - County Fermangh
**Mary Connolly died 26 Apr 1881 in New Haven, Connecticut (Death Certificate) -- Simon Connelly died 20 May 1883 in New Haven, Connecticut (Death Certificate)

COURTNEY, Lt. Hy. and SEAVER, Catherine 1796

DALY, C., M.D., and SEAGRAVE, Emily 1806

DENVERS, hon. A.R.B and STURT, Eliza B. 1802

DILLON, George and SWEETMAN, Miss 1771

DUPLONY, Anthony and SUTTON, Miss 1794

DWYER, Mr. and SWEENY, Mrs. 1775

EDMONDSON, Thomas and SEMPLE, Sarah, 1792

FISHBORNE, Robert M. and Miss SEMPLE, 1792

FLEMING, Aldm. Thomas and SWEENY, Eliza 1795

FRIZELL, C.F. and Miss SEDWITH, 1803

GLASCOCK, William and SCRIVEN, Miss 1775

GLEADOWE, Edward and SWEETMAN, Mrs. 1807

GRIFFITH, Rev. and SUTCLIFFE, Miss 1795

HALPEN, John and SWETTENHAM, Mrs. 1800

HOSKINS, Joseph and Miss SENHOUSE, 1775

HUNT, James and SEATON, Mary 1791

KEATING, L., and SCULLY, Miss 1800

KELLET, William and Miss SEAGRAVE, 1790

KIRKPATRICK, Alexander and SUTTON, Miss 1792

LAWTON, Lt. Benjamin and Miss SERGEANT, 1774

LINDSAY, Robert and SCRIVEN, Miss, 1784

LOCKWOOD, Rev. Rhd. and SUTTON, Miss Manners 1799

MCCARTNEY, John and SCRIVENS, Miss 1778

MCKENNEY, John and SWEETMAN, Miss 1805

MEDCALF, Francis and SUTHERLAND, Miss 1807

MOLONY, John and Miss SERGEANT, 1793

O'MEAHER, Thady and SCULLY, Miss 1807

OTTLEY, Major and STYAN, Ann 1801


POWER, Pierce and SWEETMAN, Johanna 1792

SADLIER, Clement SCULLY, Miss 1806

SAUCE, Rhd and SCULLY, Miss 1786

SCOTT (SCUTT), Rev. Thomas of Brighthelmstone, Sussex , Brighton and WHITE, Mary, youngest daughter of Joseph White of Cheshire 07 MAY 1807

SCOTT, Capt. William of Bengal estab. and ROBSON, Henrietta, daughter of Col. Frances Robson, Lt. Governor of St. Helena at same place, MAR 1801

SCOTT, William of Enniskillen and Miss ROSBOROUGH, daughter of John Rosborough, SEP 1786

SCOTT, William, of Boskill, Co. Limerick and Miss O'BRIEN, daughter of Brien, of O'Brien's Bridge, Co. Clare, AUG 1810

SCOTT, William, recr. General of Isle of Man and MURRAY, hon. Mrs., eldest daughter of the late Lord Henry, niece to Duke of Athol, at Douglas, at house of Lady Henry Murray, AUG 1808

SCRAGGS, John and Miss BUCKMASTER, daughter of late Capt. Buckmaster of Glanturkin, Imokilly, SEP 1801

SCUDAMORE, Lt. Col., M.P. city of Hereford and Miss WALWYN, daughter of James Walwyn, M.P. city of Herford, JUN 1797

SCULLY, Denys and Miss HUDDLESTON, daughter of Ferdinand Huddleston of Sawston Hall, Cambs., DEC 1801

SCULLY, Edmund of Kilseacle and Miss O'BRIEN, daughter of the late Carbery O'Brien, of Nenagh, at Limerick, MAR 1806

SCULLY, John, of Donnybrooke, Co. Dublin and CONDRON, Catherine of Miltown, NOV 1794

