Arkansas Cemeteries

Statewide Records

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, circa 1775-2006 **** Burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries.

County Records


Arkansas Post - Scull Cemetery

Bayou Meto - Van Camp Cemetery


Berea - Old Central Cemetery

Crossett - Cross Roads Cemetery

Crossett - Unity Cemetery

Dry Bayou Cemetery

Hamburg - Antioch Cemetery

Hamburg - Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Parkdale - Parkdale Cemetery

Wilmot - Grant Cemetery


Jordan - Hall's Chapel Hand Cemetery

Whiteville Cemetery


Benton Co. Cemeteries at ArGenWeb

Clantonville Cemetery

Garfield - Blaylock Cemetery

Gentry - Bloomfield Cemetery

Siloam Spgs. - Lone Elm Cemetery

Temperance Hill Cemetery


BOONE Co. Cemeteries


CALHOUN Co. Cemeteries


CARROLL Co. Cemeteries



Bayou Mason Cemetery

Dermott - Dermott City Cemetery
A-L     M-Z

Lake Village City Cemetery


Clark Co. Cemeteries at I Dream of Genealogy:

Gurdon - Decipher Cemetery - 75 Burials dating 1913-2011 - Shared by Karla Craig

More Clark Co. Cemeteries Online:

Amity - First United Methodist Church Cemetery

Amity - Osborn Family Cemetery

Curtis - Hart's Chapel Church and Cemetery

Gurdon - Bethlehem / Brushy Creek Cemetery

Gurdon - Sloan Cemetery

Hearn - Hart Cemetery


Corning - Corning Cemetery

Corning - Redenbo Cemetery

Nelson Cemetery

Rector - Mary's Chapel Cemetery

Rector - Woodland Heights Cemetery

Richwoods Cemetery

St. Francis - Gravel Hill Cemetery

St. Francis - Hall Cemetery

Success - Hitt Cemetery

Williams Cemetery


Antioch Cemetery

Chastain Cemetery

Everette Cemetery

Greer's Ferry Dam - Various Cemeteries

Ida - Old Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Wolf Bayou - Oak Grove Cemetery


Cash Cemetery

Kingsland - Reaves Cemetery

Kingsland - Watson / Gumgrove Cemetery

Kingsland - Wright Cemetery

Little Family Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Case / Ross Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Friendship Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Wesley Chapel

Prosperity Cemetery (Pt. 1)

Prosperity Cemetery (Pt. 2)

Rison - Bell / Old Church of Christ Cemetery

Rison - Bethlehem Cemetery

Rison - Humble Hope Cemetery

Rison - Liberty Hill Cemetery

Rison - New Cemetery

Rison - Smith Cemetery

Rowell Cemetery

Union Cemetery


Columbia Co. Cemeteries at I Dream of Genealogy

Magnolia - Antioch East Cemetery - Burials 1854 to 2007 - Shared by Martin & Geri Braswell

Magnolia - Baker Cemetery - 15 Burials 1850 to 1920+ - Shared by Martin & Geri Braswell

Village (Near) - Bethlehem Cemetery - Burials 1866 to 2004 - Shared by Martin & Geri Braswell

Village (Near) - Big Hickory Cemetery - Approx 65 Burials 1869 to 1975 - Shared by Martin & Geri Braswell



More Columbia Co. Cemeteries Online:

Boone - Miller Family Cemetery

Chalybeate Springs Cemetery

Christie's Chapel Cemetery

Cloud Family Cemetery

Crossroads Cemetery

Dickson Family Cemetery

Dinktown Cemetery

Dockery Family Cemetery

Emerson - Hephzibah Baptist Church Cemetery

Emerson - Mt. Pigah Methodist Cemetery

Harris Family Cemetery

Hartsfield Family Cemetery

Magnolia - Frazier Cemetery

Village - Ebenezer Church Cemetery (partial)

Wares Chapel Cemetery


Riverview - Hallet Cemetery


Jonesboro - Gibson Cemetery (partial)


Alma - Gregory Cemetery

Alma - Peters Cemetery

Chester - Chester Cemetery

Fort Smith - White / Shelby County Cemetery

Kenney Cemetery

Liberty Hill Cemetery (See also Washington Co.)