SCULLY, William of Kilsacle and Miss Rowe, FEB 1776

SCULLY, William, of Co. Tipperary and Miss TUKE, NOV 1808

SEAGRAVE, George of Granby Row and KENNEDY, Mary of Waterstown, Co. Westmeath, DEC 1781

SEALE, Henry, son of Edward Seale of Oldtown, Queens Co., and Miss GREEN of Mountrath, OCT 1802

SEALE, Rhd. of Queen's Co., and Miss SEALE of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, JUN 1788

SEALY, Armiger and Miss ATTERBURY, NOV 1788

SEALY, Henry of Roscommon and Miss OBINS, MAY 1771

SEALY, John and Miss FITZMAURICE, daughter of the late Redmond Fitzmaurice, DEC 1792

SEALY, Robert of Bandon and Miss HEAD, daughter of John Edward Head, at Kinsale, JUL 1803

SEALY, Samuel of Maglas, Co. Kerry and Miss HILLIARD, daughter of the late R. Hilliard, of Listrim, Co. Kerry, at Tralee, MAY 1809

SEATER, James, hatter from Temple Bar and Miss BROWNE, from Kells, Co. Meath OCT 1802

SEAVER, Jonathan of Hearthall, Co. Armagh and Miss POCKERIDGE, near Monaghan OCT 1787

SEAVER, Rev. Charles of Co. Armagh and Miss TOMLINSON, 2nd daughter of Edward Tomlinson, of King St., Stephen's Green, MAR 1783

SEGRAVE, O'Neal at Cabragh, Co. Dublin and Miss GOULD, daughter of the late George Gould, of Cork, DEC 1790

SERGENT, Francis and SERGENT, Jane, eldest daughter of Rev. James Sergent at Limerick, 05 JAN 1775

SHEARS, H. and SWEETE, Miss 1782

SIDDONS, H. and Miss MURRAY, from Covent Garden Theatre JUN 1802

SIDNEY, Lord and the honorable Miss LAWRENCE DEC 1773

SILK, Owen, brewer from Beresford St. and Miss FEGAN, from North King St. JUL 1805

SIMCOCKS, Thomas and MAYNE, Mary, daughter of Thomas Mayne, in Cork AUG 1791

SIMMONS, William, aet. 70, of the Ship Inn and Mrs. CRANK, both from Warrington, his 6th wife SEP 1802

SIMON, P. and Mrs. ANDREWS, r. of Robert., from Kilworth FEB 1806

SIMPSON, Boyle, from Doe, Co. Meath and Miss AIKEN, daughter of Thomas Aiken, from Cullen, Co. Meath JUL 1808

SIMPSON, Paul, from Grafton St. and Miss JOHNSON, from Bride St. FEB 1806

SIMPSON, Rev. James, from Newtownard and PATRICK, Eliza, daughter of Rev. Isaac Patrick, from Magherally MAR 1792

SIMPSON, Rev. William V. of Magharaly, Co. Down and BUSH, Alice, from Willowbank, Co. Down MAR 1783

SINCLAIR, Alexander and BURDEN, Mary Ann, at Rose Park APR 1803

SINCLAIR, J.W. of Kircubbin and Mrs. JACKSON, from Ballyhalbert, Co. Antrim JUL 1807

SINCLAIR, John Jr. from Ballyrussel and Miss MCCREADY, from Ballymisea JUL 1807

SINCLAIR, Sir John, Bt., of St. Margaret's, Westminster and MACDONALD, Diana, eldest daughter of Alex Macdonald, Lord, Ireland 06 MAR 1788 **Married by s. lic. Of Archbishop of Canterbury, at her father's house, George St., Hanover Sq., by Bishop of Landaff. Witnesses, Ad. Fergusson, Wm, Bovrille, "Macdonald."**

SINCLAIR, Thomas Jr., from Belfast and BLAND, Jane, youngest daughter of late Capt. Bland, n. to Major-gen. OCT 1791

SINGLETON, Capt., of North Cork Militia and BOURKE, Mary, 2nd daughter of Lt. Of same Regiment, at Sligo, SEP 1796