Mountainburg - Mt. Gayler Cemetery


Earle - Gibson Bayou Cemetery

Earle - Richards Cemetery

Marion - Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery (partial) (1965-1997)

Wappanoca - Greenock Cemetery


Bucksnort - New Stoney Point Cemetery

Bucksnort - Old Bucksnort / Stoney Point Cemetery

Caldwell's Chapel Cemetery

Clifton Cemetery

Malvern - Hunter's Chapel Cemetery

Porter Cemetery

Princeton - Princeton Cemetery

Round Hill Cemetery

Round Hill Cemetery (2000-2002)

Willow - Cypress Cemetery

DESHA County

Watson Cemetery (partial) - 32 Burials 1953-2011 - Shared by Don Freeman


Barkada - Torian Cemetery

Monticello - Jordan Cemetery

Monticello - Oak Ridge Cemetery


Centerville - Woolly Cemetery (1859-1952)

Conway - Hartje / Bethel Cemetery

Greenbrier - Estep Cemetery (1880-1969)

Greenbrier - Henderson Cemetery (1868-1987)

Greenbrier - McNew Cemetery

Guy - King Cemetery (1862-1971)

Holland - Foard Family Cemetery (1851-1895)

Ingram Cemetery (1877-1972)

Mayflower - Mayflower Cemetery


Altus - Blanscet Cemetery

Branch - Brown's Chapel Cemetery (1883-1967)

Greenwood Cemetery

Hickory Grove Cemetery


Mammoth Spring - Davis Cemetery

Myatt - Taylor Cemetery #1


Center Hill Cemetery (See also Saline Co.)

Hot Springs - Gibbons Cemetery

Hot Springs - Pleasant Hill / Kemp Cemetery


GRANT Co. Cemeteries



Browns Chapel Cemetery

Epsaba Cemetery

Greene Co.Cemeteries Surname Index at ArGenWeb

Greene Co. Cemeteries at ArGenWeb

Lorado - Crossroads Cemetery


Bingen - Ozan Cemetery

Memory Gardens Cemetery

Mt. Nebo Cemetery

Rose Hill Cemetery

Saratoga - Saratoga Cemetery (See also Howard Co.)

Spring Hill - Holly Springs Cemetery (Martin Family)


Donaldson - Pleasant Hill Haven of Rest Cemetery

Malvern - Harp Cemetery (Donnelly / Stewart Graves) (1888-1985)

Malvern - Leau-Frais Cemetery

Malvern - Lono Cemetery (1979 Record)

Malvern - Ouachita Cemetery

Poyen - Lutheran Cemetery (See also Grant Co.)


Saratoga - Saratoga Cemetery (See also Hempstead Co.)


Barnes Cemetery

Batesville - Allen Chapel Cemetery

Batesville - Kyler Cemetery

Desha - Alderbrook Cemetery

Newark - Akron Cemetery


Guion - Campbell Cemetery

Pineville Cemetery


JACKSON Co. Cemeteries



Blalock / King Family Cemetery

Curl Cemetery

Faith - Brown Cemetery

New Gascony - St. Peter's Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Atkins Family Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Harmony Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Pine Bluff - Union / Greenlee / Felix G. Smith Cemetery

Sulphur Springs - Thomas Dunnington Family Cemetery


Clarksville - Oark Cemetery (partial)

Clarksville - Shady Grove Cemetery

Lamar - Cook Cemetery (See also Pope Co.)

Salus - Salus Cemetery (See also Newton Co.)