SINNETT, John T., of Merchant's Quay and Miss ABBOTTS, daughter of late Samuel Abbotts, from Fredericsburgh, Virginia JUL 1802

SINNETT, Rhd. of Henry St. and Miss DILLON, from Castle Market JAN 1803

SINNOT, William and Mrs. PHELAN at Waterford NOV 1811

SINNOTT, Lt., of Northamptonshire Fencibles and BRADLEY, Charlotte, at Tuam JAN 1796

SINNOTT, Mark, of Drumcondra and Miss NUGENT, s. of John, from Queen St. MAY 1777

SINNOTT, P.J., from Harold's Cross and ARMSTRONG, Emilia, from Portobello, daughter of late Thomas Armstrong, from Greenville, Co. Sligo MAR 1809

SINNOTT, Peter, of Co. Waterford and Mrs. DAY, r. of Rhd., from Youghal JUN 1805

SINTON, John and MAGUIRE, Anne, at Cork AUG 1793

SIRPELL, John, from Marlboro St. and RUSSELL, Mary, from Sandymount, Co. Dublin JUL 1788

SIRR, Henry Charles, 68th Foot and Miss D'ARCY, daughter of James D'Arcy, from Hyde Park, Co. Westmeath AUG 1791

SIRR, William and MARSHALL, Celia, daughter of Abraham Marshall, at Galway OCT 1791

SISSON, William, from Lucan and Miss HARRISON, from Seaford, Sussex, England 19 OCT 1775

SITWELL, Hurt, of Fernley Hall, Salop and HARDY, Ann, 2nd daughter of S. Hardy, from Huntingdon MAR 1799

SITWELL, M.P. and STOVIN, C.S., daughter of late John Stovin, from Carr House NOV 1798

SKERRETT, William of Finivara, Co. Clare and ROCHE, Mary, daughter of the late John Roche, of Limerick NOV 1803

SKEY, Samuel and Miss MARTIN of Granby-row JAN 1801

SKEYS, John and Miss EDWARDS, daughter of John Edwards, of Richmond AUG 1794

SKOTTOE, Edmond and SMITH, M., third daughter of the late William Smith, at Waterford JUN 1808

SLACK, Lancelot, from Belscarrow, Co. Leitrim and Miss PEYTON, from Dreny, Co. Leitrim JAN 1778

SLACK, William, from Annadale, Co. Leitrim and Miss THOMPSON, daughter of Peter Thompson, from Clonfin, Co. Longford, at Lock Penitentiary Chapel by s. lic. APR 1804

SLAUGHTER, Henry, M.D. and MONTAGU [Frances], Visctss. [r. of Mark Anty. Browne, 9th and last Visct., d. 1797, d. of Thos. Manby, Downsell hall, married at Little Burnstead, both Co. Essex, 02 Nov 1797] [at St. George's, Hanover Sq. 21 MAY 1800]

SLAYD, Rev. Thomas and Miss BEATTY, daughter of the late David Beatty, from Dublin JAN 1808

SLEATER, Rev. Matthew, from Cloyne and MOCKLER, Amelia, daughter of Archdn. Mockler SEP 1786

SLEATER, William, printer from Castle St. and Miss PACE, from Henry St. DEC 1786

SLEEMAN, Capt., 28th Foot and Miss QUIN, daughter of late William Quin, from Limerick JUL 1805

SLOANE, Stephen and the honorable Mrs. EASTWICK, eldest daughter of Lord Hawke DEC 1800

SMART, honorable Henry, 3rd son of Marquis of Bute and VILLIERS, Lady Gertrude, daughter and s.h. of the late Earl of Grandison, from Park Lane AUG 1802

SMITH, Dr., from Golden Bridge and Miss O'DONNELL OCT 1800

SMITH, Mr. Jr. from Nassau St. and MCKEN, Eliza NOV 1808

STUDDY, Joseph and BODKIN, Mary, eldest daughter of Anthony Bodkin, at Limerick OCT 1800