LAFAYETTE Co. Cemeteries


LAWRENCE County Cemeteries



Grady - Grady Cemetery (Cole / Richmond Graves) (1886-1905)

Old Newman Cemetery (1918-1950)

Shady Grove Cemetery

Star City - Edmonds Cemetery

Star City - Heflin Cemetery & Best Annex

Varner / Rice Cemetery (1870-1965)

Yorktown - Oak Grove Cemetery


Cross Roads - Cooper Cemetery

Cross Roads - Piney Cemetery

Green Cemetery


LOGAN Co. Cemeteries



Coy - Union Valley Cemetery


Aurora - Aurora Cemetery ( (partial) (1863-2003)

Boatright Cemetery (partial) (1862-2003)

Boston - Boston Cemetery (partial) (1906-2003)

Brannon - Brannon Mountain Cemetery ( (partial) (1880-2003)

Brashears Cemetery (partial) (1896-2003)

Burkshed Cemetery (partial) (1982-2003)

Clifty - Clifty Cemetery (partial) (1892-2003)

Colbaugh Cemetery (partial) (1871-2000)

Combs - Combs Cemetery (partial) (1965-2003)

Cremations (1997-2003)

Drakes Creek - Drakes Creek Cemetery (partial) (1979-2003)

Farmer Cemetery ( (Vanderpool Grave - 2003)

Forum - Marshall Cemetery(partial) (1965-2003)

Harwood Cemetery (1870-1997)

Harwood Cemetery (Addendum) (1885-2003)

Hindsville - Buckeye Cemetery (partial) (1881-2003)

Huntsville - Huntsville Cemetery (partial) (1858-2003)

Huntsville - Laney Cemetery (1978-1998)

Kingston - Cecil Cemetery (1873-2000)

Kingston - Kingston Cemetery (partial) (1873-2002)

Kingston - Lower Campground Cemetery (1853-2001)

Kingston - Parker Cemetery (1868-1997)

Kingston - Upper Campground Cemetery (See also Newton Co.)

Ledbetter Cemetery (partial) (2000-2003)

Loy - Lane / Loy Cemetery(1873-1934)

Marble - Wall Cemetery (1866-1997)

McBroom Cemetery (partial) (2002-2003)

Patrick - Patrick Cemetery (partial) (1914-2003)

Pinnacle Cemetery

Purdy - Big Sandy Cemetery

Purdy - Big Sandy Cemetery (Addendum) (1925-2003)

Red Star - Old Bethel Cemetery (See also Newton Co.)

Red Star - Williams Cemetery (1911-1998)

Venus - Venus Cemetery (partial) (1932-2002)

Weathers - Mt. Olive Cemetery (1887-2002)

Wesley - Cherry Creek Cemetery (partial) (1864-2003)

Wesley - Wesley Cemetery (partial) (1875-2003)

Wharton - Dotson Cemetery (partial) (1880-1941)

Wharton - Wharton / Lower Wharton Cemetery (partial) (1861-2003)

Witter - Witter Cemetery (partial) (1954-2003)


Derryberry Cemetery

Monarch - Jay Bird Cemetery


Genoa - McKenzie Cemetery (1892-1934)

Texarkana - Calvary Cemetery

Texarkana - Cleveland Cemetery (African-American) (1914-2002)

Texarkana - East Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Aaron-Guier     Guilliams-Pickard     Pickard-Zimmer

Texarkana - Rock Springs Cemetery

Texarkana - State Line Cemetery

Texarkana - State Line Cemetery (Masonic Section)

Texarkana - Walters Cemetery

Texarkana - Woodlawn Cemetery

Texarkana - Woodlawn Cemetery (B Section)

Various Private Cemetery Listings


Bassett Cemetery (partial)

Blytheville - Sawyer Cemetery

Dogwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery (Pt. 1) (partial)

Elmwood Cemetery (Pt. 2) (partial)

Joiner - Louise Chapel Cemetery

North Sawba Cemetery (1895-1942)


Brinkley - Henard Cemetery

Connell Cemetery

Indian Bay Cemetery

Israel Chapel Cemetery

Mayo Cemetery (partial)

Smalley Cemetery


Nevada Co. Burial Index
A-B     C-D     E-G     H-K     L-Me     Mi-Q     R-S     T-Z

Bluff Springs Cemetery

Clark Cemetery

Falcon - Falcon Cemetery (Howard / Horton Graves) (1955-1983)

Pleasant Hill Cemetery


NEWTON Co. Cemeteries



Adams Cemetery

Camden - Baker Cemetery

Camden - Bell Chapel Cemetery

Camden - Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Chidester - Pharr Cemetery

Purifoy Cemetery

Red Hill - Red Hill Cemetery


Bigelow - Martindale Cemetery (See also Pulaski Co.)