SUCKLING, Rev. Horace and Miss JACKSON, eldest daughter of George Jackson of Kentish Town, DEC 1797

SUDLEY, Visct. (Arthur Sanders GORE, suc. As 3rd Earl of Arran, 1787) and TYRELL, Mary, eldest daughter of Sir John, Bt., of Heron, Co. Essex, in London 29 DEC 1787

SULLIVAN, John of Ballintuber, Co. Limerick, and KNIGHT, Eliza, daughter of Christopher Knight at Charleville MAY 1789

SULLIVAN, John of Old Park and Miss GOODEN of Ballygroman FEB 1807

SULLIVAN, Robert of Ballyleget and Miss KENNEDY of Waterford SEP 1784

SUMMERS, Dan of Abbey St. and DARLINGTON, Ann of Bishop's St. AUG 1802

SUPPLE, Johnson, attorney and Miss TUDOR of Skinner's Row OCT 1787

SUTTER, Robert, brewer of Usher's Quay and Miss RAINSHAW of Bachelor's Walk MAR 1808

SUTTON, John of Dublin and Miss JACKSON of Essex Bridge AUG 1774

SUTTON, John, son of Patrick Sutton of Stephen's Green and DORAN, Ellen of Wheelagore, Co. Wexford MAR 1804

SUTTON, Theophilus, woollen draper of Cork and HAMILTON, A., 2nd daughter of William Hamilton of Cork SEP 1807

SWAN, Thomas Croker and WILSON, Mary of Moor St. Mary's 1806

SWAN, William of Moylinny and Miss LITTLE of Portglenone, marriage at Portglenone, DEC 1810

SWAN, William, surgeon and Miss SEMPLE of Grafton St. JUL 1793

SWANWICK, Edward of Gloucester St. and MCCLEAR, Miss, daughter of John McClear of Gardiner's Row JUL 1807

SWANZEY, Sam of Armagh and Miss BOLTON of Prospect, Co. Wexford MAR 1782

SWAYNE, Rev. John, eldest son of John Swayne and MIDDLETON, Crawford Frances, youngest daughter of Rev. T. Middleton, of Lismore at the Cathedral, JUN 1812

SWEENY, Eugene of Camden St. and Miss JONES of Jervis St., SEP 1809

SWEENY, Lt. W. of Londonderry Militia and MISS MCILROY of Belfast, APR 1802

SWEETMAN, James, bar.-at-law and Miss HARRISON, daughter of the late William Harrison, of Castle Harrison, Co. Cork, AUG 1792

SWEETMAN, Pierce, Pool, Dorsetshire and FORRESTAL, Juliet, daughter of Edmund Forrestal of Rochestown, Co. Kilkenny, marriage at Waterford, APR 1791

SWEETMAN, William and Miss COSGRAVE, of Abbey St., FEB 1781

SWENY, John, bar.-at-law and Miss COPE, s. to Henry, Gt. Ship St., AUG 1779

SWETE, Benjamin, youngest son of Benjamin Swete of Greenville, Co. Cork and SWETE, Thamer of Bandon, MAY 1791

SWETTENHAM, Aldmn. Kilner, Lord Mayor elect of Dublin, and TOONE, Miss of Finglass, APR 1780

TAYLOR, James and SCUDAMORE, Miss 1797

VIZE, John, M.D and SEALY, Miss 1783

WAGGETT, Thomas and SEALY, Miss 1777

WALSH, Mr. And Miss SEEDS, 1778

WARREN, Robert and SWAN, Miss 1781

WHEELER, John and SWANTON, Miss 1789

WHELAN, Pillsworth and SWAN, Miss 1775

WHITE, Thomas and SWANZEY, Mary Ann 1801

WILLIAMS, James and SEABRIGHT, Isabella 1806

WILLIS, Mr. and SCRODER, Miss, 1805

WILLISSON, George and SWEENEY, Mary 1807

WILSON, Moses and SUPPLE, Miss 1781