Hollis - Dry Fork Cemetery

Hollis - Nooner Cemetery

Nimrod - Nimrod Cemetery


Antoine - Gentry Cemetery

Antoine - Ward Family Cemetery

Billstown - Bells Bluff Cemetery

Bowen - Old New Hope Cemetery

Campbell Family Cemetery

Delight - Conaster Family / Conaster Homestead Cemeteries

Delight - East Farm Cemetery

Delight - Kirkham Grave

Delight - Old Walls Cemetery

Delight - Thomasson Family Plot

Glenwood - Bethel Cemetery

Horn Town Cemetery

Kirby - Bear Creek Cemetery

Kirby - Caney Valley Cemetery

Kirby - Cummings Cemetery

Kirby - Forester Cook Cemetery

Kirby - Old Ebenezer Cemetery

Kirby - Redland Cemetery

McMillian Farm Cemetery

Mount Moriah - Mount Moriah Cemetery

Murfreesboro - Brock Springs Cemetery

Nathan - Bullock Cemetery

Nathan - Mt. Zion Cemetery

Nathan - Nathan Cemetery

Nathan - Sweet Home Baptist Cemetery

Old Factory Cemetery

Piney Grove - Piney Grove Cemetery

Rosboro - Coker Cemetery

Salem - Ebenezer / Rock Creek Road Cemetery


Harrisburg - Holly Springs Cemetery


Hatfield - Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Mena - Norris Cemetery

Vandervoort - Witherspoon Cemetery


Atkins - Allen's Chapel Cemetery

Atkins - Bell Family Cemetery (1865-1870)

Atkins - Bewley Cemetery

Atkins - Hudson Cemetery

Atkins - Shady Grove Cemetery

Atkins - Shiloh Cemetery

Dover - Hillis Cemetery

Dover - St. Paul Cemetery at Gravel Hill

Hughes Cemetery

Lamar - Cook Cemetery (See also Johnson Co.)

London - Crain Cemetery

Russellville - Ball Hill Cemetery (Maggard Family)

Russellville - Anthony Cemetery (Smith Grave) (1866)


Bigelow - Martindale Cemetery (See also Perry Co.)

Geyer Springs - Dawson / Geyer Springs / Lawson / Boyd / Snow Cemetery

Hensley - Campbell / Hensley Cemetery

Hicks Cemetery

Ironton - Ironton Cemetery

Ivy Chapel Cemetery

Jacksonville - Bayou Meto Cemetery

Little Rock - Elmlawn Cemetery

Martin Cemetery

Monnie Springs - Kennerly Cemetery

Mower Cemetery

Natural Steps - Natural Steps Cemetery

North Little Rock - James Cemetery

North Little Rock - Thomas Cemetery

Parkers - Landmark Cemetery

Primrose United Methodist Church Cemetery

Sand Hill Cemetery (African-American)

Sweet Home - Pine Grove Baptist Cemetery

Wood / Brewer / Pinkerton Cemetery

Woodson - Woodson Cemetery


Maynard - Columbia / Jarrett Cemetery

Pocahontas - Campbell / Ford Cemetery

Warm Springs - Pratt / Mud Creek Cemetery

Wilson Family Cemetery


SALINE Co. Cemeteries



Alvin / Anthony / Bates / Big Cedar (Forrester) Cemeteries

Blansett - Wilson Cemetery

Boles - Buffalo Cemetery

Boothe - Tomlinson Cemetery - 8 Burials dating 1856-1888

Brawley - Oliver Cemetery

Brawley - Vise Cemetery

Cauthron - Kirk Cemetery

Cedar Creek - Cedar Creek Cemetery

Hon - Beam Cemetery

Ione - Harwell Cemetery (See also Logan Co.)

Mansfield - Coop Prairie Cemetery

Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Nola - Parks Cemetery (partial)

Parks - Newman / Brushy / Shores Cemetery

Tate - Taylor Cemetery (See also Logan Co.)

Tate - Thompson Cemetery

Waldron - Egypt Cemetery

Waldron - Henslee Family Cemetery

Waldron - Hunt Cemetery

Waldron - Union Hill Cemetery

Winfield - Old Hon Cemetery

Y City - Chant Cemetery


Bull / Norried Cemetery

Dayton - Old Miller Cemetery

Fort Chaffee - Center Valley Cemetery

Fort Chaffee - White / Shelby Cemetery (partial)

Fort Smith - Oak Cemetery

Fort Smith - Oak Cemetery (DART Surname) - 2 Family Graves dated 1920 to 1927 Submitted by Jane Ikemura

Greenwood - Mt. Zion Cemetery

Hartford - Unity / Statham Cemetery

Hartford - West Harmony Cemetery

Huntington - Cherokee African-American Cemetery

Huntington - Union Ridge Cemetery

Mansfield - Shiloh Cemetery

SHARP County

Buchanan Cemetery

Hardy - Hardy City Cemetery

Highland - Highland Cemetery

Turkey Pen Cemetery


Newnata - Cooper Hill Cemetery

Ramsey Cemetery

Rushing - Rushing Cemetery


Caledonia - Wooley Cemetery

El Dorado - Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Junction City - Caledonia Cemetery

Junction City - Cater / Cullens Cemetery

Marysville - Babb Cemetery

Marysville - Marysville Cemetery - Over 430 Stones dating from 1862-2004 - Submitted by Martin Braswell

Mt. Holly - Bethel Cemetery

Newell - Curtis Grove Cemetery

New Hope - New Hope Cemetery

New London - New London Cemetery

Parkers Chapel - Parkers Chapel Cemetery

Smackover - Ebenezer / Burns Cemetery

Smackover - Hicks Cemetery

Smackover - Lone Oak Cemetery

Smackover - Salem Cemetery

Smackover - Silver Hill Cemetery

Smackover - Watson / Beavers Cemetery

Strong - Forrest Hill Cemetery

Three Creeks - Brown Cemetery

Three Creeks - Three Creeks Baptist Church Cemetery

Wesson - Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Wesson - Wesson Cemetery


Archey Valley Cemetery

Bee Branch - Bee Branch Cemetery

Blackwell Cemetery

Bradford Cemetery

Clinton - Clinton Cemetery

Clinton - Pee Dee Cemetery (partial)

Colony Cemetery

Eglantine - Eglantine Cemetery

Hardin Cemetery

Higden McLehaney Cemetery

Holley Mountain Cemetery

Huie Cemetery

Old Liberty Cemetery

Settlement Cemetery

Shady Grove Cemetery

Shirley - Davis Special Cemetery

Weaver Cemetery


WASHINGTON Co. Cemeteries


WHITE Co. Cemeteries



Augusta - Barbee / Bulltown Cemetery

Augusta - Bay / Taylor's Bay / Spradlin Cemetery

Augusta - Benson Family Cemetery (1867)

Augusta - Holly Grove Cemetery (African-American)

Augusta - J.H.W. Jones Family Cemetery (1850-1870)

Augusta - Lee / Land - Tidwell Cemetery

Bulltown - Vaughan Family Cemetery (1879-1900)

Cotton Plant - Maberry Cemetery (1851-1924)

Cotton Plant - Reneau Cemetery

Gregory - Eldridge Family Cemetery

Gregory - Eldridge Family Cemetery (African-American)

Hunter - Hunter Cemetery

McCrory - Angus Cemetery

McCrory - Beards Cemetery

McCrory - Fakes Cemetery

McCrory - Hilleman Family Cemetery

McCrory - Huff Family Cemetery

McCrory - Jeffries Family Cemetery (1880-1912)

McCrory - Morton Cemetery

McCrory - Pumpkin Bend Cemetery
Old Part     New Part

McCrory - Woodman of the World Cemetery

Riverside - Ross Family Cemetery

Tupelo - White Church Cemetery (See also Jackson Co.)